Nationwide BIS Outage Reported for Most Carriers

By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2009 09:36 am EST

BIS Outage

*Update* - 2:30pm ET - It looks like BIS is slooooowly starting to come back to life. Some emails are coming through, but it looks like thats about it for now. A statement issued by RIM says they have isolated the issue, and are in the process of restoring email to all users.

The tip line is going to explode - it looks like BIS email is down for most carriers across the US and parts of Canada. No one is receiving email, but it appears that browser, BlackBerry Messenger, voice and SMS are still working however. No reports of exatcly when things went down or when they'll be up and running. Keep it here and we'll report anything as it pops up. Jump into the forums for more discussion.

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Nationwide BIS Outage Reported for Most Carriers



I am in the office with AT&T and Tmo BIS users. I am a VZ BIS customer... Nobody has service. Last emails received were around 3am today...

Lets go RIM...!!! :)

My last emails were around 1am. I usually have a bunch in the morning so I knew something was wrong. Let's get it together RIM/carriers.

I deleted and readded my accounts, did a battery pull, etc, thinking it was my phone. I should have known to check good ol' faithfull Crackberry first!!! LOL Nothing for Sprint in NJ!!

I deleted my account and the corresponding service book entries! in hindsight i really shouldn't have done that... now undelete wont get it back to normal :s

Thank you for posting this... I was wondering and just posted something in a different thread. You guys are more up to date than Verizon web site (or wherever I need to look for)! Northern Colorado here..

Yep there is an outage, the BBM and Internet will still work (Separate Servers). The verizon Tech told me that it will be up by the end of the day....OH JOY!

So glad i Have BES. gotta love it. Still getting my Work emails.

The hell with the Persaonal ones. They can wait...

BIS is down up here on Rogers in Canada. Doh! My BB has been very quiet all morning... was wondering what was up. Calls to the support line are on hold for a VERY long time. Getting flooded.

It feels like it's almost a monthly occurence that I see BIS outages reported.
Isn't e-mail reliability one of the cornerstones of Blackberrys reputation and success? Maybe that only applies to BES.

Verizon in Orlando, FL. My BES is working, but my BIS is not. I can’t receive emails at all. I’ve send my service books like four times. When the problem’s corrected, I’m going to have a LOT of emails. :p


i didnt even know mine was out until this morning when i started receiving bunches of emails back to back late last night

Im in NJ/NY and personal and work email is done.

Apparently this issue is also global. I heard reports in Europe and Asia. RIM better get working fast.

Loads of companies are in shambles today regarding communication : P

My default search engine is now Bing. No other options for default that I can find. However, hit your bookmarks tab and you will find the other search engines in the links section. It looks as if Verizon is making Bing the default but you can still access the others with two button pushes.

The outage is not only for US, We are experiencing the same issue in Panama City, Panama, I haven't received a single e-mail since Yesterday at 2:00 AM.

Hmmm, maybe time for me to really consider moving from my BB to the DROID. On a side note, at least my corp. BB still works from the Corporate servers. Whew.

this just proves my decision to move away from BB to droid. despite all the constant bricks of the phone i get when upgrading/installing/or remove apps, i now have to deal w/ the monthly BIS outages. we pay WAY TOO MUCH damn $$$ for this to happen!!!

My Verizon berry shows that an e-mail was sent, but it didn't make it to the sent folder. I see a lot of e-mails still on the server, starting with one that was sent to me at 1:40 am (EST).

None here either, T-Mobile Northern NJ!!! What kinda BS is this??? lol, This is incredible.. They soo pushing these blackberrys only so they can thro everybody crazy...GET IT TOGETHER!!! WE ARE PAYING TOP DOLLAR FOR THESE DEVICES!! SHEESH.. CRACKBERRY THANKS FOR THE UPDATES!! YOUR THE BESTEST..LOL

I stopped receiving e-mails last night at 9:50. I knew something was wrong because I slept like a baby, no emails all night long. But I did think I was going crazy and that my phone was screwing up.

Figures it happens today :(. The day I decide to take off, woke up early, saw the bb had no e-mails complaining about an outage and went back to bed. Get a call while I'm sleeping telling me the mail server was down :/. BES is too expensive for just me to have at work...
edit: Toronto, Ontario here.

I came here looking when I only had three emails this morning when I got up. I agree with the others...this shouldn't happen with this type of frequency that we have seen the last couple of months.

This is why my personal device is an iPhone!
I support dozens of BB devices at work - the unreliability of data service is shocking! And the fact that BlackBerry's own web site doesn't report outages right away is just angering! It's a good thing sites like this exists!

I just noticed that I haven't gotten any emails in a few hours. I logged in to my gmail account on my Mac and noticed unopened emails just sitting there.

He tricked the carriers and started the revolution a day early!!

Either that or RIM is preparing to push bing to all the masses!

This is the 3rd time since I have got my Blackberry Tour in September. It would be nice that with these outages came some sort of upgrade or improvement to BIS or maybe a new legit OS to everyone. Or how about a freaking discount on service to customers through the wireless providers. Its not worth the 85 bucks a month if once a month service is down for a full day.

I didn't give an ultimatum, but I think if anyone from RIM reads this, they are useful in letting them know that RIM needs to get their act together.

I work in I.T. for a major healthcare system. Rather than carry a pager AND a phone, I have our system set up to email me with the page. The BIS outages are beginning to occur more frequently -or at least in my opinion. I sure hope RIM gets to the bottom of this. I certainly don't want to be involved in some lawsuit because our system went down and a patient died because I missed that page! So much for technology. If this were an AT&T issue, it would be all over the tech blogs.

RIM, why, in the name of Sam Hill do you not have a redundant set of servers ready to pick up the ball if there's a system failure. By that, I mean a different batch of hardware, imaged daily, in a separate location, with its own network connectivity, ready to reduce downtime to minutes.

If network providers (like Sprint, VZW, AT&T, NTT, L3) can provide DIAS with "five-9s" of reliability, you can certainly provide the same relative "up-time".

My last email was at 3:01am. Thought my phone was broken.... called VZW at 930 and they said 80% of BB users are without email. I've only heard of 1 person still receiving email on their BB. (I'm in NJ)

I love my new 9700 but I had to put my SIM card back in my iPhone this morning. This is getting embarrassing for RIM.

They need to consider a service fee credit to all BIS users, or something to save some face.

I was just getting ready to post that no email has been coming through also but just as I began to enter my post I started receiving emails on my Tour. RIM needs to get their act together and quick!

Ah! I logged onto CB right now just to check this because I didnt have a single email when I woke up, which is impossible. Thanks CB, again!

No emails yet with VZ in San Antonio. I just checked my account online and have about twenty emails that haven't come through yet. Pathetic.

VIVO carrier and none of the 6 emails I got in he inbox were pushed.

BBM is crawling. The lag makes talking impossible.

Just got an email from BB, announcing there is an update for my 9700... first email since last night some time...

Maybe that's what's causing the issue?

8:21am Pacific Time - BB email still down for us Sprint users here in the Central Valley/Bakersfield, CA area...

BB Curve 8330 - Sprint


Kinda started freaking out when I couldn't send emails and wondering why I wasn't getting any. Glad to hear its not just me having problems.

Well I woke up this morning and when I boot up my phone I get "Uncaught exception: Index 4 >= 4" and then a white screen that displays "App error 523" and now I have to deal with this. This sucks and somehow Im still grateful that even though my phone is a paperweight it still is more useful than an iPhone. :D

it has been down for a while on telus and I thought it was just my phone. At least I feel a bit better now that I checked crackberry

Over the past week, My BB Curve (Sprint) has been re-registering to the network (all email accounts) twice a day.

Have not received a single email since around 10 PM last night.

It may be to soon to ask this and im sure it would have been posted but I am going to ask anyway and someone can stamp my head with the "DUH" stamp. But is there any reasons that have been disclosed as to why this happened or possible ideas why it may have happened?

Thank god for Crackberry.....
ATT user in San emails as of 8:35am PT
Browser works.....

I have t-mobile and I have nothing either... looks like the last one that i got was about 3 or 4am...

come on RIM this sucks...thank god im at my office and have a computer in front of me!

Oh yeah and i bet the guys that are reviewing these blackberrys for the roundrobin even are loving the fact that this is happening!

I was sending wallpapers last night from crackberry. And the last one I got was at 1:01am central time. I tried sending 2 more and nothing. I figured it was down. I tried resending the wallpapers 2-3 more times and nothing. Then I went straight to the forum's but nothing. I kinda knew I would see this, this morning... Still nothing. I'll know when it's back up because my phone will blow up with probably 25-40 emails all at once!

NEW UPDATE: Just recieved 2 emails and 1 facebook message. But there are a lot more. So it's trying to work but not fully there yet...

Just started getting emails again.

Only got 2 and I imagine it's not fully back yet as I am expecting quite a few more that have not come through yet.

Hate it when this happens but as long as they get it up and running today I won't be to disappointed.

hhey all, im on tmobile in san diego, and i just got a bunch of emails through BIS, so its possibly coming up

Still down- November, December- should it be acceptable to automatically pull our batteries out once we see that there are no e-mails coming in? What's wrong with this picture?
Southern Clifornia T-Mobile- I called T-mobile- poor rep sounded slammed- but they have no clue as to when it will be up.

Sent two test shots to my work PC (back & forth) at 10:15 CST and another at 10:52 ... I think I'm getting a pulse here. (New Albany, MS, near Memphis, TN)

Mine has been going in and out now everyday for about a week or so. finally finding this reassure's me that I am not going nuts thinking its just me. I actually have 2 emails on my phone, my comcast one, and then my vzw.blackberry one and the vzw one seems to be working ok.

The last gmail email I received last night was 2:41am ET. Then it was down until 11:32am when I got all my gmail emais since last night. Great timing on RIMs part considering their earnings conference call today is at 5pm ET.

Still nothing doing for me on AT&T in New York. I've now gone nearly 9 hours without receiving any emails on BB. What a drag.

Well, my VZW blackberry is going nuts right now downloading and dinging for every email that is pouring into it... so I'm going to take a wild guess and say that VZW bis is back up and running! :)

I wonder if it has anything to do with the OS updates that were pushed out today, I got an update on my AT&T 8310 to 4.5.182 (306).

I just got 3 emails (was expecting a lot more) tried sending a test email from one account to another (Both are on my berry) and nothing happened. dunno if it is coming and going or what
- 9700 bold on Bell in ontario

Long Island - Verizon - last email received was around 4 AM EST. Able to send emails as of 12:15 PM. Still can't receive emails as of 12:30 PM EST.

Apparently its affecting the cosmos. Next thing you know, I will get a date with a gorgeous red-head.

Restore some balance to the universe already, RIM!

Just a few minutes ago, I received my first email of the day. Not sure if it's good to go or if it will be up and down...Keeping a close eye on it.


Sporadic behavior at this point. Received some emails to my regular account which did NOT show up on my Tour.

11:37 AM CT...

My e-mails just started flowing in from overnight.

The BIS website is not allowing me in though.

After nearly an hour of troubleshooting, a friend and coworker informed me that had news of this outage. Now I'm a registered user. Thanks Crackberry and thanks to my friend!

I called my netowrk this morning At&t and was told that the BIS system is down so this in indeed true, and i's affected most networks.
The have no idea when it will be back up and I am frustrated and pissed.

my email is down.....luckily i checked this before trying to re-set-up my email! comeon BB, get ur Servers up! I kinda feel like i have a toy iphone!

otherwise my STORM2 kicks A**!.....

Storm 2 (9550) owner never lookin back!

In Venezuela the 3 cel phone operators (Movistar, Movilnet and Digitel) all 2 work with pin messages, sms, voice buy e-mails are down

I read somewhere that in peru 2 operators hace the same problem

Glad I saw this. I was ready to through my storm around a bit. I was able to send a few emails this morning. My bb email address receives mail, but my push and business emails are not coming in. Facebook is ok though

T-Mobile BIS has been down, for me, since last night at about 11pm PST. Just called T-Mobile to get a credit issued and their first response was an insulting $0.66 (date rate) per BlackBerry. WTF. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and the maximum credit she could apparently issue was $5 per BlackBerry. I told her that was B.S.

Glad I saw this. I was ready to through my storm around a bit. I was able to send a few emails this morning. My bb email address receives mail, but my push and business emails are not coming in. Facebook is ok though

Yeah, same here. I instantly freaked out when my alarm didn't go off this morning. By alarm I mean my 7 routine e-mails at 9am and however many Facebook notifications. Slept right on through. Woke up, sensed a disturbance in the force, and removed my berry from the find I had no LED action. Nearly shat myself.

Needless to say I flew over to teh computorz to check my dearest Crackberry and as always, I found the answer.


My dad and i work together in our mutually owned business. I have a storm and he has a curve. we are on verizon. The same account. Our email is serviced from the same provider. I am finnally recieving email and he is not yet. weird.

Seattle, WA here; T Mobile. I received one email this morning when I woke up but now I'm not getting any at all.

USCC in Des Moines, Iowa. I started getting email about @ 11:15 Central however it looks like it stopped working again.

still no access to bis websight though. can't send service books.

p.s. sms isn't working now.

p.s. again. only aol account working. yahoo, gmail, msn still a no go.

Was just in Sprint Store in Dallas - I have nothing. No email, SMS. No time frame to be up and running out here!! :(

Nothing. Was down until about 10:00AM PST, then got a burst of about 11 email messages. Now nothing. Can't log into BIS or anything.

I will say that it's fun to know that, like myself, many of you tried to correct it on your own. It's fun knowing how to fix things! That being said, I haven't had any emails since probably 1 am. Coincidentally, Sprint was having text issues last night too. I thought my Tour was just crapping out on me.

To be perfectly honest, the quiet is kind of nice.

The emphasis is on "UP". Service returned at about 1230 PM (EST).
I'm on AT&T, Bold 9000 in Virginia Beach, VA.


Well I just had a burst of 9 emails come through, I had them all previously in my Gmail inbox on my computer so things may be looking up here in the sunshine state.