Navigate the world with Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 7 Jun 2012 10:43 am EDT

While the PlayBook supports a plethora of various sensors like a gyroscope and a magnetometer (compass), hardly any developers have tapped into the latter. A new application has been produced by mappau OG, which utilizes the magnetometer in the BlackBerry PlayBook. Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t require any movement or GPS pickup to show which direction you are traveling.


  • Real magnetic compass (no GPS and/or movement needed)
  • Stunning graphics
  • Swipe down for easy to understand calibration
Yesterday I went out on a drive to test the application out, and it works really well. One thing I did notice was that if you have a bulky case on your PlayBook the application may have a hard time locating your direction of travel, the developer also made a note of this in the App World listing. Also, you do not need to hold the tablet level; the compass will work if you’ve got it held in a car mount like the iGrip windshield mount we reviewed a little ways back. Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found in App World for the low price of 99 cents, and hopefully we’ll see the application make its way onto BlackBerry 10 phones later this year.

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Navigate the world with Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Okay, probably not the best place to post this, but your comment and the title of the post is 'navigate' so here goes. does anybody else have the experience that there really is no good app for navigation on the PB. All of the map and navigation apps I have tried have a horrible rendering of the Gps position. I don't see anybody really talking about this. Is it just my playbook? Anytime I fire up a map app the Gps shows me moving even though I might not be, and off of roads on the map, etc. Is my PB broken?

Honestly, why would u want $0.99 app that we get it for free on BB 7?
I mean, like hell RIM will not include it also on BB 10. RIght?

BB7 devices require a calibration, this one doesn't really need it, nor will bb10 devices. Why the negativity? It's an app the developer worked hard on. Show some appreciation.

I can't believe how many people cry over paying .99 or even 1.99. Are they that cheap or just feel entitled?

...hell I can't believe people bitch about $6.99 even, some of the apps that are around that price cost a lot more to get someting on say a PC...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

If u guys read the post, it was indeed said that it also need, yet simple, calibration.
Besides, I don't see any differences with Compass app on BB7.
Why I said eairler is, RIM should also include Compass app (or better) in BB10.
No, I don't mind paying $0.99 for apps, heck I even paid more than that often.
Kudos for developer who made this app knowing that it isn't available on PB 2.0.

...would you rather get free garbage apps? (iOS, Android) or pay the meager fee that is charged for BB apps...go whine elsewhere...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Wow....its 99 cents,,,i just got back from buying $150.00 dollars worth of groceries. Which i might add i put in 4 plastic shopping bags..oh, which i paid 10 cents each for,,,,but i had a choice, buy them or try to carry it all in my hands and why complain about 99 cents,,,you dont have to buy he app,,,,i hear so many complain about lack of apps and yet complain when we are charged a very reasonable price,i will just say thank you for the developer on building such a fine app,,,and look forward and welcome all developers who build for the playbook and the new "EXTRAORDINARY BB10"

I didn't see anyone whining. The person actually made a good point. Why buy a compass when BB10 will have one built into the OS?

I already have 3 apps with compass but that's because I bought them long before BB10 was only a few months away.

OMG... Such a defense and always pointing out the fact of “DEVELOPER HARD WORK ” to justify RIM apps for purchase and not free! . The same way the work hard to develop for other platforms, and you really don't see this mess, so what do ya mean??... The only HARD WORK DEVELOPMENT is on playbook to justify charging for any dumb thing? Do you really think this is helping the blackberry brand!??

I can't wait to see this lawyers jumping ships when blackberry die and run out of business... Because that's exactly what's going to happen if this apps bad reputation continue like this! (charging for everything ) the most funny part is when the lawyers rely on calling me cheap
or whoever is concerned about RIM creating this reputation on apps, again... Charging for everything, knowing people know they
can get more for free on other platforms. isn't about being cheap or not, but is stupid like 99 % of the apps are for purchase, how you going to compete like that in the consumer world ? Which ya know... Is were the money at!

Why don't you tell your employer you want to work for free or your mommy that you don't want your allowance any more.

Lets all calm down with complaining about pricing and think for a minute... MORE than likely once the app ecosystem picks up steam for Blackberry 10 we WILL see the same priced apps popping up for FREE but will include ad's. Just a thought...

as a developer it is always a question make an application free with ads or paid without any advertisment.
free, without ads, is possible, if somebody paid us for that ;)
we have to pay our bills and employees and they do not want to work for free ;)

This post really have interesting comment. I believe many tried to defend BB developer, however I support the client point of view, where many of us see this as something need to be given as a STANDARD PACKAGE from RIMs. Why because RIMs already have those hardware install, so why not showing us the full feature? Now off course RIMs have to pay the developer as part of their marketing champaign.

Now why? Well all the competitor do it, so RIMs should also do it right? If not or whatever decision they make then its up to us to decide. If you dont mind paying COMPASS apps then go ahead. But for me surely its a very unusefull apps which we probably dont need making .99 is expensive. However if I required that apps, I'm willing to spend USD 100 for it.

Just my .02 cents

.99 is NOT expensive even if you don't need the app. I've paid that just to look at an app out of curiosity.