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Neatly update to v2 with a complete UI change

By DJ Reyes on 29 Jul 2013 01:09 pm EDT

Neatly was one of the first third party Twitter apps available soon after the BlackBerry 10 launch. It's still one of the top third party Twitter apps, in my books anyway. It has been updated to version 2, bringing about a complete UI change. And I must it looks pretty darn good. I also love how there is a dark theme too, I beginning to live the dark theme since getting a Q10.

It still has all it's different features from version 1, including the Smart timeline, Topics and Custom timeline. It also still includes the profile comparison, showing how much you have in common with them. 

Features of Neatly

  • Customize your timeline
  • Have the similar updates into separate single timelines
  • Weed out the irrelevant topics and updates aside
  • Maximize your social productivity
  • Select the users you are feeling only attached to
  • Filter out each topic according to list of users
  • Get important hashtags and sources closer to you
  • Get more info about any twitter user through extended profile view

This update is a lot more visually appealing and I do like the pop-up animation when you tap and hold a tweet to bring up more options. If you haven't updated, update now. If you haven't tried out Neatly yet, now is a good time to check it out. It is also on sale for 99 cents from now until the next Monday, 5th August 2013. So, it's definitely worth checking out. Check out the video above for quick demo of the update, before you decide.

More information / Purchase Neatly from BlackBerry World



I posted in the forums I found some bugs within the latest update. While I like the new look and feel the bugs are a touch annoying.

Posted via CB10


Thanks DJ, you've been doing a great job on CrackBerry. But in this story you don't say what neatly is lol I guess maybe I probably should already know. I thought it must be for Facebook because you were talking about profiles but I guess it's for Twitter? You mentioned a Tweet.

Posted via CB10


Hahaha yes it's a twitter client.

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

I did state in the first sentence that it was one of the first Twitter clients available for BlackBerry 10 :)

Posted via CB10


Reading ability isn't mandatory on crackberry :D. Pffft would have thought that was obvious by now hahahaha

Posted via CB10


So it's on sale from now until the next update. That's quite vague of a time line isn't it? Or maybe the next update happens in a week to fix bugs found? Lol. A timeline for how long it's on sale would be more defining. I'm a Blaq user and am hesitant to try anything else. Between Blaq and the native client for me it's acceptable. Not the best but acceptable. Blaq has a little ways to go to satisfy me and I'm just a cheap arse who won't spend 99 cents on a redundant client. Perhaps if a 5 day trial period existed or the ability to get money back if not satisfied I would try it to see if it provides me everything I need. As a power user I really miss the native app from legacy os7.1. That's my crazy rant for now.

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

Just checked with the developer. Sale discount is available until next Monday 5th, August

Posted via CB10


The support for LED notification seems to be gone, or am I just being a little blind?


That's great. Thx for your effort and keep going.

the future is easy because it doesn't exist


Can't stay sign in?!?!?! :-(

Posted via CB10

James Richardson


Posted via CB10


Can't see what I'm typing when I'm posting a new tweet .. Am I the only one with this problem? Fix please!

Running Nealty v2 on my Blackberry Q10 os 10.1

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

Known issues. I've just let the developer know.

Posted via CB10


Since the update mine crashes straight away as soon as I try to open the App..

Posted via CB10


I'm having the same problem, as soon as it tries to connect with BBM; it crashes! Bummer....

Posted via CB10


Neatly is getting my attention, any comparison between it and Blaq?


Agree w/ TheNoseybonk. Mine is now crashing immediately as well. Will try a restart of the phone but can live w/ the basic Twitter app which is becoming more and more useful as BB updates it. Am sure developer will solve this. I see on recommendations on app world same comment and he is running and I am on10.1.0.4867 so it is our fault for running "beta's" and no blame to developer for this. Still hope they will fix.


My Neatly update is also crashing right away and I running the official Verizon 10.1 update on my Z10.

I may well be the only one.

Posted via CB10


I'm going to go ahead and give Neatly a try for the first time

CB10 on Verizon Z10


Once again, active frame forgotten... which is strange since it use to feature when app was minimized

Posted via CB10


Find it MUCH faster than previous version. I like the new UI


Posted via CB10


mine just crashes every time i turn it on


GREAT update so far... I haven't come across any bugs yet that most of you are saying there are. The UI is amazing and the lil added features such as the battery indicator and quick writing circle is a big plus. This looks pretty amazing, i have to say. I'm going to keep this one as my main client on my Z10 and keep Blaq on my Q10.


Very nice changes... I think I will start using this more.

Posted via CB10


Neatly is now my favorite Twitter app again!


Wow!! Great update...this fixed all the performance issues plus excellent UI. This is now my new driver (sorry Blaq)

Posted via CB10


It doesn't work properly. First, it doesn't load all the people you follow for custom timelines and also it doesn't updates the timeline. I'm using 10.1 in Z10

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Posted via CB10


Can't change the font size... too small for me.

Posted via Jedi mind trick...

Kobe Barksdale

This update makes the Neatly twitter app on par with Blaq, I bought Neatly a while back but stopped using it cos it was uber slow and unresponsive on my Z10. Now I'm gonna use it more since this update is great


Like the improvements. Definitely quicker to start up which is appreciated. Twitter lists still take too long to load, and there are bugs in the user profile view like not being able to view a user's profile image.

Still trying to find a twitter app that's as efficient as the native Twitter plus a home screen launcher to my Twitter Lists combo. I am going back to that combo, personally.


The app is horribly buggy after the update. Does not launch and keeps crashing all the time.

Posted via CB10