UK Shoppers - have you got the new Nectar app for BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 26 May 2013 08:04 am EDT

This one is another application just for the UK, but as we have near on 9 million BlackBerry users here it should go down well. I'm pretty sure that most folk here in GB know that Nectar is the number one shopping points collecting system. The more you spend, the more points you get that can be redeemed at a bunch of retail outlets.

The Nectar app for BlackBerry 10 allows you to keep an eye on just how many points you have saved up and what that equates to in pounds. In addition, the application will inform you of special Nectar offers such as getting double points at certain places. BBM is integrated so you can share these offers with your friends if you so desire.

GPS is built into the app so you can view all the retail locations near you where you can use your card. With Sainsbury's being one of the top supermarkets here I expect most customers use a Nectar card but within the app you may be surprised just to see how many other places you can use/spend your points.

There is however one thing missing from the app that really frustrated me - and that's that there is no barcode which means you can't use the app as your actual Nectar card in-store. I've passed over my feelings to BlackBerry who will feed the information on to Nectar but as it stands the iOS and Android versions are also lacking this feature.

You can grab the Nectar app for free from the below link.

More information/Download Nectar for BlackBerry 10

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UK Shoppers - have you got the new Nectar app for BlackBerry 10?


I think they've said previously, that because they cannot guarantee that every scanner in every store in which nectar is affiliated will scan the barcode from a screen they would not want people to be disappointed, when it's not really their fault.

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I got the same message on my Z10 yet I have friends that have it on there's. I'll pass on the feedback to BlackBerry UK.

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Any loyalty card is not worth it, waste of time, if you calculate how much you need to spend to get something you can quicker without it. Personal data sold to others as well. No thanks

Posted via BB Z10

It's worth it if you shop there. I've collected thousands of bonus points from Nectar, just by buying petrol from Sainsburys, going to Vision Express, getting my lunch on the way to work all by it being cheaper than elsewhere. Cheaper and getting points, it's a win win situation!

Posted via CB10

Exactly, I don't want the government tracking my purchases. Hence paying cash for everything and only using one card for internet purchases.

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Never buy petrol by the shop, because is low quality, always got breakfast and lunch made by myself, simple reason its healthier. Less junk mail.

Posted via BB Z10

What's the point for an app that gives you just ads? And not useful tools?

We need something else then euphoric post on crackberry about useless app.

We need serious staff, like British Airways, HSBC, amex apps, just to say few.
And we need you crackberry to be serious enough to don't be happy for each useless app like this, or for app like easyJet... an airline mobile app without boarding pass? are you serious?

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What?! UK only? That's BS. They need to release this app here in NA. This is why BB10 is DOA and BlackBerry will be bankrupt by the end of summer.


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I thought Tesco Club card was probably more popular than Nectar on the basis that the store is flooding the market at the moment with Everything down to corner shop size outlets.

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Tesco is bottom level market, very bad quality food, simple low price=low quality. They will add everything to their products just to make lower price. No thanks. Local products only.

Posted via BB Z10

Would it not be better to incorporate the usefulness of the Nectar app through NFC rather than barcode scanning?

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