NBC release their own channel app for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 15 Dec 2013 08:14 pm EST

NBC has been quite busy in the recent weeks. From making their USA Anywhere, DVICE, and Oxygen apps available, you will be pleased to know they have gone ahead and released one for their own channel that focuses on their primetime, daytime, and late night programs. As with some of their other applications, it is only available in the United States for BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2 and offers users the ability to view the latest clips, interviews, and schedule for all of your favorite NBC shows. Noticeably absent though is the ability to stream full episodes from your device. 

As stated in the description, shows and episode availability are subject to change and video clips are loaded pretty quickly after the air date. From what I see, it is similar to their Oxygen app where clips populate the next day after airing. Viewing video works best on Wi-Fi though it does work with 3G, 4G, and LTE, with the ability to adjust video quality.

If you are looking for upcoming sneak peaks and previews or watching interviews with the stars of your favorite programs, it is free to download. I would like to see it updated with full episode streaming support in the future to be more in-line with the version they released on other platforms.

Download NBC for BlackBerry 10

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NBC release their own channel app for BlackBerry 10


Also not for most Americans, since it apparently requires 10.2. Not a big deal for me personally since you can't stream full episodes any way. Perhaps Verizon and NBC can get their acts together before The Blacklist returns.

This *requires* 10.2?


The CEO of NBC ought to give the CEOs of AT&T and Verizon a call and nudge them to get the 10.2.1 OTA release rolled out ASAP.

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And then the CEOs of Verizon and AT&T need to call the NBC CEO, and advise him to add full episode streaming to this half-assed app, so that it's on par with the ABC and CBS apps.

Do you seriously think BlackBerry is unaware that the US networks don't have 10.2 when probably every other carrier on the planet in every other country does?

I have sent an email to NBC technical support and hopefully will recceive a response soon about the OS and device compatibility.

Thanks! Love the attentiveness of the moderators/writers.
I made the leap a while back, but I know of many others still waiting for the official release from their respective carriers. I wonder what process the carriers have to go through to make the releases take so long?

Except it won't work on my Q10 apparently?

Edit: only for 10.2 and above.

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Hello BB Addict ,

I too felt the same after 10 years on BlackBerry. Now on a Z10 running 10.2.1. But I couldn't resist the appeal of the Nexus 5 so I tried it for 3 weeks and I'm back to BB. It's a fast device but the BB OS and all the apps I want are far superior to Android.

I hope you stay...

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I was considering the Nexus 5 for a second phone instead of my BlackBerry Torch 9860, but then decided I don't need another phone, I just like Android, so got the Nexus 7 instead.

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An app for a U.S television network but it requires the os that hasn't been released in the U.S. Great work.

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Forward thinking, since it likely makes use of 10.2 features. They probably had no idea that the US carriers would still be shafting BlackBerry when they first started working on the app.

Let's promote foresight here, as it is definitely a weakness

And while I realize it must be thankless work to write these articles, everything I need to know is captured in the closing sentence of the article's first paragraph: "Noticeably absent though is the ability to stream full episodes from your device." Cutting to the chase: yet another OS 10 app that falls short of being valuable enough to rally this platform, which makes me sad.

Apparently the ABC apps are the only ones that work on all devices and 10.1 and above. And offer full episodes. Sad the other networks can't offer the same.

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If BlackBerry is a dead platform, why are all these U.S stations making apps and creating BlackBerry channels for their brands? Why are the only running on an OS that is not available in the country that it is available in?

Can we start a conspiracy theory and say that something is going to happen in the new year? Or is this just another app...

what does everyone think...

This should be fun....

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Who at BlackBerry decided to let an app out in the US that requires 10.2 when 10.2 hasn't been launched in the US except the Z30 which is only on one carrier? How about you just bypass the carriers since you don't have you sh1t together BlackBerry. I would use to have hope that this means 10.2 is releasing soon, but BlackBerry is just executing so poorly that I attribute stuff like this to incompetence.

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Ouch.. damned fingers. Anyways I'm sure he doesn't read all posts

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I might have something.....eeerr.....thinkin real hard....noooope. The Quicksilver conjuring didn't work!

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If I could remove NBC from my TV lineup I would thanks to them excluding Canadians

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I'm sure most Americans would be happier seeing a Bank of America app or something. Even if it was only for 10.2 it would push the carriers to release 10.2 so that their clients could catch up with the rest of the world. Oh right. It's the carriers holding 10.2 back.

I honestly feel bad for you guys. It's not even an American Canadian thing. It's about the man trying to keep blackberry down.
Off topic, how long.does it take these carriers to push out Andy and Ios updates?

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Not pointless to those can make use of the announced item. Since I'm in the U.S. and running a leaked version of 10.2 this announcement is quite welcome for me. Thanks Crackberry.

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@ Inichols - 10.2 is available to all carrier around the world including the US to push to their customers but US carrier delays the push for what ever reason and it's BlackBerry's fault? Why don't you get your US carrier to get off their lazy asses and push the upgrade to you and the rest of their BlackBerry customers instead of blaming BlackBerry.

BB10, the best OS on the planet

Sorry, but what the heck can I do? Send them an email? I'm sure that will change everything... its up to BlackBerry. Do you think they don't know that the OS hasn't been released. Of course I have os 10.2 so I could care less.

I think articles like this need to praise these larger companies for bringing their apps and services to the BB10 platform! Especially considering the ongoing widespread notion of doom and gloom; we're still not too far from it so appreciation should be expressed.

Many of theses apps are going with 10.2 support in order to reduce o going development time and seems BlackBerry is promising a longer longevity time line maybe??

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First day of winter here in Toronto is December 21 so if that's the case in the USA, I hope they realize the 10.2 to USA client.

Fingers crossed for my USA brother and sister from Toronto Canada here.

Now if anyone has ceo john Chen contact to let him know if this USA screw up with software update :)

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Of course Canada is left out, you should realize by now big media doesn't give a damn about anything but the U.S. It's only been going on for over 10 years now or longer.

Very disappointed that Verizon hasn't come through yet with 10.2. They theoretically have the best relationship with BB, Z30 is exclusive. Let's see a little holiday gift for us loyal customers already.

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Hi....i have a problem with youtube playing video's on my z10...it says (this file has an unsupported media format...what i need to do please can anybody tell my any solutions...i wold be grateful..thx

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I recently cut cable to save a little money. I now have Hulu (which works great btw), ABC, and now NBC. I'm only missing live sporting events. Really bummed about that but I'm not regretting my cancellation at all.

I don't know about everyone else but my app gap is closing fast and I'm not including side loads. A few more here and there, I'm all set.

Wouldn't it be nice if these articles started listing version compatibility? That should be a basic piece of information in every article like this, just like the price of an app (if not free).

Hopefully NBC adds full episode streaming by the time T-Mobile updates to 10.2. :/

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Wow. Not available for my device. 10.2 and higher. My guess is that this is the first of many other 10.2 apps. So if T-Mobile doesn't step up to the plate and release 10.2 they're sending us a message that they sold us outdated equipment. Where's the update?

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Am in Dominican Republic I can not download it neither is available, why you said that it is when is not!

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