Need a CrackBerry Superhero? Use the BatBerry Signal!

The BatBerry Signal
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2008 05:31 pm EST

When member Adlen was told he was a CrackBerry Superhero by another member, Adlen thought, "why not make myself a wallpaper?!" So here it is, the BatBerry signal wallpapers for the Curve/8800/8700 and Pearl. You can find them in the forums here (you can let Adlen know what you think of his wallpaper!), or in the Wallpaper Gallery at the links below. 

2008 has kicked off with a bang here at CrackBerry - the forums are bustling with activity, the galleries are growing and Podcasts are now a reality. And with celebrating it's 1st Birthday this Tuesday, things are only going to get better! We have a lot planned for our birthday celebration... there are lots of surprises in store, so keep it locked here at!

Download the BatBerry Wallpaper From's User-Contributed Wallpaper Gallery:

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Need a CrackBerry Superhero? Use the BatBerry Signal!


I'm a big fan of the tilted CB used in that BatSignal there...

You know what's cool/strange about the CB logo? Turn it 90 degrees to the left and it looks like a big smiling frog... aka.. Crack Toad... aka. Bull Frog... and the original nickname for the old school BlackBerry (like really old school school - their first device) was the Bull Frog. It's a deep logo on so many levels. hahaha

woah, sorry bout that buddy. I changed the link to say Download From the Wallpaper Gallery so it's more clear.

To download from the Wallpaper Gallery, it's a member benefit/registration required function, but it does offer an OTA installation option - you can use the Email This Wallpaper function to send the download link straight to your email where you can click the download link off your Berry. If you plan on downloading lots of wallpapers from CB, this is the way to go (assuming you have a data plan).

In this case, the wallpaper is also available in the forums as well to non-registered members - you can click the link in the blog post above (here) that directs you to the forums post where the images are also located. But you'll need to download to your desktop and then transfer over via USB.

Site registration is free of course.

yo, i love both of these. i'm using the cb signal right now. i'll switch back and forth throught out the week.

i wish i could have to wallpapers, like batberry w/ the today screen and cb w/ zen.

now that would be hot, but i love them both great ideal

masive fan of the site... i posted a "Batberry" wallpaper on 17-12-2007 but thanks for the heads up...

(how to alienate you fanbase in three easy steps..)

Hey Scook! Apologies on that. I just searched through the awaiting wallpaper moderation database and found your version of BatBerry and published it.

I called it... BatBerry - The Original!

Problem is we have soo many wallpapers in the queue and they need to get manually checked, so we're playing catch up on them. A few hundred more were added to the gallery over the weekend... working on bolstering our power on that end so it doesn't take so long for your wallpaper to appear in the gallery! So there you have it - you're credited with The Original. Now don't be alienated :-)

apology accepted..:-). i do belive however that as a penance i should have my own link to the batberry original on your home page for the same amount of time as the "other batberrys"..;-). (thanks..)

Well done creating the name 'BatBerry', what other genius could think of that? *cough*me*cough* lol - I think mine kind a got FastTracked to the gallery because of all the comments it got in the forum - I made it as a reply to a joke and everybody seemed to love it!

sorry to stoke the fires or rivalry but i do think the original is slightly more stylish big fan of both disigns though.