NBA Game Time 2009-10 for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2009 01:25 pm EST

The NBA season is in full swing, and what better to way to keep up than to follow along on your BlackBerry. With the NBA Game Time app from NBA Digital (built by those xtreme labs guys again - check out the Dev Con video above), you never have to miss a beat. The biggest feature is live scores, stats and standings for the entire league, but add in live radio broadcasts and you've got it all. Video clips, schedules, player cards and more. It's all packed in and ready to keep you up to date all season long. The app works on all devices and is available in BlackBerry App World for $9.99. There is also a slimmed-down free version available.

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NBA Game Time 2009-10 for BlackBerry Smartphones


Sounds like a cool app. Unfortunately I'm a NJ Nets fan, and things aren't really worth tracking right now...

How is it that this is supported for the 9500, 9530 and 9520 but NOT the 9550???? I even tried sending the download link to my device and opening it in appworld and I get a message on the screen that my device and carrier are not supported!

I emailed them for a d/l link.

I put my email to get the app and the link takes me back to the Appworld site.

Then i went to the appworld and looked for this app. I couldnt find it.

Wish they would get this fixed!

The iphone has NBA League pass so you can actually watch entire games & live games not just get updates and hear audio.

that NBA league pass for iphone is also 40 bucks. Would you really WATCH an entire nba game on your phone anyway? i'm a die-hard fan, and even i wouldnt do that. but for 10bucks...this is a steal.

I have no idea what the NBA is but from the description the NHL really needs to get this done. Then again BB's and little gary do not play nice. I guess we will have to wait until we get a real commissioner.

you dont really need this app...just grab score mobile, it has all sports, live stats of every game whether its nfl, mlb, nhl, nba, epl and so on

No contest for this app CB??? C'mon Kevin... talk to 'em... get about 20 copies and have a contest!!!

We need this to be available for the Storm2. Looks like a great app, but what up with no S2 support.

I upgraded my 9530 to a 9550 and i bought this app and the other day i saw its available for my 9550 now but it said purchase instead of download. I went to my world and logged in and went back to the app and the option to purchase and download was nowhere to be found so i got ripped off and i had to download the lite bersion which works persfect but i paid for the paid edition and i got screwed out of it.

Been waiting a while for this app! Anyone have the OTA link? I went to appworld but cant locate it.

Ok the link to get the program asks you to input your email. once the email comes the link provided brings you back to the appworld page.

Also, just emailed the makers for an S2 version. They said that since the S2 is a new device they will have to test it for compatibility. Once they are done they will release it for the Storm2.

Since the Storm 2 is a new device the application needs to be tested on it before it's released. As soon as this process is complete it will be available for the Storm 2.

Thank you,

NBA Game Time Support

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I purchased this app and never did get the streaming game audio to work on my Bold on Rogers. Emailed the support for dev. and they said they could't understand why, emailed BB app world support and got a run around that I didn't bother to follow up... can't bother wasting time trying to recover $10.00. Wish it worked properly but I decided to uninstall it and count my ten bucks as lost.

I'm in the same boat but with the 9630 tour on Telus....everyone just giving the run around....would of been great to view fantasy stats.....hopefully another company comes out with something better next year....they got my they win....

can somebody with a 9530 storm1 download this app, then pull the cod file with Blackberry Swiss Army Knife and then post it in the Storm 3rd Party Apps Section ?

that's a pretty sweet app!! they should devlope that for all major sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) and have a yearly fee because I'd love to watch clips and get game info right from my berry.

any chance of getting an OTA for the free version?

I'm not in the US/Canada, so can't get anything from App world....

The Cleveland @ Miami game is on right now, trying to stream the live radio. It's not working, it tells me it takes a few seconds to buffer but I've waited over 10 minutes (for both stream options, the Cavs one and the Heat one). I spent $10 simply for the live radio streaming alone, and that feature doesn't even work. Sigh...

Then why is the 9520 supported? They should say Verizon devices not supported at this time not the Storm 2.

PLEASE can someone help with an OTA link on the free lite version? I live where app world isnt supported, but i would REALLY LOVE to have this app as it sounds really cool..

Why does Esc put the app in the background instead of going back to the previously viewed screen? I am sitting right next to my wireless router and live audio is choppy, video recaps are caught in an infinite loop. So what the ef and how long am I willing to wait for NBA Game Time to work before I asking for an effen refund?

Would be nice if they separated the rebounds into 2 categories (offensive and defensive) and also the amount of turnovers made by a specific player.