National Hockey League Players Association kicks off new marketing campaign in conjunction with RIM

By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2012 10:40 pm EST

If you've watched any NHL games recently you likely noticed a small influx of BlackBerry marketing happening and that's not simply because Jim Balsillie longs to own an NHL franchise. No, it's because RIM is amping up their marketing and as new CEO and President of RIM, Thorsten Heins mentioned -- they know they need to work on such things.

Recently a portion of the NHLPA site was dedicated to five players, including Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan, Toronto Maple Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul, New York Rangers goaltender Martin Biron, Philadelphia Flyers winger Scott Hartnell and finally, New York Islanders forward Michael Grabner. Those five players will be participating in the NHLPA Players PlayBook where they capture all their events on a BlackBerry PlayBook and post them or as the tag line goes:

Move over Hollywood—5 players are moving behind the camera for an all-access look at their lives off the ice. From the dressing room to their living room and beyond, The NHLPA Players’ Playbook delivers exclusive videos shot by the NHL players themselves.

If you head on over to the site, you can sign up but full access isn't being given right away so we have no idea if there is an app or something along those lines to go along with the promotion but if you refer people either through Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or Facebook you can gain early access to program. That said; we expect a lot more of this marketing to come from RIM in 2012 -- it's the sort of thing they need to have in place.

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National Hockey League Players Association kicks off new marketing campaign in conjunction with RIM


Finally!!! This was the #1 thing that has been dragging the company and now Thorsten is taking care of it. Can't wait to see him bring this company back to life again :D

At last!! The finer things in life ... My Playbook ... My Team, Flyers and Hockey! All wrapped up in one kick butt package! Life ... It is good! Keep it up Mr. CEO ... We are paying attention ... and liking it so far!

Good stuff, I attribute this to Jim and Mike though. This sponsorship deal couldn't have possibly happened in the last 4 days. But, either way I am happy for RIM and their efforts.

Wish they could capture the on-the-ice moments. Biron has a great vantage point on the bench, Hartnell from the penalty box :).
All kidding aside, it's a cool idea!

This can only be a "warm up"... Please tell me this is just a warm up. The popularity of Hockey in Canada is inversely proportional of the popularity of Hockey in the States. RIM is already a Canadian gem and don't need any PR there.

Go after the STATES dammit !!

*sigh* - I'm sorry, I'm just a little sensitive these days.

Even though BB is popular in Canada they cannot let their guard down like they did in the US. They have to keep advertising.

I cant wait to see some more awesome marketing. When the new head of marketing gets hired i wanna see tons of commercials finally showcasing what the playbook is capable of. Just wish a Canuck was part of the 5 :-(

How about a NHL app for PB? thank you.. oh and a Canucks one too. The one for BB is decent but could be so much better on PB.

i agree. RIM does SOOO much advertising on i don't understand why we don't have apps for it!!

makes no sense right? you advertise to a hockey fans with the hope that those fans go check out your product. they look for something that originally got them there (ie. NHL), and find nothing!

obviously the website works and there is flash superiority on the Playbook, but people want apps!

^5 Pookster! NOW ya talking!! NHL app for playbook is one I would DEFINITELY love to see. Let the other platforms keep their BMI index apps and angrybirds, I prefer the hottest game on ice!
Bookster? ... Canucks? Really? LoL

Will RIM please embrace other sports and not just Hockey! I mean I know Jim thinks he is a hockey player and thinks he will one day own an NHL team but come on. I want to see a Super Bowl ad this year as it will be the biggest viewing audience you can get at any one time.

NHL...seriuosly...NHL. who outside Canada even cares...seriously narrow vision and misllocation ad/pr money if it is to get any US or world exposure.

This is my own opinion speaking -

Playbook with HSPA+ is coming, we all know this. What I didn't read in that article is WHICH carriers would get the device.
RIM and the above NHLPA promotion are showing the world they are connected.

Verizon in the US has the exclusive NHL Mobile app for their devices, including the Blackberry phones.

Who else can connect all the dots I just laid out here????

I smell an app down the road for Verizon customers with the new Playbook model.

Verizon US does not offer the NHL Mobile App for Blackberry phones. They had it last year and say they still plan on it this year. However, more than halfway through the season doesn't look so good.

Go Devils

good stuff! marketing is definitely something that was lacking!

i had enough of apple showing off facetime, and icloud, and the whole 'this changes everything, again' theme when bb had those functions months before!

spread the word thorsten! he's definitely a welcome change to the rim world.