Need a black cab in London - Get Taxi for BlackBerry smartphones will have you covered

By James Richardson on 27 Jul 2012 04:11 pm EDT

If you live in or have visited London you will know that at certain peak times hailing down a black cab can be rather difficult. But now, if you have the new 'Get Taxi' application on your BlackBerry, finding a cab couldn't be easier.
Just open the app and order a taxi. You can even view the black cab on a map as it travels to you. The driver will locate you using the GPS co-ordinates that your BlackBerry has supplied in the app. Payments can be made either by cash, credit card or if you are a regular user why not set up a personal or business account.

Get Taxi is a bit like an airline. The taxi doesn't fly but you can collect taxi miles which can be used in exchange for discounts, free rides and special offers. With social networking integrated you can even tweet your ride or post to Facebook, although I'm not sure that is a huge selling point!

If you take a taxi even once in a blue moon this app sounds too good to be true. I shall be testing it out next week and will report my findings. In the meantime you can download the app for free from the link below.

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been using it for months (on my bb9900) - works really well, and more and more cabs (especially in the City) are signing up to the service - it is easier to use if you already have a GPS lock-on


Seen this advertised this morning on one of the cabs. Glad to see It actually BEING advertised and not word of mouth.


This would be welcomed in a great many places.

Olivier Amar

Thanks for the great comments everyone! You rock! Let us know how we're doing!