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Nationwide BIS Outage Reported for Most Carriers

By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2009 09:36 am EST

BIS Outage

*Update* - 2:30pm ET - It looks like BIS is slooooowly starting to come back to life. Some emails are coming through, but it looks like thats about it for now. A statement issued by RIM says they have isolated the issue, and are in the process of restoring email to all users.

The tip line is going to explode - it looks like BIS email is down for most carriers across the US and parts of Canada. No one is receiving email, but it appears that browser, BlackBerry Messenger, voice and SMS are still working however. No reports of exatcly when things went down or when they'll be up and running. Keep it here and we'll report anything as it pops up. Jump into the forums for more discussion.



my account is working fine. I just never use that acount for anything.


There's a BIS outage nearly every month. How does a "business" platform survive this constant nonsense? Apples severs don't go down this much and they see FAR more traffic, same for other devices. RIM has more server issues than I would consider acceptable. In fact in the las 12 months there have probably been 12 outages, it's embarrassing


i am thinking of switching, everymorning i turn on my phone and pray that my emails will come through


Just FYI, iPhones are not directly connected to any Apple Servers. Actually I don't think any phone is directly connected to the Platforms server, except for Blackberry. The thing is this is why wireless push email and sync work so perfectly. As far as far as nationwide outages this year that were RIMS fault I can count maybe 2, any other outage is most likely your carriers fault on that one.


Rogers network in Toronto


burst of emails about an hour ago, now nothing


Im in nyc on verizon no email since around 3 a.m anybody getting email.


Last email was 9:33pm Wed night. first email thurs morn at 9:25am. Hope it doesn't go down again.


My Verizon BB is happily receiving craploads of email.


My Verizon BB is happily receiving craploads of email.


email working in austin texas


Still nothing here in Philly on VZW Tour.


Sprint, KCMO. Getting emails in batches, about 30 minutes apart.


I was wondering what was good when all of the sudden I got like 20 emails all at once a little while ago!! Then, just a few minutes ago I got another 10+ emails randomly! Initially I didn't think anything of it because BBM has been working fine!!


Its just started working again


On vacation in N/E Florida with a NJ Verizon phone. :-(


Just received first email of the day at 1:59 PM EST


Deluged as always with emails thru my BB. No problems at all today.


still not getting email in Paris. This is getting old


Being new to the blackberry and Sprint - who runs the BIS, and who is accountable for its uptime? Other than not seeing your emails showing up and having a great forum like this to exchange information on the BIS, how can one check whether its up and running? I noted some emails I tried to send would come back as unsent, but I dismissed this as a connectivity issue of my own. Thanks for the tips.


Still out in Chicago!

Mark A.

This is completely unacceptable. I mean email, of all things, RIM. That's where you supposedly kick everyone else's rear ends. No, this is beyond disappointing.


Data started flowing at 11 a.m. PST.


getting all old email now ...


Emails are slowly arriving after almost 12hrs..VZW in PHL


Just talked to Verizon and they are giving me a $5.00 Credit. Said that email is back up and they approximate 1 hour before the backlog is cleared.


Just how many levels of backup measures have to fail before BIS fails world wide? I don't know. Anyone here know. Very curious!


Emails are starting to arrive. Still delayed but at least they are starting to come through.


They are coming, no problems.


My email was out all morning it seemed but I am getting emails from my work now. Awaiting my other email accounts to show up to be 100% certain that here in NH, we may be all set! Thought it was me at first! :-/


I still haven't gotten any emails; last one came in at 1 a.m. today.


No sooner did I post my last comment did my emails start coming in! Not real-time yet; last email that just arrived was from 10:30 this morning, and I've gotten many since then (gmail). Keep 'em coming!

Verizon in Boston, MA


VZW in Indiana is working for me, not for a friend... hmm.,..


Verizon in Houston came back about an hour to 90 minutes ago. 30 emails promptly came through!


VZW in Jersey City... I am able to send email but not receive (I use gmail)


Receiving old emails though....


got one email go through about an hour ago... been hit and miss all morning in Idaho.


the emails are very spotty. it isnt back up and running to its fullest capacity.


my carrier Sprint, services are projected to be up by 5 PM EST. That was around. 11:30 AM CST


Been out since very early this morning...RIM needs to get their act together.




I've got 3 emails at random times. They showed an absolute delay by hours from what I see in my email accounts online. I have tried recently to send service books and nothing. I'm in NY. 30 minutes north of Manhattan.


Ohio here. I have Verizon. No emails as of 3:41 PM EST.


Got a trickle of 6 or so (out of about 30) two hours ago, nothing since then.


as of 3:51pm est i am caught up on all my emails.

Dancing Terps

Got my second test e-mail an hour and a half after I sent it. Just tried a third test e-mail with no luck so far. Verizon...NYC


Received two (2) emails so far....looking better!


I noticed my gmail was very slow late last night... uninstalled and reinstalled the account a few times last night and again this morning (before I realized there was an outage)... Just got my first few emails. Sigh.

I guess from now on I should always check for outages first!


Ok, it was my fault...I was updating my CrackBerry and it stalled right after pushing the new operating system on to the device and know the rest...

crackberry pin 20924D82


Only received 2 emails so far since the outage began here in San Diego today.......
It's 1:25pm PT.......

I at least hope RIM comes clean with the problem and what the solution is/will be......


Got one random email at 2:30 CT, none since. This is probably RIM's longest outage and its annoying...


Rhode Island, still out 445pm


I have been having issues today, and then my phone rebooted a little after 4:30pm eastern. It has never done this before.

Could this have been done by AT&T or RIM?


4:55 PM EST just got an email from Google on my device with no delay.


It was working ok for a while but now, no emails again. Is anybody experiencing it again?


ATT in NE Ohio. Haven't had any all day. Keep checking back here to see what's up...


One email this afternoon and none since. There are at least 8 emails missing. VZW in Upstate NY. Very annoying!!!!


Still dripping in for me. It appears that the cache is being pushed as I am getting mail sent over night mixed with newer mail. Real-time push does not yet seem to be working.


Nothing here in Waco, TX either...only thing that works is Twitter and it's driving me nuts because it's giving me false hope that Im finally receiving emails or messages.


still down in south florida..

why is this not the TOP STORY om

should be on top till problem is fixed.. (it depend on this site)


i'm slowly beginning to receive emails now. im in chicago. just got 2 but still behind on gmail. it's not the rapid-fire that we're normally used to.


I'm still not receiving emails here in Charlotte. I can send them out but I've received one random email in the past 4 hours! This is annoying!


I am in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the sprint network my BIS email is working yahoo, gmail and blackberry mail. However the blackberry email has about a 5 minute delay.


Im glad this is a BIS wide problem, I was about to chunk my Storm out the window. Now if I can only remember how to check my email like a normal person before bb entered my life...haha


I hadn't received any email by 6:30 EST (VZW in NJ). I then resent my Service Books, and over 20 backlogged emails suddenly appeared! I would suggest that you give this a try if you're still not getting email.


I received one email at noon, three at six o'clock p.m, and baaaam the rest are flooding in. Hoping for this to be the end of this long, pain in the *ss outage.


Thank GOD for gmail app. Now if Yahoo can make something simple.


Not a single email...


Nashville = no Tmobile coverage since 4:30 pm... This is ridiculous


Received several "old" emails, nothing that has been sent recently though...last one received had a sent time of 10:38AM EST


Yep I was affected today by the outage. All of the sudden around 3pm ALL of my emails from the day showed up. I deleted them from my device (choosing the "device & mailbox" option)...when I went into my gmail about an hour later on my computer, the emails were still there. However, everything appears to be back to normal now.


Only 3 all day today here in San Diego.

Annoying for sure......
Who's at the switch...Moe, Larry or Curly?????????


Back to real-time push ~7:15p EST


using TMO in MN--- still no emails :(
resent service books already, battery pull
damnit :(


Still no emails on my Storm using Verizon here in San Jo.
I agree with the person above that says that now we'll have to learn how to check our emails like NORMAL people before BB entered our lives. AUGH!
Hope it's up and runnin' by manana.........I'm dyin' here!


I started getting some emails at around 3pm EST, then it stopped again at around 5pm EST. Still no email as of right now.


Still no emails ALL day and i'm highly irritated.


Still nothing. This is getting really annoying !!


Still nothing here in Philadelphia with AT&T. Going on 20 hours...


No emails in Trinidad & Tobago also


got a few to come through maybe more will keep coming. I SEE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL !! :)


One of my email accts just starting coming through to my phone finally! Only one of the accounts...but it's a start!

Using Verizon Storm 9530 in New Hampshire.


A few have come in at the same time as my iPhone in the last 3-hours here in San Diego. It's 8:44pm PST.

Is our long national nightmare over???????


I did the same, pulled the battery, send service books....Then came here to find , whats up with no email!! Sprint--KC, MO


As per your *Update*-2:30 pm ET yesterday where you said that it looked like BIS was sloooooooowly coming back.....................Where ? in Kokamunga ?!!!!!!! Is passed 3:00 am of the next day and still no BIS here in Texas !!!!!!!


Still out at this time. Was up and down yesterday. Can't get to a human. Maybe Santa's system was getting bogged up and they need the bandwidth??


I wake up this morning to not only find that it's still not working, but all of the personal email accounts I had setup are gone. (hotmail, gmail,

We're about to really see what it means to be a Crackberry addict,


Still don't have email in Seattle, Friday morning at 5:30.


It's now 9:20 am in Bergen County, NJ (northern NJ) and STILL no e-mail. I use AT&T. What's the deal??


Strange, I've been receiving emails, never noticed an outage..


I'm in Spokane and my email is still down too. It's getting pretty annoying.


Thank goodness my BES still works just no BIS. Oh well guess if I want to talk to the wife I'll actually have to call her no BBM for us today.


No emails since yesterday. Been able to send an email last night though. Not able to receive anything.

My wife is on the same network with a Tour on OS4 and hers work just fine. Could it be an OS5 thing?


My wife and I both have the BB Storm 9530. Her email is working and mine isn't. The only difference is she's using Yahoo email and mine is for Comcast.


7:54 pm PST and no Email , no internet no messenger on verizon. What is going on???????


we own 4 blackberry server with 354 users , 21 users were down since this early AM today , we call backberry support and they said its a network problem that affects users randomly - BAD!!!!!!


I installed a hybrid yesterday, and upon installing I lost my internet browser and email. I still have WiFi (Hotspot) browsing, and can use other applications via data network (TFLN, FML, tether, etc) but no browsing. I called Verizon, and they tried to help, but I only had about 45 minutes to try something before I had to go to a meeting. At least I had tether, which was necessary for my meeting, but still! 24 hours later, still no email or browser! Ugh! Gotta call Verizon tonight and maybe they'll elevate it to RIM tech support...