Basketball action with NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 1 Jul 2013 01:55 pm EDT

NBA Jam has recently hit BlackBerry World - available for the Z10 and although I'm not an expert on basketball, this game is absolutely awesome!

There are a couple of different game types. If you just fancy a quick play you can do that or if you're going hardcore there's the 'Classic Campaign' where you can try to defeat all the other teams in the NBA league.

NBA Jam is a two on two game and controlling your players is a piece of cake. You have a virtual joy pad on the bottom left of the screen and over on the right are three further tabs which you can use for shooting, passing the ball, blocking and even tackling your opponent.

The graphics and sound on NBA Jam are truly amazing - coupled with fast and furious game play whether you are a basketball fan or not I can guarantee you will have a ton of fun with this game.

NBA Jam will set you back $2.99/£2.00 and that's money well spent if you ask me. Another fine title from Electronic Arts.

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Basketball action with NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10


Unavailable for this device. Z10 UK.

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!

you watch waaaay to much fresh prince!

love this game. Used to have it on psone nba showtime on nbc glad its back!

Best game on the platform! As a giant NBA fan, I've played this game all my life! It's absolutely incredible on the Z10, so crazy that this game is on a phone and so high quality!

IMO EA has brought the best games to the platform so far!

Sidenotes: CP3 staying put people ;) Go Clippers Go!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Familla!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

This is a sweet game the only problem is that it's difficult for me to put down especially considering I become bored with most games quickly and un-install but not NBA JAM it's just like when it was on sega.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. This game is prefect for a 7" device. No worries about accidentally swiping or small touch screen controls.

Come on BBRy, I'd love to start buying apps for my Playbook again.

I agree. I love basketball and I have the Q10 and playbook. I would love to play this game on the playbook!

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The Z10 has beefier hardware, including 50% higher clock on the CPU and double the RAM, so I bet it would play choppy on the PB.

Same reason BlackBerry nixed BB10 on the PB.

Happy Canada day all....... awesome game, let's support and show off this game on our Z10.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

ALWAYS MANUALLY LOOK FOR THE APP AFTER CB LINKS THEM! This way you don't have to post an angry post that it isn't available in your country!! (Unless it truly isn't of course :p)

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I'm not a B BALL fan at all but this game is super fun! Great game play just like old version. I have found that the Gesture controls make the game easier to play on a full touch device. Thx EA!

BB10, Z10

Know we just need an NBA app. Raptors have a pretty good one, but hopefully with BlackBerry and MLSE in bed we'll see them sway NBA to launch official BB10 NBA similar MLB app. Which IMHO is awesome and well worth the $15 I paid.

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I bought this last night. It brought back lots of memories from the Sega Genesis days. This time the graphics are updated.

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Best game for the Z10, my friend has the HTC one and he kept saying how cool the game was and thought it was an emulator. Felt good.

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I have to ask this question: WHY BB wants to introduce different brand versions? Like apple, they only have one version (with different generations). When iphone 5 is on, iphone 4 will be serving the entry level market.

Awesome! Been playing this game for a few days now. Imo the best game so far for z10! Get this game now and learn how to slam! Boomshakalaka!

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As soon as I saw nba. I didn't read the reviews or nothing because I knew it was going to be good. And sure enough another excellent game by ea. I'll be waiting to see what nba live 14 looks like on xbox one.

Posted via CB10

By far my favorite game right now.

Let's get Street Fighter and Top Gear from SNES on here and we'll be good to go!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

If Street Fighter comes, my productivity level will significantly drop. However, these graphically intense and action-packed games really need a controller for optimal experience.

Lol. Yea I'm eagerly awaiting it for the Verizon version. I'm especially eager because of the crap quarter BB just reported so hopefully it can restore some confidence. Of course, if the 10.1 update introduces more frustrations and bugs, I'll be even more pissed than before.

All these games need to have the BT controller ability that is supposed to be baked into 10.2. Also - most of these need to be multiplayer (at least over wifi).