Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann enters beta 4

By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2013 02:53 am EST

Development of the native Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 known as iGrann has been moving along quickly and the time has come for another release. Beta 4 is now available for download to those who wish to sideload it and give it a go and this time around, the change log is pretty massive and there has been tons of improvements to the app. Thankfully the developer behind it all, Gaspertrix, has laid it all out for us. You can read through the changes below or skip to the bottom to grab the download.

  • Spark notification icon present after reading notifications (Fixed)
  • Some images are shown as liked (Fixed)
  • Following news do not load (Fixed)
  • Wrong image size in Active Frame (Fixed)
  • Feed reloads while scrolling (Fixed)
  • Image interval in active Frame is erratic (Fixed)
  • Error while posting when text contains some special chars (Fixed)
  • Mark notifications as read when News tab is visited (Implemented)
  • Allow to edit caption while reGranning (Implemented)
  • Double always like media (Implemented)
  • Vertical lines in Profile (Implemented)
  • Profile Picture can be edited (Implemented)
  • View Photo Tags (Implemented)
  • Photo Tagging (Implemented)
  • Mention suggestion while commenting (Implemented)
  • Battery improvements (Implemented)
  • Better notifications management (Implemented)
  • White image for Modern UI (Implemented)
  • Option to disable notifications (Implemented)
  • Download progress indicator (Implemented)
  • Grid View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Tag View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Auto load more media in Profile (Implemented)
  • Locations for Uploads (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Facebook (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Twitter (Implemented)
  • Share images to iGrann (Implemented)
  • Native media share (Implemented)
  • Copy share URL (Implemented)
  • Shortcut to Hide/Show bars (Implemented)
  • Option to change title bar color (Implemented)
  • Option to define active frame cycle interval​
  • Pinch to Zoom in Feed (Implemented)
  • And more...

As I said, massive changes. If you're looking to give it a go, be sure to give plenty of feedback. After all, that is what beta releases are for. You can grab the download link below or head on into the CrackBerry Forums for further discussion.

Learn more / Download iGrann Beta 4

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Reader comments

Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann enters beta 4


Why the bar files when I download it from the phone if doesn't work and when I downloaded it from pc it works.

Posted via CB10

Because it is a .bar file which needs to be sideloaded. .Apk files can be installed through the phone, not .bar.

Posted via CB10

Why in legacy blackberry devices, I mean os 4,5,6,7 you can download and install bar files from the phone itself from the browser...?!

Posted via CB10

It's real easy, download chrome and get the playbook/bb10 manager extension. Put your phone in development mode and drag the bar file on to chrome... takes like 3 seconds

Posted via CB10

AFAIK, that was a feature left there from before App Worlds were a thing. Now, they don't allow this because they don't really want people to install BlackBerry apps from anywhere but the App World. Developers know how to sideload .bar files and that's what it's for.

Use the Chome Playbook Extension to sideload to your device. There are quite a few walkthroughs available for it.

This app is instagram... in fact I downloaded a snapchat client for bb10 yesterday called "snap2chat" and it's more sexy than the official snapchat itself. these developers are putting more effort and their ideas are better than what they are imitating

Posted via CB10

I don't know but my wife says this app is better than the original in her android tablet, at least it seems that she likes it more.

That's because if it was just about having an instagram app, why couldn't they just slightly modify the original and provide a bar.

They truly want us to have sexy smooth native apps that doesn't make us "miss" or "wish for" the other platforms.

Using snap2chat yesterday I was just thinking snapchat should pay the developer and imitate his ideas across their entire.platforms. That's how good it was. So many more customizable features

Posted via CB10

I have absolutely no use for instagram...couldn't care less...but my sasktel BlackBerry Z30 rocks for all else I need it for...woo-hoo

Posted via CB10

Still few bugs in news/following, numbers of liked pics not adjacent to the preview pics, and also tap on the liked users name/following's new friend doesn't bring me to their profile..other that good improvement..keep checking

Posted from my large Z30 with CB10

Make sure you leave the feedback in the iGrann forum thread as I don't think Adrian is checking the comments...

I have a feeling that this app will be the native Instagram when done. No quotes on this. I mean like, the actual Instagram app.

BlackBerry has there hand in this project and has been quite on the efforts to bring Instagram to BlackBerry. They plan to use this and pay the developer for its efforts.

This is why it's still in beta and not published yet. A regular dev would have rushed it out by now (made some money) and done fixes along the way.

This dev's approach is very cautionary and strategic.

Is it confirmed that BlackBerry is sponsoring this? If it's worked perfectly they could integrate it in to the hub

Posted via CB10

AFAIK, BlackBerry isn't SPONSORING it, but I think I remember Adrian mentioning that he was just getting a bit of help from some devs from BB to sort out some niggles. However, I don't think that's related to the API or that.

He has received Long-running headless permission so he can integrate it into the Hub anyway, like Whatsapp is. I'm sure he will get around to that but his studies seem to have been in the way a bit with exams and what not...which is understandable.

I agree with the suggestion of going full throttle on this project. BlackBerry might as well invest into a BlackBerry run native instagram app like they do for Facebook. I wouldn't make it good enough. I would make it the best. Like what Neatly or Blaq is to Twitter.

Posted via CB10

Well, actually Adrian would probably need to talk to BlackBerry and Facebook and try and organise a contract to make this the official IG app. That way, he could install the crypto key on the IG servers to push notifications through to the devices like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare etc do.

Exactly. There's so many intricacies in this project for an independent dev to tackle without some big boy help.

The app is BBWorld ready. Sure it's missing some minor tweaks but it's comparable if not better than the other Instagram app(s) that are out there now.

Either the dev is super anal and wants it to be flawless (which I don't mind) or BlackBerry is really leading these efforts and working with Instagram.

And guys, this is all my opinion. I don't have any facts. Whatever is going on behind the scenes with this app, it's going to be a good one....if ever released.

Posted via CB10

Not an instagram user, but features in the app seems nice. Merry Christmas to all the instagramers.

Posted via CB10

With the new leak the real instagram is working solid. I was even able to upload video last night.

Sorry I granny but your too late. Nice app for beta

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You will Always know the difference between a native app and a wank sideload! The same people complain about not having apps in the appstore when their precious android sideload actually don't work.

It's always a good option to have sideloads but only a fool would dismiss the need for natives

Posted via CB10

Have to agree here. Dev took his sweet time and if it wasn't for the new leak he probably wouldn't have released beta4. Also, still no video upload on beta4 and the works on the leak sideload.

Sent from my Q10

A native BB 10 app is always better, and iGrann is working great. With new versión I can login into Instagram account, upload photos... Thanks Adrian!

Awesome app! Just deleted the side loaded android version for this. I love the layout way better than the android port! Thanks for the hard work!

Posted Via my Z-30

Can you read? It's made by a third party developer.. Gasp is working out the kinks so people like you don't complain about little bugs when it's released.

Posted via CB10

probably around Feb/March. This is just speculation though...I have in no way, received any info from Adrian about this. I am just going on his rate of updates etc.

I want Beta 4 to be the latest beta version before BB World release.
This version has everything I planned for the first iteration only bugs must be fixed.

Then, I will implement the missing features in the second iteration and if all goes as planned, you will be able to test iGrann via BB Beta Zone

New OS leak makes instagram run FLAWLESSLY! Video uploads are now possible! Sorry igrann snooze you lose.

Z10STL100-3/ Red Z10

Also kind of hope that he stands on lego every minute of every day for the rest of his life. Adrian has been working hard on his in his FREE TIME... He isn't an entire team of people from a massive company writing it. He is a man that's just coding out of consideration for us.

Amazing my only beef with these awesome developers is the name of the applications. They should just open a forum and ask users to suggest names and we all vote.

Igrann sounds like an app for iPhone grandmas to get old men lol. Still good work nonetheless. Would just like cool names that way when I recommend it to friends it sounds like a professional app that lacks nothing

Posted via CB10

Jesus christ just release it already!! Shouldn't take this long to make a simple app. Faaaak!

Posted via CB10

Please post the links to all your "simple apps" so I can see how much better yours are than this app...

Pro-tip: If you can't do a better job building a free app in your free time that uses a reverse-engineered API for a billion-dollar company integrating all these intricate features, you should probably hold your tongue...

He isn't going to release it before it is ready otherwise there will just be a stream of comments going on about features not working properly.

The developer should make this a paid app. That's a ton of work they've put in to this.

Posted via CB10

Been waiting ages for this to come to BlackBerry World on my second BlackBerry 10 phone still waiting.....still waiting...


I can't post any comments. :( It says "Update to the latest instagram app to post comments " something like that.

Posted via CB10

I loaded it up on my Z10, but every time I try to log in I get the message: "Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please update your app to log in to Instagram." Anybody else have this? What can I do?

Cool! Thanks for all the effort. We really appreciate. However I noticed the double tap feature is not all that responsive as the real Instagram. I have to tap a couple of times to like pics or videos. I believe you can improve on that.

Thanks again for making this happen.

Posted via CB10

This app is great but has had a refresh bug that reloads active frame with a new display selection under the EXPLORE option all the way back to version beta. If you select Explore icon selection and after the frame loads put your finger on one of the picture thumbnails. Then gently push up to see the lower thumbnails hidden by the lower option bar. Pull your finger off the thumbnail once the lower thumbs are displayed and you will get a forced refresh. I love the app except for this issue. You loose that frame of pictures. No way to back up to that same lost frame.
A few things I would like to see done to the app to make it better would be to put SEARCH on the bottom tool bar and remove it from the top of EXPLORE or put that function like the others on its own support frame. Reason for that would be to get more thumbnail space on the EXPLORE frame. I would like to see refresh function removed by pulling down the explore frame to tap the explore button on the tool bar at the bottom. This would remove a large amount of code from the app and put a end to unwanted forced refreshes. Puts simplicity into operation with less chance of mistaken refresh.
The bug mentioned above has been on my z10 STL 100-3 on 3 different OS versions. I am more then sure others are having this same problem. I know the app is a work in progress and the author is making the app better and better with each update. I appreciate the hard work for a totally free app. I am just voicing my opinion in hopes the author will address this in future versions. Thanks in advance..