Nebula game for BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2011 11:05 am EDT

I've never been a big mobile gamer, but having my PlayBook with me now gives me good reason to try out some new stuff. I've found that I look to the PlayBook more in my downtime, and I've found some great games that help kill time. One of my new favorites is a game called Nebula. The premise is very simple and reminds me quite a bit of Asteroids. While not totally the same, it carries over some of the same elements. You protects your planet from the incoming asteroids by firing at them. Throughout the game you can receive various upgrades to help in your quest. If your planet gets hit three times you're toast. The graphics are pretty sweet and the music totally scoops you in. Is super relaxing and almost zens you out when you play. For $1.99 you really can't beat it, so if you have a Playbook I highly recommend it.

More information/download of Nebula

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Nebula game for BlackBerry PlayBook


Not yet. Been playing this one quite a bit. Also like Need for Speed and DoodleBlast. Will definitely post on any other good ones.

That's nice. Now where are the real games that will drive the popular growth of the platform? Is that really the level of app used to highlight this platform?

EA's Need For Speed is the game to display the potential of the pb in regards to gaming. The power is there, the screen res is there, the form factor is a size Nintendo is probably envious of - so relax. As they say in field of dreams: "if you build it they will come"... RIM built it... Games will come. And with EA on board... There will be plenty of good games available.

Part of what drives things like the iPad 2 are the free apps and games. Really, there should be more developer support for this by now. They knew they were making it a long time ago. I'm taking a wait and see approach, for the next 10-12 days. It's a great device but I may end up returning it.

Raj, if you want a game player get the iPad. I went to a meeting today with my playbook tooks some notes, very discreet. When I left and people saw it in the black leather convertible case, they were all over it and several commented that it looked my better than a dorky iPad to take to a meeting.

Seriously, the iPad has been out for at least 2 years and yo are going to give this a week before taking it back. I smell a current iPad owner.......

I loved hearing the story of your latest business use! I really really do think the pb is going to really excel in the business world - far more than the iPad has. But I do also think that the pb is going to do incredibly well in regards to the consumers/gamers. Its an awesome form factor, the screen resolution is incredible, and if they have EA and the likes making games - there are going to be tones. Here's hoping anyway :s

As an FYI.. When I pulled up the app in the App World on my Playbook, it listed the cost as only $0.99 and I thought it must be on sale or something.. When I purchased it, however, I was actually charged $1.99.. Not cool, but I don't mind that much. It's only a dollar.. Only bothered that App World obviously has a bug.. Not sure who to report it to..

I sent the developer an e-mail about the inconsistent App World pricing. Can't wait to play some more later!

Developer confirmed it's an App World setting to which he has no direct access.

Not sure if the music is what comes with the game, but it sounds like something someone would listen to when trying to fall asleep. Or doing some illegal substance.

Other than that, it looks like a fun and entertaining game. =)