Prevent additional billing costs with Navita T.E.M Personal for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 17 Jan 2013 09:51 am EST

There is nothing worse than getting stung by additional costs when your mobile bill arrives because you have exceeded a monthly allowance. Navita T.E.M Personal is a new BlackBerry application that can prevent this from happening. The app monitors your data, phone calls and sms usage and can notify you when you are getting close to your limit.

With a simple, yet effective user interface, you can see at a glance just how much you have used your BlackBerry. The information is supplied in nice graphs which show usage as a percentage as well as the actual amount of minutes/sms/data used. All your allowances can be entered manually and set up only takes a few seconds.

The application is also great for travellers as it has a roaming section. Here you can set it up to monitor your usage when overseas where using your BlackBerry can be rather expensive. A sure way to avoid a nasty surprise when you get home!

As Navita T.E.M Personal is free to download there isn't really a reason not to give it a go. Well, unless you have unlimited usage of course.


  • Dashboard for viewing consumption (Data, Voice and SMS)
  • Limits definition
  • International Roaming
  • Custom Settings

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Reader comments

Prevent additional billing costs with Navita T.E.M Personal for BlackBerry smartphones


I'm on unlimited, but I'm downloading this now. It'll be good to track how much data I blow through when using wifi. :D

Irc is another thing, when flooders come on, it uses 128 kilobytes in 9 minutes. Lol

Okay, just signed up for Verizon's Global for a few weeks away.

They charge $25/100mb of data. Frankly, the numbers confuse me - what number do I put into this app? Oh, maybe it is working - when I initially put in 100 and used the drop down, the value still showed 1GB. But I just came back and now it shows MB.

I just tried to get this app for my Z 10 and it says unavailable for this device. Have they removed it from BBW?