The Natwest Banking app finally comes to BlackBerry

By DJ Reyes on 28 Sep 2011 08:47 am EDT

Natwest app 

Here's some news that some UK BlackBerry owners who bank at Natwest will love. It has been a long time coming and we can now rejoice as Natwest has released an app for BlackBerry. iPhone users have had the luxury of using the app for a long time now so it is good to see the app make its way onto BlackBerry smartphones.

The app gives you the ability to:

  • Check your balance and available funds for all your NatWest accounts
  • View recent transactions on your accounts 
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Find your nearest cash machine or local branch

It also allows you to top up your pay as you go mobile phone, although it does not currently support the Three network. You need be a Natwest Online Banking user and register your details to make use of the app.

For more information/download the app from App World

Reader comments

The Natwest Banking app finally comes to BlackBerry


Great stuff. Now please allow Natwest customers from outside the UK to download and use this app (note for RBS)

A great app, good to see Natwest supporting BlackBerry. I sent them an email asking for a PlayBook version too.

Will download this tomorrow to test when my new blackberry arrives.
Not that there is much money to look at in my account lol a few more 0's will make me a lot more happier :-)

They had a Natwest App before, made by a company called MobileMoney, but this is much better :) I have one complaint, on my Blackberry Torch the Icons arent aligned properly and the font is very pixelated. It's a big step up however.

Great news, are barclays gonna do the same? i have the web shortcut but an actual app would be great.. any news would be great

I swore I would never do drugs or become addicted to anything.... Thanks RIM for making me a liar, I can't put this bitch down lol