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Neatly Twitter app on sale until April 19th - Get it now!

Neatly Twitter app on sale until April 19th - Get it now!
By DJ Reyes on 15 Apr 2013 05:20 am EDT

My current go to Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 is Neatly. It is packed with features, including custom timelines, lists and something the developer calls Smart Lists that gages the tweets you regularly read and interact with and presents those first. The app also shows you how much you have in common with your followers and other users. The ability to mute users is also there, as well as adding tweets to favourites. There is even the option to privately set tweets as favourites. Neatly also has an option that allows you to mark certain Twitter users with a certain tag with your choice of colour, so that they stand out when scrolling through your timeline.

Right now Neatly is having a sale and is currently priced at $0.99/£0.75, normally $4.99. If you were previously on the fence about checking it out, perhaps the price drop may entice you to check it out. You can also read up on our full review before you take the leap to see if it's something that tickles your fancy.

Purchase Neatly for Twitter from BlackBerry World



Fir...mly purchasing this one!



Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Thanks for letting us know will definitely give it a try

Posted from CB10 on my LE Zed10


Bought mine a couple of days ago at full price

Posted via CB10


Thx for the info... 0,89€ nice price...

omega supreme

I would consider it if it's similar to ubersocial. I miss my circle of friends feature.


Getting it. FYI sideloaded UberSocial works


Shyte. I've been waiting for Übersocial to get launched on the platform but for some stupid reason it never crossed my mind to sideload it. I've actually stopped using Twitter because the native app is crap. Thanks for the blurb.


Just bought it, looks very nice so far.

Posted via CB10

Alpha Omega

Yea side loading Uber work but say your tweeting from android device

Posted via CB10


Very nice. I bought it.

Posted via Crackberry Z10 :)


Ok. For a buck I'm in. Thx!

Posted via CB10


They sould fix the 1 Billion issue in their app before go on sale. The idea of their app is good but they have dozens of bugs and issues. I'm wondring what will they do in the future when their will be multiple devices with BB10.
Personally I bought their app and used it for long time, now I'm waiting for Blaq cuz I believe they will give us better Twitter experience with their app.


Dear All,

I have this app, since I am a heavy twitter user I have used this app for over 48 hrs now.

For the current sale price it is available its definitely a steal. Just get it try all the features. My favorite one is the swipe left to reply.

There are many features which is I must day the out of the box thinking from the developers.

Most of the twitter lovers this one will impress you


Posted via CB10


I got it when twitter was down during the weekend and honestly I did not like it. I find the user experience to be hectic. I'm pretty content with the native app for Now.

Posted via CB10


* sigh* I bought it this morning. I used it for like one minute. Neatly doesn't let you click on links. Which sucks. And if you open a pic - it is not the full resolution. This is terrible if you follow Chris Hadfield and look at his awesome photography.


Posted via CB10


You can click on links. At times it is a bit sluggish, but it can be done.

Posted via CB10


Price is Right

Posted via CB10


I downloaded it, hopefully my $1 helps keep updates coming. What I miss the most about the built in app is the multiple users. Neatly has it so it is worth a shot.

Posted via CB10


There really isn't one app out yet on BlackBerry 10 that works as well as Uber. Hopeful this will be addressed at some point.

Posted via CB10


I can't get passed the authorization screen

Posted via CB10

Jimmy Choo1

Out of topic, but isn't Skype supposed to be out today?

Posted via CB10


I think you need to be glaring at Microsoft.


Bought it because it was only 75p, gonna give it a try.

Posted via CB10


I actually use the native app over this one, because I find Neatly to be rather terrible. It's sorta iffy if it will send your tweet (especially if there's an upload) and I hate how it pulls tweets.

Posted via CB10


Waiting for Blaq...



Got mine. As what it said, it is neat! :)

Posted via CB10


At $0.99 its a great twitter app offering a ton more functionality than the native app. After paying regular price, didn't feel worth it to me, with some performance issues - but it's updated very frequently and continuously improving.

Posted via CB10


Bought it at full price and I'm glad to see that some can pick it up on the cheap. It's a decent app with a ton of potential. I just hope the developers continue releasing updates to fix bugs and improve the fluidity of the app. I want to stick with them since they were before Blaq, but if they don't continue improving the app, I'll have to give Blaq a shot.

Posted via CB10


Well this is the first time I actually bought the App Neatly, and I must say I'm very impressed. Really smooth and really love the overall way it looks and feels, however there is only one function I feel missing that I miss from the native twitter app.

I don't have the option to copy a tweet, anyone know how to do that? Or is that option missing?

Posted via CB10