NBC releases Oxygen channel app for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2013 01:02 am EST

If you frequent any of the shows on NBC's Oxygen network you'll be pleased to know that NBC has now released a brand new BlackBerry 10 app. Available only in the U.S. for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the app is similar to those we saw from ABC and CBS in that it allows you to keep up to date with all your favorite favorite Oxygen TV shows by offering sneak peeks, interviews, and behind-the-scenes video as well as a program guide with the add to calendar function enabled.

What might be harder to find though is recent full episodes from the network as it doesn't seems as though you'll be able to stream all of what they offer. As noted in the BlackBerry World description, video clips are available the day after they appear on TV, and back episodes are available for some shows. Some shows, not all.

Some is better than none though I suppose. I probably don't need to be watching Bad Girls Club: Miami anyway.

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NBC releases Oxygen channel app for BlackBerry 10


LOL! No judgement here. They play some good stuff but all they seem to show is a movie about some guy cheating and the woman killing him and she gets away with it or something crazy like that. Cracks me up. I'm like why can't us guys have a "get back" channel.

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Lol couldn't have said it better myself!

Don't forget the movie about the woman who rallies all the ladies in town to prove a man wrong

Yeah man!

BBRY is on the roll, and back to glory once the "app gap" is gone.

This Q10 just annihilates the iPhone in day-to-day productivity. Once the app-gap whingers have been shut up, Berry is back to COOL!

Keep 'em coming...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

When I click on the link to download for z10 in app world it says not available for this device. Whts up with that

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Man hating channel basically like lifetime. Its too bad when you get cable or dish you can't pick your own channels you want to pay for many of these channels would never exist. This one might but many would not.

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Downloaded, tried watching one of the few selections available as a full episode and got "this content is currently unavailable" ummm

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I would like to see NBC to come out with their own app., with full episodes and such like CBS and ABC.
I know Oxygen clips is better than nothing, for some users.
What would be great is WE network, they got some crazy women on that show Bridezillas. Poor guys are too damn scared not to marry them. Might be staged, but still amusing. I need a life.

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