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NBC rolls out USA Anywhere for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 9 Nov 2013 05:23 pm EST

As we’ve already seen CBS and ABC release their respective applications to the BlackBerry platform, it was only a matter of time before NBC threw their hat into the mix with their USA Anywhere application. This is not a streaming application to watch your favorite programs that air on the USA network but rather one that focuses on the social experience itself.

Billed as an “enhanced second-screen viewing experience” it gives users the ability to access real-time conversations via their character chatter and twitter feeds, view pictures and short video clips, browse the current schedule, and sync live with a show as it airs to access special content timed to the program’s action including behind-the-scenes production notes, photos, and commentary. However, please note that at this time not all of the shows participate in this feature yet. For additional social content, you can link to your Facebook account to see which shows you and your friends have in common.

The application itself offers a simplified interface with no extra menus or screens to navigate through and there are advertisements at the bottom. While I’m an avid fan of the network and their programming, not being able to stream past episodes is a sorely missed feature. USA Anywhere is only available for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 devices and is for US residents only. Those looking to connect with other fans can download it for free at the link.

More information/Download USA Anywhere



Any plans to add streaming or is this it?


Without streaming this app is quite useless to many people.


Ummmmmm so USA TV have BlackBerry apps (minus streaming: so be it) what about Canadian TV. 3 major us broadcasters but not even 1 of the Canadian 3? Shameful!

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


There is a CBC, TSN and the Score app.

Missing CTV maybe, but I don't see who else?


Non of those apps are actually tv apps like ctv, global, Cbc who have streaming/actual television apps they have on android or ios

So my complaints of these "sell outs" remain!

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


But if you have Bell TV, you can download the app and stream live TV via WiFi, or cellular if you also have Bell Mobility. I think Rogers has their anywhere TV.


Thank you for the suggestion, they are good.

That would be the only reason I would move to Bell!

Rogers TV is not as good as Bell TV on mobile devices.

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


I would love to have nbc live extra. All the premier games on my Z10 would be heaven.

Posted via CB10



Thumbly posted from my Q10


I have it sideloaded. It works, sometimes.

I'd be a really happy camper if I could get a native version of Golf Live Extra. Although that one doesn't seem to work well on any platform as far as I can tell.

Two words, BB10 devs: Live Sports.

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Posted via CB10


Keep them comin'

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10


So its not really USA anywhere as its restricted to US .. LOL


Yah, pretty ironic. USA anywhere, except outside of the USA.


My thoughts exactly.

Posted via CB10


I'll wait for the streaming app.

Posted via CB10


Second that.

Posted via CB10


Useless to me

Posted via CB10 via Q10


Lol, not available for my device. Piss me off!!!

nick canada

That's great the apps keep coming

Posted via CB10


Yeah,so useless that toilet paper has no use for this app.

Posted via CB10


Hopefully we will get the streaming NBC app or streaming added to this app would be great.

Posted via CB10


Without streaming = no download

Posted via CB10


What a f ing useless app. NBC throwing their hat in the ring? They threw sh#t.

Posted via CB10


USA Anywhere, except anywhere else outside the USA.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Kind of pointless. NBC, just give us the same thing that CBS and ABC did.


Ya, that happens up here in Canada A LOT.

Only we call them Rogers, Bell and Telus cell phone packages.


No streaming? So why should we download this? .... Useless app till streaming is added. I'll pass.

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Is there any way to get this app in Europe?
I'm watching some of the shows running on usa so it would be great to have it :)

Posted via CB10

Kobe Barksdale

I'm going to need HBO and Showtime to step up to the plate

Posted via CB10


Nice to see the BlackBerry love. Sweeet. Keep rolling BlackBerry

Loving 10.2


Humph. I guess someone might want this. I would really rather be able to watch episodes. Their website freezes so much it's almost impossible to watch. Maybe an app would be better.

Posted via CB10


They should really add streaming. So I can watch Monk whenever I want.

Posted via CB10


Compared to their fully-featured Android NBC app where I can even maintain season passes etc, watch full shows of ALL NBC PROGRAMMING, even past ones this BB10-based app is practically USELESS.
Thanks for nothing, NBC - you, whoever is responsible for this PoS, go fork yourself.


So, you're on the fence with downloading this one?


For a platform that was considered dead by the media, why would an american network release media apps?


BB10 baby!!


I can't download.

Posted via CB10


This is a crap app and nowhere on in the same league as the ABC and CBS apps which are excellent. Sometimes crackberry really promotes terrible apps.


It's great to see USA apps coming out for BlackBerry where we think blackberry is almost dead...

Remember these apps will get updates With upstream in the next update...
As long as people download them and the number are there it will come
Now only if blackberry fans in the states can only convert more users to bb10
Are you guys up for the challenge US crackberry nation?

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You betcha! I'll just show them all the great features the 10.2 update brought!!!. Oh, wait...


'USA Anywhere' except the UK so it's not anywhere is it now?


Theo Groenevelt

Another portal for the MSM to spew their BS propaganda and espouse their undying love for that most useless of Presidents..

You can add the CBC, the Star to that mix as well.

Until I see MSM go after that POS - for Benghazi and his catastrophic healthcare system.. they will remain as Tools of the left in my opinion.


Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!


I downloaded it and all you get is video stills and show pics!? Cmon man. Deleted it immediately.

Posted via CB10


These TV apps really point out the blunder of not having a bb10 tablet.

Posted via CB10

Paisley Pirate

I dl'd it to show support but these apps bees streaming. Wtf are the suits thinking?

Posted via CB10