WordPress ditching the Android port, going native for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2013 02:12 am EDT

A small tidbit of news for all you folks out there who are using WordPress as your blogging platform of choice. As I'm sure you know already, the WordPress app for BlackBerry 10 is currently built using Android and runs pretty well but as was recently noted as part of WordPress' 10th anniversary, there is native version of the app currently being worked on as well.

As of right now, there's not ETA for the release but it's being built as part of the regular internship program that WordPress offers. Seems fitting really, WordPress celebrating 10 years now building a native BlackBerry 10 app. The list of apps making the transition is growing and that's what we like to see.

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WordPress ditching the Android port, going native for BlackBerry 10


This is awesome. For those of us that maintain blogs, having a mobile solution provides a quick way to add small update or check on things!

I was surprised they were using the Android version, even porting over the webOS version would have been a better experience.
But yes a native versión sounds beautiful, is that an unpaid intern doing it? What does that mean about maintenance after they leave?

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Hope it come soon, as i'm ditchi'n android as i own z10, its gonna ease my hand and job if they release the native one, and i hope they maintained to, for all the functionality

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Hey bhai, India di Bhen di Lund. Naxalbariya nee tumarhe Congress-I mukhiyaa kay gand bohot aache bajayy.

Inquialab Zindabad.

Spoke with Songza rep recently about native BB10 app, and they said it is currently in the works. Good signs of interest from companies.

Hey this article went up soon after I tweeted it at you guys!! You probably already saw/knew about it and had this post in the queue but whatever, I'm just glad there is the effort to go native! :P

Just hope the upcoming pressgram app eventually makes it to bb10 also. Would be a nice duo!

And hey!! Before pressing "comment"...I saw you put my tweet as the source! Cheers!

Fantastic stuff! Definitely far more preferable over the android app, which feels clunky at the moment. Hopefully it'll play nice with Comicpress


Below linkedin profile seems to be of the person who will be developing this app (based on google search of info present in wordpress release - name, country etc):


Who wants to shoot him a msg and tell him that his efforts will be welcomed by a big community :)

This is great news! I don't use WordPress myself, but every time an android port will be replaced by a native app is a small victory for BlackBerry and it's users. It indirectly speaks about faith in the OS 10 platform as well as it's usability among BlackBerry users. Hozaa!

Great news. I am really looking forward to the native version. The ported app is just okay in terms we at least have something, but going native is the only real long term solution.

yes!!!!! Port didn't worked for me at all - slow, unreliable when uploading pictures... As soon as i get my Z10 from repairs i will load it again. Thank you Wordpress dev team for BB10 love. You made (small, but still) donor to your bountiful project very happy.

love it. I love how companies are going to develop native apps more and more. every little app is a step in the right direction. I'm excited if tumblr joins in!

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Hah if you check out their new app redesign ton the other OS total rip off cascades navigation and layout. I guesa they paying us back?

I agree. This is great news. Interestingly enough, I commented on an earlier post Bla1ze wrote about an upgrade for the Android port by saying that, even if it was a port, it was still a port of an excellent app. I implied that a native app might not be necessary. However, after having recently attempted to use the WordPress app, I now believe that it needs to be native. For uploading media, in particular, integration with BB10's invocation/sharing API needs to happen.

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Hey, where's the link to this "growing list"?

Sounds like a good idea for a running article... :)

- I did this with my Z10! -

Good news. Maybe now what I type will actually show up, and where the cursor actually is and not some random spot in the post text box.

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It's time to get rid of all the Android ports which only fry our BB's batteries.

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This is an example you should follow if you are currently using an android port... we greatly appreciate you getting your app quickly into BB World but in time, please move to native!

Amen to that......
The Android port works pretty well for just writing and publishing blogs but it's a pain editing and accessing other admin functions. This is definitely good news to me

Yes! I've been using the Android port but mostly limited myself to checking stats. For whatever reason I couldn't quite bring myself to do a lot of writing in it.

The port is not bad. I would like to use the camera in landscape while in the app (using "Quick Photo") however.

That's great news! I just started using the WordPress press app. I like it, but I did notice some glitches. Looking forward to the native app.

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YES! I was really really hoping for a native verison. The Android port works pretty well, but native would be that much better, and it's nothing company showing support for BB

Good, I am using Wordpress for most of my blogs. I don't like the fact that they don't include BlackBerry smartphone on their Jetpack Plugins - Mobile Push Notification Module. Is only for IOS. They need to include BlackBerry soon since they are coming up with BlackBerry native app. I will send them an email and see. Come on Wordpress! we need that. Thanks Blaize, good to know.

After using WordPress for several years I have moved to a less resource intensive blog platform. However this application for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is nonetheless good news.

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WordPress user or not, anytime an app developer wishes to make a native BB10 app is good news in my opinion. This app I will surely be using in the future when it is released. Kudos to WordPress!

This is sweet news as I / we our company will be able to keep our website up to date far more easily with this. Way to go WordPress!! Way to go BlackBerry!

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Well it's about time if you ask me. I hope many others move in this direction.

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10 bday for Wordpress, and the next 10... it could only be paired with a native BB10 app... cool stuff... looking forward to the native app. With it and my Z10, maybe I ll get back into blogging after all... Hurrraaay!

Good for Wordpress users, though I already deactivated my account there. Now, let's make a native Tumblr app!

I'm super excited for this. I hope it knocks it out of the park from the Android port. Imagine a native blogging on a Q10 or a Q5 the amount of posts you could do without a computer/laptop... I wish there was a date or time frame for this though...

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Thank god for that. WordPress for me runs too slowly and I've been shying away from using it. The better that they consider a native version. I hope this sends a clear signal to other developers who have been using ports rather than native apps up until now.

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