Naughty by Nature, BlackBerry by Choice!

BlackBerry By Choice! And if you don't like it... well... :)
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jul 2012 07:59 pm EDT

How's this for a T-Shirt to wear to Waterloo?!

* Update: CrackBerry Kevin approved BlackBerry By Choice t-shirts and hoodies are now available from Get yours Here today!! *

I'm heading to Waterloo next week for Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. I need a t-shirt to wear. Last year I wore the RIMPIRE Strikes Back. It was a big hit with those in the know, though I have realized since then the average person doesn't know what RIM is, nevermind the RIMPIRE.

So this morning I asked the CB Nation for ideas and our readers delivered. A bunch of great slogans were suggested, so I'm going to work on getting a few of them designed up.

One of the most popular slogans suggested was BlackBerry By Choice. This is play on the phrase RIM's CEO used this week in his Editorial to the Globe and Mail where he said, "They are - like many of us - BlackBerry people by choice."

BlackBerry By Choice. A powerful statement. But I figured given the passion of CrackBerry readers and the BlackBerry situation out there with so much negative sentiment seemingly going on that we could punch it up a little. So we went a little hardcore and added a little "we're #1" message to the t-shirt for all the haters and trolls out there. :)

Consider this a working draft... but if you guys like it, I'll make the .EPS file available so you can download it and make your own. Or if you have any awesome suggestions on how to tweak it up, let me know in the comments. Just let me know quick - gotta get some of these babies printed up before I fly out.

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Naughty by Nature, BlackBerry by Choice!


Vulgar, immature, inappropriate. Exactly what I don't think BlackBerry users are or should be portrayed as. Please change the finger. That's an embarrassment

Sorry it offends you. Not sure why you are replying to me though. As it seems the media are fighting dirty on occasion, I'm ready for a few drops of immaturity. Besides, it's not like we're rallying for BlackBerry and RIM in the streets with these on. :) cheer up, I'm going to go have a cupcake now.

I must agree with this.

I get the fact that it's just a joke, but it's not a very clever or funny joke.

The media says RIM is on its death bed, RIM says they're doing well. That basically means the truth is somewhere in the middle. Bringing bad press to RIM is not something they need right now.

I understand that Crackberry is not RIM, but as one of the (if not THE) biggest fan sites, you should be conducting yourself as if you are a member of RIM. Those members of RIM in recent past that have tarnished their name through their actions were quickly dispatched.

Sell the brand, don't hinder its comeback.

Kevin and the CrackBerry staff have lost their minds by the looks of things.

You want to get noticed? Make flags and/or banners and hold them up. Walk around with them. Show them in the parking lot & during the meeting. Slogan only.

Stop being so sensitive. What did you say when it was revealed Apple/Foxconn were (and still are) using virtual slave labor?

Birds*it_X. You're still lurking around like a midget hooker looking for attention huh.

I said everyone should stop buying apple products? I don't get what you're saying here... I use the fact that apple treats their contract labor like dirt all the time to describe how evil they are. What does that have to do with the fact that we have now resorted back to the 7th grade with this shirt? I defend BlackBerry day in and day out. All I'm saying is, this isn't what I want people to think of when they think of BlackBerry users. It's sad so many people think it's clever.

How exactly does Apple treat their 'contract labor' like dirt, when the Foxconn employees are one of the highest paid factory workers in China and the factory has no shortage of eager applicants for work?

This is nearly as daft as that middle finger in an otherwise decent T-shirt

Tell that to the people who are overworked and committing suicide. Eager applicants? Of course there will be people waiting in line to work at Foxconn. The country has over 1 billion citizens! If you were starving you would be in line too.

Exactly my opinion! This shirts (with finger) should be borne only in an Apple-store while emptying a fire extinguisher...

I agree with you 100%. Why would I want to give the world the finger? Why would I want BlackBerry to do the same? Sorry, Kevin, but this is not a good move for a company looking to win new fans.

Changing the finger would change the message -- a more upbeat message would garner more support.

I'm a young professional working for a national broadcaster. This would be appropriate on a non-meeting day. Besides, most people here have a sense of humour, not a stick up their arse.

Epic! I love it!

I'll be changing my BlackBerry blog's tagline from "Discover BlackBerry" to "BlackBerry By Choice" as well!

Please put it in the CB Store!


That T-shirt is awesome! I'd wear it proud. Now just a watermark behind it of you crapping on the ipad and you're all set!


Hey I'm just poking fun for all you haters out there . so before you all start flaming me .. just a preemptive RELAX to all on the watermark joke comment.

Love the saying! The finger has to go, though. After all, Kevin ... you are the leader of a powerful nation. And you did get a call from Thorsten as the leader of one nation to another, right? Now if we could just figure out how you should wear all that hair ....

Well, This is CRACKBERRY... so I wanted to push it over the line just a bit.

The question is, if we scrap the "we're #1" finger, what do we replace it with.

I guess we could go with two thumbs... since BlackBerry People do typically type with two thumbs. But that kind of takes it from being hardcore to being a little cheesy.Though maybe that's ok. 

THinking Thinking Thinking...

Even you MIGHT not get away wearing that inside.

I'm hoping the maturer side of you takes control and doesn't allow you to wear that shirt

You could always make that the back of the shirt and "tweek" the front. That way you can leave that message when leaving a crowd of haters...

Can't two be done?
I would love the current one and I'd wear it almost anywhere. But I couldn't wear it around schools and I would definitely not wear it at work.
Two versions would be great, I think.
The "cleaned up" version could be done with two thumbs. Or the V sign....I don't know, just something that could be worn around more sensitive situations.

I wish I was amazed by the fact that nobody has enough awareness to realize how unbelievably tacky and embarrassing this is.

Ummmm... Dude. That's kind of the exact thing I go for here with all my homemade t-shirts.

I don't think I'd ever wear a "serious" gadget/tech related t-shirt. THAT would be lame. Gotta make them fun and cheesy and tacky and embarassing in a I don't give an eff sort of way. 


My vote finger stays.

And for your entrance music I choose "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister.

I totally understand your viewpoint, but I'd rather you didn't preclude publicity. As an editor, I know what I'd have to say to any reporter who wanted to run that image, either in print or on the air.
Choose your battles strategically....

I'd exclude the middle finger, but only because you want to make sure you get into the shareholder's meeting -- it's otherwise very much what you'd want to pick!

Please send that file as is, as soon as possible.

Loud and Proud!!

Livin Large on the friendly East Coast.

Maybe you remove the finger and replace it with different BB models that form the same general shape. The BB 10 could be the middle finger...

Just an idea.

Ditch the finger or change to the index finger. Some of us are business people with some remnants of respectability remaining who would love a shirt. :)

Here's my .02 .... I love the middle finger, and it really does make a great statement.

However, how about a bunch of phones in the shape of a hand, as was suggested, and for the middle finger, just extend a torch 9810 ..... it would extend higher than the others, and make the same statement. :)

P.S. I would love a copy of the original as my wallpaper or to put on a t-shirt myself...please let us know if and when it becomes available.

Good luck, Kevin.

I like the #1 finger idea but you have the middle finger instead of index finger. Think of those big foam #1 fingers you buy at the ballpark (arena for you Canadians).

How about remove the first digit (finger) from the right and add the phrase " + Zero = BB10". It will look like both a pointer finger or a middle finger (your choice) and it emphasizes the idea of # 1.

Just my 2 cents.

Why not just go simple. A black T-Shirt with the BlackBerry Logo on the front and the words "By Choice" below it. On the back, "Leader of the Mobile Nations". That's a bigger "F- - - You" than a finger. Just my opinion...


Tell the RIM guys that they should make limited edition shirts for the launch of the BB10 that is included in the box or a voucher for one at purchase.

Free Real Life Mobile advertising BB10!

That's actually a great idea. Keep the finger (because the attitude is the best part of the message), but obscure it so nobody can actually object.

That's better; "censoring" the finger draws more attention to it anyway, but nobody can object because you've actually obscured it :-)

That's actually a great idea. Keep the finger (because the attitude is the best part of the message), but obscure it so nobody can actually object.

That's better; "censoring" the finger draws more attention to it anyway, but nobody can object because you've actually obscured it :-)

That's actually a great idea. Keep the finger (because the attitude is the best part of the message), but obscure it so nobody can actually object.

That's better; "censoring" the finger draws more attention to it anyway, but nobody can object because you've actually obscured it :-)

I took my family to disney and I was blown away by the number of iphones there. I told my family the next time we go I will be having shirts made up for us. I was thinking of the BlackBerry symbol pissing on the Apple. Similar to what you would see with ford, chevy and dodge.

You saw so many iPhones because Disney makes an App for the iPhone to allow guest to get information on attractions, showtimes, FastPass times...

As for the SHIRT... don't think it is a very positive image for RIM or CrackBerry.

"Can't touch this?" With the all touch bb10 device on top of the slogan. I personally will not be buying the all touch device, but I know RIM needs this to pull out of the hole they're why not promote it.

Keep the shirt exactley as is.

And boy, I never knew that there were some ultra-conservative individuals here. Seriously, you're offended by that?

I would never wear this. Its rude to the public. How much do you want to beat that if a family with kids waked by that they would even consider buying a BlackBerry anymore?

Here in Texas, that would be a class C violation of offensive gesture or display. Depending on the situation, you'd either get charged, thrown out of the public place you were in or both.

Plus I'm sure there is a certain rap group that would have something to say about you using "Naughty by Nature". (But I don't see those words on the shirt)

I was thinking this was done just as a right?!? Lol

Texas has the death penalty but the "finger" is offensive. lol. It's all good.
BirdSh!t_X... Still here huh buddy.

I was thinking that birdman would love the concept, considering 1. His name and 2. The fact that on more than one occassion, both you and I (and a few others) have pretty much given him the middle finger with a few other choice words. Birdman FTW!!

LOL. Maybe he is visually impared and can't see well. He really should love the 'bird'. Maybe if it had a pile of poo beneath the 'bird' (birdsh_t) he'd like it.

You goofballs are extremely good at making asses out of yourselves. So incredibly immature.

@mnhockeycoach99: contribute
@plafayette: contribute

Seriously? Hrmm funny I live in Texas and I see a bunch of, "Eat this (arrow pointed down)", "I F*** Hard", "I do Anal", "Blow Job for Sale". Etc. Etc... (I have seen more than that) and yes I have seen them in all type of stores all over Texas.

You people need to get the stick out of your rumps and take it as it is, a joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kevin wear that shirt I will support you!

Although I like the design as is but I do have to agree that the middle finger should go or changed for your purpose (if this was any Joe on the street then it may not be a problem but you are representing BB nation). BB people should be known as successful and intellectually respectable people. Also, avoid giving the media any unnecessary bait to bite on.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Me and that finger have a long history. I have patches, pins, t-shirts, etc. My history with the middle finger is different, but I would by that in shirt, hat and wallpaper. Maybe the wallpaper should be free. Let us know if the finger goes away so I can have it made in town here and rock it when I buy my new BB10.

If it's so appropriate, why did you have to type "frak"? I'd ditch the finger and make a version replacing the finger with a picture of each BB model available, including the PlayBook. Then if you decide to sell them, each could buy a shirt of the model they want.

I like, but ditch the Middle Finger. You don't want to be the person responsible for Ill-tempered parents who don't like the fact that the CrackBerry Leader leads the pack with an innappropriate perspective.

Send the .EPS file already, I want one of these!!!! and know a lot more people who would wear one aswell.

... yeah, because nothing say "I am the leader of the largest BlackBerry user site" like a tacky
shirt that any sane 15 year old boy would know is stupid to wear in public

There can be both. Some may want that and wear it but others may want to make a more subtle statement. How about replacing the "finger" with a BB 10 logo or just the Blackberry logo. I wouldn't really buy one with the "finger" (Not a good example to my family) but for some it is acceptable. I am still hoping for a revival of RIM and bought a Curve 8530 from Amazon to replace my broken Tour. Sell some of the first rendition but make me one that gives a more positive message........Thanks....

This saying sends a strong message and the middle finger is it's exclamation point. I would proudly wear this shirt. Wear it to Waterloo!

It's a freaking tshirt ! Stop the think of the children whine. I've seen worst messengers on it. We are not living in the Disney World, pull the butt plug out already! Don't like it, don't wear it. Better yet design you own.

I agree.. Kids see and hear much worse on primetime tv.. plus, how many kids under the age of 18 will be at the RIM shareholder meeting? ZERO

Finger or no finger I think the shirt is great and is something I have done to friends who use iPhones. iPhones, androids and blackberries have their pro's and con's. People pick their devices based on their needs and I don't need 20 twitter apps or 100,000 games. I need the best keyboard in a device that can be dropped, take a beating and provides the apps i need to get hit done. I'm Blackberry by choice now please post the file so I can create a shirt.

I like it, I love it, can't get enough of it!
We are Canadian, but there is a point where polite is not called for.
We all count -
In different ways
Anyone who doesn't like it is being culturally insensitive
to BlackBerry Lovers!

Don't like the slogan. It's not unique to BB. iPod, Windows and Android owners have a choice too.
The finger is just silly but not in a good way. Seems a bit immature. Something many Crackberrians have been accusing iFans of being.

yeah, I think this would be better left for the "other" communities. we are not as bitter or angry at the world as the shirts depict, but we are #1. save the vulgarity for the fanboys and such.

I really like this too! I love the BlackBerry by Choice- but to me it seems like the finger is to the phrase. That is the way I took it. Not as #1.

You could add a list of thing below iDon't in finer print
- support products made by slave labour
- hog bandwidth
- need a phone without NFC
- want a phone without security
- want an iClone

Lose the bird. Immature. I am sure there is a powerful symbol that you can use that is not offensive to the general public. If it cannot be worn to school, it is not appropriate for a RIM shirt.

Try the two thumbs up, one on each side of the slogan and a Canadian band around the middle finger. On the back have a half eaten apple being thrown into an Android garbage can.

This is great! Drop the hashtag! I keep seeing words like"immature" and "childish". All I can say is can it! Shirts like this put it right out there like the open circle showcasing that stupid fruit in an otterbox! BB10 has to appeal to everybody and that includes the dead fish sense of humor human beings that I see negative nancying on this fine article of clothing! It needs to catch on with the youth and still retain its customer base!

Now that guy mjgallaway has got a killer idea! I love that idea bro... I'd buy that now.

HAH "iDon't" "Blackberry By Choice with middle finger new message star icon over the finger"

Seriously killer :)

I love the T-shirt slogan, but would change to the index finger. It's a positive message, and giving the finger changes that. I bet Thorsten would love it without the negativity.

I like people-by-choice phrase but not the middle finger. How about pop eye's arm to tell people BlackBerry could be power very quickly.

It's a great message but I wouldn't use the middle finger. That's something iSheeps would do. Like others have suggested, I would go with the index finger.

Some other suggestions:

BlackBerry the BEST Choice
BlackBerry For Life
BlackBerry Lives On
BlackBerry - FTW!

I definitively want one like this one !

my suggestion : change "TGIF" into "TGIB" Thanks God It's Blackberry !"

Love it!!
Would love to have one printed :D
Will get a message through to my friends who fail to see how I'm blackberry by choice..

The finger has to go! Leaving it there lowers the Blackberry user to nothing more than the low lifes that criticize us for our superior choice.

I like the finger idea but obscuring tip with RED NEW MESSAGE STAR ICON as mentioned above. That will also add some color to the shirt and PG rate it so it is not as in your face.

You can even put the finger/star on your back, make it really big!

BlackBerry by nature and a red BBM star for me, if I dare.

P.S: But wear this one every second you still hold your *$**%$##¤ soap box as your primary device ! (joke)

I think if Kevin is working at RIM or his personality in his daily life is mature/always behaving well and not rebellious then better don't use the finger :p

how about making the finger to be visible only when the light is out/ glow in the dark? :D or just obscure it is fine I guess :p

I want this one too, in black t-shirt (y)

I have another suggestion over the sheep, use the head of a clone from Star Wars (obscured by a red X maybe?), kinda follows on from Rimpire last time.

T-Shirt Slogan...

"According to my Mayan calendar .. I can't afford to wait to Q1 2013 for Blackberry 10"

Go forward with it, make a non offensive shirt and the finger shirt, let people buy the one they want, if they don't like it they don't have to buy it or look at it, it is their choice, stop complaining and contribute or find another forum to go to so you can bitch about RIM, there is enough of this here already. Lighten up people, my wife has an iPhone and I don't care in the least, I bought it for her. I am not into bashing people for their choice in anything, this is simple phone prejudice. Get a life and put your efforts into something positive instead of complaining, do something.

I think u should include "iDONT" like some said above. That would be awesome. The middle finger can be "i"

I like th #FU! I don't care what those trolls say! I choose BB. Though, Kev, you need to put it in context. As much as I don't like the "Let's Rock & Roll This" slogan, you put that on the back with the Dio Devil Horns and Thorsten will appoint you VP of Keeping it Real!

Shirt has to be black though.

I agree, add the red New Message instead of the middle finger. Or, just make two shirts. One with, one without. I would proudly wear this shirt. But could never wear this to work or any business function. If it was altered, then yes with no question.

Change the colour of the shirt to black. I would also suggest to add "CrackBerry Nation" on the back and your CB logo on the sleeve. We are all BB lovers, so why not let us show our support and dedication to both BlackBerry and CrackBerry.

I already have an image of me wearing this shirt into an Apple Store..ha ha. That would be an awesome picture I would send in. My wife uses apple and when we enter the store I always yell " BlackBerry Rules" and I get a few looks. Once they asked me to leave and had to wait in the mall until she was done. But wearing this shirt and walking in.. would just make it the best day EVER.

I am sure that if I saw a fellow BB / CB " nation member " walking in the mall or down the street wearing this shirt, it would be awesome to be part of the solidarity and brotherhood/sisterhood of this unstoppable Force...
Sorry for the long post...

There's a time and a place for a t-shirt. The Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is not the place to look like a long haired hippy from the 70's. That style works at the Apple store, but really doesn't reflect the professionalism that Blackberry and it's users have stood for over the years. It's about business!

Yeah the finger is good but too much. Simple is better.

" iDon't " on the front and "Blackberry by Choice" on the back with a BBM logo or a red message star thing beside it.

I think Kevin has earned a very positive, professional reputation as a leader of Blackberry users and abusers and as a successful business person... and wearing a tie is not part of that reputation. I don't think wearing a middle finger t-shirt to a shareholders meeting is any different than the guys speaking their honest opinions (uncensored) on podcasts.

Kevin, wear the shirt, it goes with your hair... and even that is a statement to RIM!

... besides, BlackBerry People, Do!

OMG! It's so appauling. Hide your kids, hide your wife. I'm losing my mojo. This marks the beginning of the end of society as we know it... Oh, the agony... the humanity...!
People really need to stop being so sensitive. Feel free to make your own shirt with a logo and whatever you want it to say.

Some of you behave like the other brand users. Holier than thou attitude! I'm better because I use Black Berry. Give it a rest! A device will not make you better or worst. Once a douche will always be a douche regardless what devices one is using.

I like the shirt.....BUT I don't think the finger would be appropriate to wear on the 10th. I would suggest changing the finger for the meeting....

Well… The Crackberry Nation seems divided!

Personally, I think it’s great; heck, I own a t-shirt that says Pussy Power- but the problem is, I can’t wear it everywhere! I’m just worried that if you wear it “as is” to Waterloo, that people will focus on the symbol and not on the real message.

I think you’re going to need different versions for different tastes/occasions. I put in another vote for mjgallaway’s
"iDon’t… Blackberry by Choice." with the CB logo on the sleeve and Crackberry Nation on the back as BBSensei suggested, (or even… Proud member of the Crackberry Nation, on the back).

Very nice and Classy! It really goes with the Business-focused population of BB users. I would be proud to weat this shirt and show my support for BlackBerry!...... NOT

I would expect this from a 12 year old kid but from the great leader Kev? Please.... I know RIM is down and getting beaten at the moment but at least we the users and supporters should stay above the rest.

Do us a favor and wear something a bit more inspiring and supportive will ya. This design is garbage.

If you really want to motivate Thor, wear a shirt that says "Let's Rock n Roll This" and "Laser Focused" on the front and on the back it should read "But once again we failed to deliver"

Really people! I really can't stand this politically correct world we live in now days. We'd be so much better off if people really said how they felt and got things done. We'd all know exactly where we stand, no misunderstandings.

With that Kevin, I'll take two of these shirts in black (medium) and for the sensitive people, just replace the finger with #1. And I'll take one of those for my mom in black. I've made her a BB junkie and proud owner of a PB also.

Also a proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook


I know I've said it once already, but it's worth saying again. Be your character here on Crackberry, the Jams and conferences, but at the Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders stick to the business at hand and be professional. It certainly will go a long way!


Seriously? Doesn't it occur a grown man that might be disrespectful? It's really gonna do you wonders, specially if you want to be in the board.

Although everyone has an opinion, and we all have different views on what is good and bad (I respect everyone's comments), I feel this shirt being viewed as inappropriate or not representing Blackberry users is a problem. Some view Blackberry users as business people,50+ or people not up to date with tech, we are not. This shirt is a bit on the edge for some, but shows how a lot of us personal feel; I choose my Blackberry, it was not forced on me, it does everything a smart phone should do, so F**K You (not you posting on here, just a generalized term). RIM lost market share because of the general consumer losing interest.

I like "If you build it, they will come" on the front, and "[back]" on the back. I'd prefer black with white lettering.