Need a Break From Your 'Berry? - Try 2 Devices on 1 Number!

By James Falconer on 20 May 2007 06:03 pm EDT

BlackBerry by Day - Cellphone at NightA BlackBerry for business use during the day... A regular ol' cellphone for use in the evenings... What a novel idea!

Don't get me wrong now. I LOVE my BlackBerry. But sometimes I wish I could put it away and use one of those regular, slim, fit in your back-pocket cellphones for the evening!

Perhaps I'm ignorant or un-educated on the matter, but I did some research today, and it turns out that most US carriers allow you to do this! Yes, 2 devices on one plan is feasable, while it IS easier on some carriers than it is on others.

I haven't found whether this is possible with the major Canadian carriers yet, but it is something I'm looking into.

If you're in the US and would like to know if running 2 devices on one number is possible, check with your carrier.

For more info, you can read this article from the Charlotte Observer.

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Need a Break From Your 'Berry? - Try 2 Devices on 1 Number!


Now I hope you're not saying you'd stray from BlackBerry. :)

Good concept though...I'd take an 8830 for day, and a Curve or Pearl for night.

i've been using two devices...but for two different numbers. my pearl for everyday, regular handheld / phone...and a samsung e900 as my patient phone (so when i go out at night, my patients can't really reach me...keke). but i use two different numbers (family plan). i had no clue that you could do two phones/devices on one number...pretty cool...

YOu can use two devices w/o calling the carriers. Well here in the U.S. if you have cingu...ATT or TMo, all you have to do is pop out the sim card and pop it into another GSM phone from your respected carrier or to an Unlocked phone. Granted you wont have the ability to use the web or get emails but you can sure use it to make phone calls and text messages. For a while, I was using a Cing blackberry w/o the data plan as a regular phone after I swapt out my sim from a previous phone. For Verizon and Sprint its harder since they dont have sim cards. they use the DEC or whatever numbers for the phones.

So yah. hope that helps.

So, how would a Sprint customer do this?

I've been thinking about this--have two phones and would like to take the other with me instead when I might be more likely to damage the phone (hikes or whatever). Thought about forwarding from my Pearl, but there is a fee for that, right?

Would love it if I could get them both to ring off the same number.

yes. You can switch your sims card with Tmo to any device and they could care less what phone you put it into. I like that, cause I too sometimes like to try other phones here n there.

I just called Verizon and I can have two numbers on one device and that is it. Useless I say useless

I agree and do this myself. During the weekdays, I leave my sim in my Curve. On the weekends I pop out the sim and put it in my Razr. Its the best of both worlds and I get a break from the email buzzes.