Need an easy BlackBerry PlayBook mount for the bus? Try Velcro!

BlackBerry PlayBook Velcro
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2012 12:05 pm EDT

If you don't have a car, then you don't have the ability to use a sweet car kit for your BlackBerry PlayBook. It also means you might ride the bus or some other form of public transit. Well our good friend and forums mod @duvi spotted this creative guy on his morning commute. He apparently used Velcro to stick his PlayBook to the back of the seat in front of him. Pretty creative, right? Now this obviously will only work if the seats are fabric of some sort, but I'm liking where his head is at.

What crazy ideas like this have you come up with for your PlayBook? Sound off in the comments! 

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Need an easy BlackBerry PlayBook mount for the bus? Try Velcro!


Damn. Already ordered my two dozen GoJos. Anyone want to trade? Females can stick it on their chest so they can stop complaining about where our eyes are focused

I made a custom convertible case for my playbook (I think that the official one has the hdmi and the usb in the wrong side, in order go have the wires upward in position to long term chargin...). I used a dvd book (almost perfect size of the playbook) and used industrial velcro (5cm wide) .
I had to change it because didn't fix the plastic back of playbook to assemble in the dvd book.
Now I got a 12x5cm soft velcro in the pbk.
This is for meassuring the velcro. In the book have much less velcro 2x5 and two piezes. And to dismont it i need a screwdriver and patience.
Thanks for your time.
From Basque Country

I kind of think it's a great solution to a similar problem I have. Could expand on this and attach the velco to the back of an iGrip holder and increase the number of places it can be used (by one anyway). And that way when I fall asleep I can be assured it won't land on the floor.

Wouldn't want to put it directly onto my PB, that would be bad form!

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who recognized those seats! Jersey Pride!

And no, not Joisey Pride. I'm from South Jersey, we don't sound like that.

Ya reckon he was a boy scout and still lives by the dictum 'look around you and live by your own resourcefulness'!!!

Yes this is cool but I wouldn't ride my bus nor have it put on the seat on my bus, I am sure it would fall, now if there was some sort of adjustable portable clamp

The bus ride isn't a smooth ride and the PlayBook was as stable as a tv in a headset in cars.

Good one for creativity! It could hold those ultra-lightweight netbooks and UMPC/tablet PC's too!

Even a blackberry, or other platform. So many cool ideas... :O