Natwest Banking app gets an update to v1.1

By DJ Reyes on 17 Feb 2012 08:18 pm EST

One of the most useful BlackBerry apps I have installed on my BlackBerry is the Natwest Banking app, for obvious reasons, it is great to be able to check my bank balance on the go. The past day or two it has been updated to version 1.1. While this is not a huge update that brings about new features, it is an update that BlackBerry 7 owners will like as it is now compatible with the Torch 9810Bold 9790Curve 9360 and 9380.

So, if you are an owner of those devices and been wanting this app, get downloading now, it is free in App World. If you're a Natwest customer and haven't yet downloaded this app, I recommend it. It is a great way to check your balance or transfer money between your accounts.

More information / Download the Natwest Banking app from App World 

Reader comments

Natwest Banking app gets an update to v1.1


Gee, now if only about 500 other banks would do apps for us.....all I ever see anymore from virtually all of them is 'download our latest app for your iPhone or Android phone'!!!!!

But what to expect, RIM can't even get their desktop sync application out of beta without it being essentially corrupted, as attested to by numerous users. Great start for the new leadership.....but I did read that business was up in southeast!

You could try Pageonce Pro, while it won't offer features like transfers & payments, it shows when you've had large transactions (via push notifications) and allows you to check balances.