Naturize: Winter Dream HD theme by BerryGlowDesigns - free for a limited time

Naturize: Winter Dream HD
By Alicia Erlich on 28 Nov 2011 04:17 pm EST

The holidays are just around the corner and it's the perfect time to add a wintery design to your BlackBerry theme arsenal. Awhile back, we told you about a premium theme called Naturize by BerryGlowDesigns. This time around they've decided to give their popular summer theme a winter facelift and the result is gorgeous. Naturize: Winter Dream HD still retains the OS 7 icons and the Naturize concept but now consists of even clearer graphics and gradients. It features crystal clear icy glosses, smooth fading transitions, the crispest gradients throughout lists and menus, and lovely backgrounds when selecting icons. I absolutely love the color scheme but then again blue just happens to be my favorite color. It's a beautiful theme to help kick off the holiday season.

Winter Dream is available for only $.99 at BlackBerry App World, and is compatible with devices running OS 5 & OS 6: 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 933x, 95xx, 96xx, 9700, 978x, and 9800.

For one week only (until next Monday) the good folks over at BerryGlowDesigns are offering Winter Dream absolutely free. 

More information / screenshots and to download Naturize: Winter Dream HD

Reader comments

Naturize: Winter Dream HD theme by BerryGlowDesigns - free for a limited time


Wow I love this theme. Much better than what I was using last. Just love it. Only wished I could have made the font smaller in options and the time wouldn't cut off in my text messages.

But that's no biggie. This theme is amazing! Love it. Thanks guys.

That's weird I downloaded it on my 8530 earlier today and I'm in Vancouver.

It is a beautiful theme and runs smoothly. But it messed up my folders. It moved all my media and some of my games into one shared folder.

Here, like on BerryGlowDesigns site, says its compatible with 9000 but when I open a theme in Blackberry app world it says its not available for that device!?
Why, oooh Y!

Sorry. but I just don't get it. So there' s a blue background/wallpaper; highlighted items are blue now, and there are a few swirly thingies here and there.

I'm not a theme builder so I have no idea what kind of work goes into something like this; but as an enduser I'd say this is kind of blah.

What's with your website? Everytime I go there it tells me I am using the current version of IE9 and always takes me to the MS IE 9 Download page? Can't even view the webite? Something needs fixing.