Navigate from point A to point B with Magellan Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 12 Jun 2012 01:29 pm EDT

The native mapping application on the BlackBerry PlayBook may be lacking some essential features, and while we all know that's changing, other developers are stepping in to fill that void. o2 interactive has developed one feature-packed map application that also allows for turn-by-turn navigation. One of the biggest selling features in the app is the ability to store up to 2GB of mapping data right on your PlayBook, making this application handy for any cross-border drives where data roaming would typically be an issue.


  • Map Quest data provider
  • Open Street Maps data provider
  • Easy navigation to accelerate panning and easy finger zooming
  • Multiple types of GPS heads up display
  • Multiple map types including maps, satellite, and hybrid
  • Automatic map caching for off-line usage
  • Real-time traffic for the U.S.
  • Real-time traffic incidents for the U.K.
  • Real-time weather radar overlay for the U.S. Along with radar animation.
  • User-defined Points-Of-Interest markers associated with bookmarks
  • Directions and guidance system

I’ve been using the navigation side of the application for the past two weeks and I must say, it’s pretty rock solid. With the application recalculating your route within seconds of making a wrong turn, you’ll never be too far off from your path. Coming this week I will be traveling to Waterloo to have a visit at RIM HQ and I’ll be using Magellan Compass on my 3-hour drive there. Magellan Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found in BlackBerry App World for the reasonable price of $5.99. While there are a few features I would like to have, I’m glad that we’re seeing apps like this come to the PlayBook. I’m curious as to which features the CrackBerry Nation would like to see brought to this application so sound off in the comments below. 

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Reader comments

Navigate from point A to point B with Magellan Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I've been using it for a while now, and the biggest deficiency with the app is the search functionality. The routing, re-routing, all seem to work fairly well. I've been on bridge when I'm routing, and so I'm not sure how well the caching is working. Good job by a smaller developer though, and I hope to see more improvements to the app in the future...

can it be used without a wifi connection? Not asking for full featured usage but will the GPS still track you? especially if you cache your trip before hand?

not really turn-by-turn navigation if the voice doesn't guide you (i.e. "turn left in .2 miles")...just saying.

UPDATE: see Jtegen post below.

v3.1 (recently released but after this review) search has greatly improved.

It can be used off line without WIFI. Need to store map data before hand and save routes.

It does do turn by turn instructions (e.g. "In 0.2 miles, left turn") of your choice of voice. Not certain why it did not prompt him on this route.

I want this app but can't find 3.1 in App World. What gives?

I've downloaded 2.3 but would like to try the new version on my next trip to Europe. Will it work?

This application is very feature rich, in addition to everything Zack mentioned, there's Yelp integration for those that are into that. I really like that you can cache maps by region " current view" and store it. For example, if you are at home and have wifi, you can zoom to the entire view of a city (depending on size) and tell it to cache upto 6 levels at once and it stores them for you. The limit is 6 levels I think... I wish the limit was determined by the amount of storage available instead of by levels-understanding that the map files are fairly large. I have captured my city at the cost of ~70 MB.

Does the app takes control of the dimming of the screen and the stand by?

Ex.: if you have set the screen to turn off the in 30 seconds, with the app running it stays on??

Thanks for the answer...

What are the maps like for South Africa? Read on reviews that the the maps outside Canada and USA isn't that good.

The problem with RIMM is that other companies like Apple and Android have entered the marketplace and were able to better meet constantly increasing customer expectations. RIMM is trying to leverage blackberry 10, but its known fail to connect with consumers on a regular basis and constant basis at any significant level of engagement a little to late ahead of competition, better yet it's not even competition, it's more holding on by a few threads way in the back.