Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3

Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3
By DJ Reyes on 25 Nov 2013 06:31 am EST

For those patiently waiting, iGrann, a native Instagram client, has now gone into beta 3. There's a ton of activity in the forums on iGrann, with lots of community members participating, giving feedback and suggestions on improvements and features they'd like to see come to iGrann. The app is certainly coming along nicely and today we see the latest update beta version land. Beta 3 comes with a lot of fixes and new features that are very much welcome.

What's new in beta 3?

  • Location icon gets squished if location name is too long (Fixed)
  • Can not click profile/pictures in news page (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in comments (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in feed using modern ui (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if username starts with "@" when searching (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if hashtag starts with "#" when searching (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if caption contains returns when uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if message contains certain smilies when commenting (Fixed)
  • Caption box is populated with previous text (Fixed)
  • Spelling checker and Word substitution do not work when commenting or uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Unfollow does not work (Fixed)
  • Support 10.1 (Implemented)
  • Native UI for News (Implemented)
  • Notifications (Implemented)
  • Active Frame (Implemented)
  • ReGrann photo (Implemented)
  • Friendly design for 720x720 (Implemented)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Implemented)
  • Edit Profile (Implemented)
  • Liked Posts (Implemented)
  • Follow Request for Private Users (Implemented)
  • Accept Follow Requests (Implemented)

As you can see that's a nice long list of things. And iGrann is my Instagram app of choice on my BlackBerry 10 device. For the most part, everything runs smoothly and I must say it is all around pretty slick. Still, bear in mind that iGrann is in beta. You can discuss any bugs you find in the forums as well as give any feedback to the developer. Download iGrann beta from the official iGrann website below. It will have to be sideloaded onto your device.

Download iGrann beta 3
Discuss more in the forums

Reader comments

Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3


Nope .. this is the real deal. I've been using this since it first released, and have since removed the Instagram app from my Z10. Aside from a few minor glitches (which I see have been fixed in this beta), this is a superior app to the real app.

I guess I will find out after I spend another $2.99 on iGRANN , hope they make LOGin pain free ! That was the problem with BlackGram, they took my $2.99 and won't allow me to LOG in ...I do not mind spending $6 bucks on a free APP like Instagram to support developers but could you imagine someone from iOS/Droid making there way over to BB10 !. ..... Apparently you can still download BlackGram ...... hope the 1Mobile , Droid Store is a trusted experience

When it's officially released in BBword I don't know if there will be a pricetag on it? Right now it's in beta, and it available as a BAR file you sideload. and download the BAR

The developer stated in the forums that it would be free once it is released. Hoping it stays that way.

I tried to login, but it says that "Your version of Instagram is out of date." and I can't sign on. Is there another version or a minimum OS requirement?

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Facepalm yourself Sergeant, he's talking about paying $2.99 for BlackGram which now doesn't work for most people it seems.

Posted via CB10

Trust me. This app ain't no scam. It's legit as legit can be. And no... it's free and will remain free. So have no worries and go download iGrann. :)

Posted via CB10

Side loaded instagram for 10.2 is all I need. I can upload videos. I'll pass on this

Posted via CB10

Agreed android version is the real deal and works great. Feel sorry for the developer as this app will die when 10.2.1 arrives.

Posted via CB10

Disagree with this statement once polished and with video this will be better than the official Instagram.

CB10 - Z10 -

I fully agree. I've used both. iGrann is much better than the Android version.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Native is always better than sideloaded. Plus iGrann looks as though it might be better than the real deal.

Posted via CB10

There are plenty who do not like to install Android ports, however well it works. So, a native option is always welcome.

As a BlackBerry user and one who is not a big fan of the organization known as Instagram (Facebook) , I will always support innovators who choose to develop for BlackBerry when they (Instagram et al.) choose not to. For that reason alone, I would download Igrann.

Posted via CB10

I will use this over the android version anyday, its clean, native and fast. It runs buttery smoooth. Before dissing, try.

Agree fully. Picked it up about 3 minutes ago and it's already replaced my Android sideload. It even has a dark theme option! Considering it's still a beta, it oozes quality.

via Z10

This is smooth cascades and will be able to push notifications to the hub and even get a tab in the hub. Should BlackBerry approve it of course. That is miles ahead of what you can get with an android app

Posted via CB10

It's about getting a native BlackBerry 10 experience, even if the Android port works well. Which is still doesn't for me, even with 10.2.1.

Yeah, this really does work better than the side-load version. It is so smooth and the native cascades feel is just nicer than Android on my Berry.

I wouldn't consider it a waste of time, especially when the sideloaded ones have glitches. I'm on 10.2.1 and have installed various APKs for Instagram and they all have had issues.

Posted via CB10

If you want a phone that runs only Android apps and not native apps go buy an Android...I personally will always chose the native app. I will use the Android. apk when a native option is not available.

Posted via CB10

You need to sideload it SMH to all the people who say it won't download the link works its a bar file.

Work like a charm! Except a lot bell notifications in the hub! But it's work smoooothhh!

Posted via CB10

Never seen so many fixes in my life,waiting patiently for the official version,which should come soon.Thank's to all you guinea pigs out there ,Ha Ha.

Yeah same here. Seems a nice app but I don't have an account so I can't use it because it doesn't let me create one :( missed chance...

OK, i have downloaded through browser, and it downloaded as a .bar file, now how do i install it on my Z10?

You need to use the Chrome Extension to side-load it to your phone. Once it is out of Beta and officially in BB World, you can get it there.

Does the Chrome Extension still work. I tried to download the 1st iGrann beta release & it seems like the Chrome Extension was disabled.

Posted via CB10

Lol for f sakes ppl... read the dang thread b4 u post... THIS BETA MUST BE SIDELOADED... Just sayin :D

The iGrann app needs to be sideloaded since it is a .bar file (native BlackBerry files are all .bar).

I personally am sticking with iGrann over Instagram because I'd rather support the developer who put in all the work than support a company that won't give us their app.

Posted with my Q10

I also removed the instagram side load as well this works perfect just to get the video upload and more filters good to go !

Posted via CB10

Not interested. Got and official android instagram works like a charm.
Posted via the best smartphone out there the Q10

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Won't it be nice and very Sweet to have the choice to use either the native or sideloaded versions of apps once 10.2.1 drops? Other phones will drull!

Having said that it's still important to support the native community. BlackBerry 10 as a platform needs to survive!!

Posted via CB10

I am on I have installed the instagram apk. While it is smooth, i cannot see the whole picture even when the bar at the bottom is hidden. Also, while there is video, the video has a different/weird orientation.

While igrann does not have video yet, at least, i can see the whole picture on my Q10 and it is smoother than the loaded apk, at least on my phone.

10q for the BETA 3, my news not appearing, loading icon all the time,installed via tool,had uninstalled and reinstalled using chrome,still the running official 10.0.224 on z30..anyone facing the same?

Posted from my large Z30 with CB10

I know I'm not the only one that wish a name change for this great app. "Berrygram" seems appropriate to me
Just need the ability to link the app to twitter and Facebook like the original.
Thanks again dev for this awesome app

Posted via CB10

Native Instagram filters still missing! Still need
to use the sideloaded Instagram :/ and I don't like it!
I only want to use one app to do everything
(And don't want to buy Blackbram)!
Hopping to have this isue (BIG ISSUE!) solved
in the next beta!

You can use the native BlackBerry 10 filters, all from within the iGrann app. No need for another app to add filters

I know that Dj Reyes.
But.... Native Instagram filters are better! To me at least...
And you have lots of more choice.
I don't like Blackberry 10 filters.
They are all almost the same.

Couldn't agree with you more. Native Instagram filters is like 90% of why I use Instagram in the first place. I still tip my hat to iGrann as they did deliver a smooth app. It just isn't Instagram. And without Instagram filters it never will be.

Filters ARE Instagram! If they don't work then what's the point?? The native filters are horrid and second rate

Posted via CB10

Correct me if I'm wrong but the inability to view profiles wasn't an issue. Gasp disabled them because he didn't like the UI? The article makes it sound like it had more issues then it did when really he disabled some things purposely.

Posted via CB10

I don't recall writing anything about viewing profiles. If you're referring to list of changes, that is taken for the the iGrann forum thread. The changelog is provided by Gaspertrix in the thread.

Good enough for me!!!! I like it.. i was having problem with Arabic language in Android app. But now my problem is solved with igrann! THANK YOU :)

Posted via CB10

I am still having trouble with this app.

When I install it and tried to log in it said my version was out of date and I would need to upgrade.
There must be something with my account settings at Instagram.

Since I have the latest of Instragram running on my Z10, and it does work really well, I'll just have to stay with it. Too bad really.

Well the name Blackgram is so cool cuz BlackBerry lol. But igranny is a way better app

Posted via Q10 using CB10

I will support this for three reasons :

Native App
This is a collaboration among the dev and the BlackBerry fans
The dev supports the BlackBerry 10 platform unlike Instagram

Posted via CB10

I agree igrann is better because of a few simple reason. It's a BlackBerry built native app. So all BlackBerry features are included ie: dark theme and light themes. As well as the u.i. With is made for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

How do I sideload this? The old sideload instructions using Google Chrome Extensions doesn't work anymore. Hasn't worked for some time. We need Crackberry to put up a new how-to-sideload article. That Google Chrome extension simply doesn't work anymore.

Problem is that I can't get the Chrome Extension to open up the other page where I can load my Z30's IP address.

this app is so much better than the Blackgram ... like 10000X better seriously i want money back the app gives me a log in error and it crash 3.99 for that.... SMH worst purchase i ever made on blackberry

Got me excited and skipped my work to side load this. Turns out there's no register button.
Faced the window with a big *sigh*. I think I'm gonna be sick tomorrow...

Wake me up if I can finally register to instagram.

Posted via CB10

The app is good only thing it's not showing my feed... it's smooth other wise u can like pic post Pics and watch video smooth like ice keep work on it yesss!!!!

Posted via CB10

This beta works perfectly on my Q10. Notifications are displayed in the application and in the HUB. Just need the integration with social networks like the option to upload videos.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the update. This app continues to rock. Keep up the excellent work...kudos to the dev!! :)

So excited about this! I'm on AT&T in the US so I'm still stuck with 10.1. So far, so good, and I like it even more than the official Instagram app!

Posted via CB10

Deleted my instagram Apk direct install! This gives me way more screen real-estate!!! Igrann ftw!

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Since using this, none of my hashtags are showing up on the hashtags pages. I've read online that it has something to do with third party instagram apps. My account is public, and none of the hashtags are cencored, yet they're not showing up on the pages with all the other photos marked with that hashtags. Any help?

I believe we need to support our own native developer, so iGann is the way to go..

This community needs to stick together during the thick and thin.

We have to show the tech world that BlackBerry has a strong following community behind it.

IGrann all the way baby

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I originally had Instagram sideloaded on my Z10, when BlackGram came out, I bought it but it was a big mistake. I then filed for a refund through BlackBerry and downloaded iGram instead.
Should of done that from the get-go

Posted via CB10

iGrann was pretty darn good before, but missing a few key features... Now I think it's time to remove my InstaGram sideload :D Great job!!!

This app is amazing. I refused to go the token way or load 10.2.1 just for the unlocked runtime so I was suffering with the old 2 icon workaround and having to type my comment in an sms first and then copy paste it.

For anyone hesitating, get this app. It's flawless!! Thanks Sacchi!

Already done! Works fine mostly of times. 1 bug: news won't load sometimes... also, a bit of slow other times...

Descargada y en uso. Muy fácil hacerlo vía GChrome

Posted via CB10

I love the Igrann app, but it never loads "news". Just sits gray, thinking then it's just a blank screen. Will there be a fix for this?

It will let me see my news but not "following" news

Thank you very much. The beta version of 3 Very pleased by the presence of the Russian language,for that separately thank you! But one of my inhibits the video when viewing?firmware 1055:)

Posted via CB10

Wow, the app works well so far. Did the sideload and it was up and running in a minute. Only thing is that bug that shuts the app down when you try to watch a video and it opens the media player. Also, the filters and no double-tap likes yet. But it is a beta and is to be expected. Good job, Gasp!

Posted via CB10

Just deleted my instagram app for this one...its awesome, allows you to use dark theme too!:-) tnx for this

Posted via CB10

Without the sideloading, I want instagram and other apps like viber and kik messenger and facebook messenger and tango and snapchat and games like temple run and subway chasers and that jetpack game whatever its call.
Please can you make it downloadable for blackberry Q5 pleaseee it would be easier for everyone and for me, I would even pay I don't care please ASAP! :(

Posted via CB10

Could someone post a refresher on how to sideload this app? I'm not able to sideload this. I'm following the instructions but nothing is working