Native Evernote app makes its way onto BlackBerry 10

Native Evernote app makes its way onto BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 17 Sep 2013 02:11 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10 has Evernote baked into the OS and integrates with the Remember app. While I had an Evernote account I eventually stopped using it, that is until I got BlackBerry 10. It was great to be able to edit my notes on the go. However, some, including myself, were still wanting an app to use rather than have it integrated with the Remember app.

If you are running 10.2 then you would have already seen that Evernote comes as a native app. While not everyone loads a leaked OS, this leaves out those with an official OS. That ends today. Native Evernote is now available from BlackBerry World.

If you've never tried Evernote or don't know what it is about it's a great tool for saving everything from anywhere, in one place. Be it notes, tickets, web snippets, business cards. I mainly use it for taking notes. I can then continue to add to them on the go. I use it to write my up my articles. Then whatever device I'm using I can access my notes and continue to work on them.

It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices running 10.1 and above. If you're an Evernote user go check it out now. If you don't see it yet, check back later as it may take some time to propagate. 

Download Evernote for BlackBerry 10

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Native Evernote app makes its way onto BlackBerry 10


Thanks, I've been meaning to check out Evernote. This would be a good time to do it.

Developer of Charger Alert for BlackBerry

The android side-loaded version works much better with a similar UI to what you see on your PC when in Evernote. I loaded both and the BBW version seems not as user friendly. I couldn't move from side to side with the native app dropped today. Not sure why though as it should be the same.

I agree. I have kept the native for now, just to compare more, but I like the sideload better too for reasons you state.

Is odd as the photo in the DJ's headline above looks like the side-loaded / desktop version but the download is locked into the one screen with few options. I sure don't want to delete the sideloaded one to see if the native one works-LOL! So I'm keeping the Android version.

I am running leak and downloaded Evernote from BBW. Authentication failed every time.

Solution that worked for me: Go to Settings -> application permissions -> evernote : and turn on "device identifying information" option and then try to log in. Mine started to work as soon as i did that. Hope that helps some of you guys.

Good idea and thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I'm still trying random things and hoping it eventually just works itself out. BTW, I'm still on 10.1.

Thanks babu123 - worked for me though I hate the workaround.
Why should I give the app access to the device id info!?

btw - It's crashing afterwards when I create a new note

I normally have an issue with allowing an app too many permissions, but I don't get the concern on this one. In theory, the users of this app are synching notes to Evernote that are potentially private so you are already putting your trust in them by the mere fact that you've subscribed to their service.

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That's right - I put my trust in them to store some more or less private notes. This does not mean, I would like them to track my movements or get all details of the device I use.

Thanks, I'll try that. Was about to delete it because of this bug, glad I read this first.

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Thanks for this suggestion, babu123: it worked. I was getting ready to delete the app. Not keen on providing access to device ID information, but it is what it is.

Oh it's native,

That bar may be similar to the android bar, but go play with, it's no way the same as an android bar

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Does this bar have options like "Hide Bar" or "Pin Bar"? Does it appear when you swipe down from the top of the screen or do you get settings and other options when you do that (like a native BB10 app)?

Just because an app has a bar does not mean it's Android. Not all navigation bars are from Android. BB10 apps can have their own nav bars!

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It's native.
The bottom bar for the Android apps is different, the Android bar has the return, info and pin bar options.

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Although I love how Evernote is integrated into the native Remember app, this is GREAT news! Thanks Evernote and Blackberry!!!

Yeah, I prefer remember's integration. Keeps it simple. But I'm glad to have another native app available to users.

And they say BlackBerry is dead. Absolutely not!! These good apps are coming in the BlackBerry 10 platform on ebay a time. Great app and good work!

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Evernote has been a part of BB10 since the start. It's baked right into the reminder APP. However they have just created fully featured dedicated app for it now

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The baked in version has never worked for me, regardless of which 10. version. It will only sync a few of my notes.

Sorry to hear that. Evernote has synced quite nicely with my Remember app since day 1. Mind you, 99% of my notes are just text notes, so that might have something to do with it, but I do have LOTS of text notes. I feel your pain, though, since I am having a problem even getting the new Evernote app to login...sadly, it won't accept my password (arg).

Evernote has two-factor login as an option. I use 2 factor on my account. I don't think that's the problem, but honestly I don't know what the issue is.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Wow that is so feature limited. No voice notes, no pictures, no attachments. Nothing. Just text notes. Thanks but I'll stick with the baked in Remember integration.

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Actually, Remember is basically on par with Android version of Evernote. Very close anyway. I was expecting feature parity too, so joy sure where this app fits in.

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I don't get why anybody would use this app when the remember app does so much more. What Is the point?

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The Remember app has Evernote integrated into it with way more features than this stand alone app has. With Evernote integration into the Remember app, you still get your Evernote cross platform integration that you are talking about, but it's better....

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You're correct, my mistake, but only if it actually syncs all your Evernotes which Remember never has done for me (and I did try again today, but still no so removed).

Because a lot of us were using Evernote on the Legacy devices as well as PC/Tablet/Netbooks, and you get used to it. I actually don't use Remember at all--other than it does save my outlook 2007 notes (top layer-not below) on it which saves time going to the SD card to look one of them up. Other than that, Evernote is much more and syncs with your other devices that don't use Remember. Kind of redundant to have both in my opinion only. I know others love it and that is great.

I use Evernote on my desktop every day. Having the Remember app synced to Evernote allows me to have my notes on my Blackberry too.

Totally agree with you?! Just don't see, can't even upload a photo within App????..... :/

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It shows existing photos in mine, but doesn't allow making anything other than text notes. Would be nice if they would make it the real app (Android/iOS/desktop).

"If you've never tried Evernote or don't know what it is about. It is a great tool for saving everything from anywhere, in one place. Be it notes, tickets, web snippets, business cards."

Thank you. Until the present moment, never understood what this app was about. But it sounds great, definitely going to check it out.

Do a universal search for "Evernote" (click the magnifying glass at the bottom center of the home screen) to see if it actually installed.

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Same happened with the version in leak. Also, I tried changing my password 2 times. Still doesn't work.

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Hi everyone--employee for Evernote here and we are looking for feedback on any login issues. Reach out to us at "bb10-list at".

And same here - no prob from my desktop but not working on my device. Even after changing password

"Real nice pick up", DJ..... "Thanks" girl... just ditched my "sideloaded version"... BlackBerry could use more of these "Marquee Apps"...

Frank Boulben Must Go...

Ever since I've been on 10.2 and I open Evernote, it wants to upgrade. When I try to upgrade, it shows as "unavailable for this device". I've deleted the version that came with 10.2 but it still shows as unavailable when I search for it again in BBW.

Oddly enough, now that I follow the above link into BBW it now downloads, installs and works great. Glad to have Evernote back.

Not sure if anyone faced the issue, not accepting my uname/pwd.. saying authentication failed.. reset password and tried on ipad, working everywhere, except here

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I don't mean to harp on the CrackBerry crew, but it seems like every time I read an article, there are either extra words or missing words. I understand that when blogging, we may sometimes get excited to publish a new article, but sometimes revising before publishing makes all the differences. I don't hold it against you guys but it's one thing that could improve the quality of your awesome site!

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I could never get Evernote to sync with Remember so it has been a long wait. I count this as a GOOD day!
Thanks BlackBerry & Evernote!

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*pounces* I've been waiting for this one. One less sideload required! It took a while to sync my notes (a lot of them) but looks great and performs well. Native too!

No integration with BB10 ("share to evernote" is the only feature I would see myself using).
Can't add a picture to a note.
Can't cancel a note edit.
I stopped there, disappointed.

Great to see it! I'll use both this and Remember.

Bye bye android port (which actually worked pretty well)!

I was not able to see "Built for Blackberry" stamp. Are you sure it's not an Android port?

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I could be wrong about this, but I don't think it's a port because you can changes permissions. With an Android port (Skype, Remember the Milk, etc...) you don't have that option.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Fine, but what's the difference between evernote and remember? Why to use it? Is there anyway to connect the the two apps?

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to connect remember with evernote, just make a new evernote account in your BB setting after you have an evernote id.. however, the native evernote app just much more better than when you sync with remember

Well guess what? A lot of people wanted an evernote app because we didn't like how it's implemented in remember. I never used remember because it was cumbersome and there was no search feature and plenty more reason, now I can use it again thanks to having a stand alone app.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

To search for notes in Remember app just do a Universal Search. This is one of the main reasons why I might stick with Remember app (synced to Evernote), instead of switching to native Evernote app.

Finally! (still syncing, I haven't play with it yet) I was very upset with the sideload app from Android. It wasn't working properly, in the Q10 at least, and it was very slow.

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I have just played a bit with the app. Although it's very welcome, it's pretty basic at this moment (I'm am in the official 10.1 OS on a Q10):

- It does not apear in the share button on any app on the system.
- You can't even share a note from the app.
- It is almost the same as Remember app, but Remember app is better integrated with the system.

It needs a hard work on it, but it is great news to have the Evernote native app in BlackBerry World yet.

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Never used Evernote but will start using now.... 10.2 should be round the corner now.... Can't wait for the mystery event tomorrow :)

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I'm hoping there will be improvements soon. Kind of sucks that you can't attach files. Think I'll stick to Evernote in Remember for now.

I'm not gonna lie..i feel like I get more functionality out of the remember app. Hopefully a decent Evernote update comes sooner than later....

Unfortunately, you're correct if you use a non-evernote "remember" item. All items saved in Evernote thru Remember offer the same lackluster attachments or calendar integration. waiting for Evernote to realize us BlackBerry folk are indeed first class citizens.

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It's raining apps today. First the $25 coupon and now this!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

The Evernote integration into the Remember app stopped working when I upgraded to 10.2. Now that the native app is available for download, I can now setup the integrated Evernote account again.

I had the Android version running flawlessly. I've installed the native version and it won't recognize my password. Should have kept the Android version... grrr

On which device did you run the sideload Evernote? My main complain on the Q10 was that I wasn't able to modify or create any note in the app because the buttons to save the changes do not appear on the screen, so you have always to end up discarding the changes when pressing the back button.

It was very slow, by the way.

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Bear with me BlackBerry pros, and help me with this question. I have Evernote on my iPad, but never use it because I can't get notes to my z10 from it. If I start using Evernote on the z10, will it sync to my iPad?

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Yes, I believe this is how it works:

Using your unique Evernote account your Ipad syncs with Evernote Servers and when you use your Z10 to log into the same unique Evernote account that your Ipad is assigned to then yes it will sync that account to your Z10. Now because the Ipad Evernote is far more robust in features and the BlackBerry Evernote is bare bones I'm not sure what might not get synced but basic notes should anyway

It hasn't been a problem to get Evernote files to sync to the Z10. What has been the problem is getting Z10 data into Evernote, since once it is created in the gray "unfiled entries" folder, it was stuck there and could not be moved into another folder that syncs with Evernote.

If you create the information within the Remember app, it is possible to do it in such a way that it does not sync. If you create it in the Evernote app (sideloaded or native) then it syncs to the cloud and from there to your ipad (and vice versa).

OK, so I know this is sacrilegious: the side loaded Android version is better, because it has all the latest features of Evernote including the ability to set reminders. While native cascades is nice, I've never had any issues with side loaded Android apps.

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This is true, but having the native app is a start. At least the sideloaded version doesn't have to be uninstalled to load the native version.

Overall, this is a big plus.

Brilliant, it would make my z10 more like productive device. Thank you Evernote on blackberry.

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I'm happy for the Native app. It may not have the eye candy and slickness of the side loaded version that mimics the desktop but I just like being able to quickly sort by tags that you can't do with the Remember integration

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Will the Evernote baked into remember ever sync entries from the BlackBerry to the Evernote cloud? That's the only thing I don't like about it.

Does the app do this??

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The Remember app syncs with Evernote - and always has. The "unfilled entries" folder doesn't sync, but the others do.

The new Evernote app also syncs OTA with Evernote.

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I may have found a solution for the authication failed problem. I posted it near the top of the comments so that its easy to find. Hope it works for you and others.

Settings>security and privacy>application permissions>device identifying information = ON

(Thanks to Babu123)

Z10 any day

I'm just wondering what the relationship between Remember and Evernote App will be? Everything updated everywhere? Duplication?

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No duplicates do far and everything syncs ok. Running the Remember, Evernote Side load, and the Evernote native apps.

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Is that means we need remove the buildin one to install the one from BBW? The buildin one looks still not working properly. I am at leak OS

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Settings>security and privacy>application permissions>device identifying information = ON

(Thanks to babu123)

Z10 any day

Evernote is okay but we really need OneNote. It is more functional on a PC especially for those of us on Office365. Has anyone heard anything new on Office365 coming to BB10?

Every few seconds:

"An error occurred. Please contact Customer Support if the error persists."

Of course, there appears to be no error, except the stupid error message constantly appearing.

Well done...

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Pros for remember: offline sync, search from universal (but you can search in app now too), attachments
Pros for new Evernote: tags, search operators, eg intitle:hello

The app is crippled however, lacking some extremely vital features that other platforms have. Saved search, offline notes, reminders, attachments, joined notebooks, atlas, for example.

i find the general consensus is that people are complaining about the first iteration of a cascades Evernote and no mention of looking forward to an update so that it can be up to par with the iOS and Android versions? You guys know they can update apps right?

I was able to create a new Evernote account with the app and login, so the app is working, but still unable to login to my real Evernote accout (paid account/Premium). I wonder if it is the two-factor authentication I have set up?

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

A pity that the BBOS 7 version is more complete (picture, files, audio notes)...
=> BB9900 stays in the pocket and both Z10 & Q10 in the drawer...

Is there an easier way to add a photo only way I've found is to email it via my Evernote address. Would rather add it by browsing files.

Certainly saving me time, no more using a pen and the back of my hand to jot numbers and addresses and shop offers.

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Now my issue is getting notes out of Remember and into Evernote. Copy/Paste isn't working. I have some pretty long notes.

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Fantastic. I do use Evernote via Remember but I have missed the trademark beautiful green of Evernote.

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So slow on the Z10! Downloaded Evernote on my iMac yesterday and it works like a dream. I wonder if it works as well on IOS 7...

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