National Battery Pull Day!

By Click on 5 Aug 2008 07:31 am EDT

So today is August 5th 2008 and you know what that means right?! NO?! It's National Pull Your Battery Day!! What does that mean to you?? Well, it's a perfect time to show your BlackBerry how much you love it by doing a quick battery pull. This simple project will help with clearing out some gunk and speed up your berry!! So if you uninstalled something and forgot to reboot, no worries as this will clean it all up!! And remember, if you're not a fan of the yanking the battery, you can always do the RIM-preferred Alt + Right Caps + Delete soft reboot.

After you pull your battery on your BlackBerry and while you wait for it to finish turning back on head over to the August 5th, National Battery Pull Day thread and leave a comment to show your dedication to helping your berry stay clean and healthy! You know what they say... "A Battery Pull A Day, Will Keep The Doctor Away!"

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National Battery Pull Day!


I already pulled my battery today, and yesterday, and two days before that. 8830 lockups make battery pull day an every day occurrence!

Instead of a battery pull on the curve, you can hold (alt+the right caps key+del) and there's your battery pull! This feature is a must use. It works from any screen even when your bb freezes up or anything.

good call on the alt+right shift+del reset for the curve. just reset mine and its running like new. i wish BB could address how long these resets take though. i have never timed mine officially but it definitely takes more than 60-90 seconds...
given i have some additional applications (pac man, viigo, nytimes, espn, etc.) but still. it's a pain.

I pulled my battery around 12:30 this morning....of course not knowing it was "national battery pull day". LOL, leave it to crackberry....

Two quick notes.
Make sure you're not connected to the wall-charger/travel charger or computer with the Blackberry.
It will render your battery pull ineffective.
Also, on almost all Blackberries, if you go to the screen where all the icons are (the Applications screen) and hold down the ALT button while pressing L, G, L, G, it will bring up an Event Log.
Then you can either hit the menu button (the one to the left of the trackball)or, on devices with the track-wheel, just click the track-wheel and choose "Clear Log" and then confirm the deletion.
Doing this before the battery pull will make it more effective and also reduce your time of waiting for the Blackberry to boot itself back up.

National? battery pull day? I have a daily battery many times does the damn pearl lock up that you have to pull the battery to get it back?

Also, when my emails start disappearing, BB messages don't open, and the browser freezes, i've got no choice but to pull the battery.

Be sure to enable "memory cleaning", this will help you not lose your emails, etc.
Go to Options (the adjustable wrench icon), Security Options, Memory Cleaning.
In Memory Cleaning it'll probably say "disabled" click there and change it to "enabled" and then when you back out choose "save" if it prompts you to save your changes.
Also it may help to change call logging settings for it to just log in call log and not in messages.
To do that go into call log (just hit the Green phone button and it should take you there), hit the menu button (the button to the left of the trackball) and choose "Options", then choose "call logging" and change it to "None".
Back out, save.
Then do your hard reset (might do the clear event log, see above, first).
Should help you out a lot.

Think I'll pass on doing this "for fun" but when needed.....i'll stick with the soft. No need to abuse the berry, now....

When Yester18 made the post in the forums I think it was for good predjudice here....

So it could be CrackBerry Nation, Smartphone Nation, or Worldwide anything with a battery nation....

spread the word and I guess we'll see who pulls batteries out of what. :)

oohh...iPhone users can't take part though - no way to easily pull the battery. so I guess they are excluded.

Done with soft reset. I´ll use this option instead of actually yanking the battery.

BTW, i didn´t know the soft reset shortcut, thanks for the tip because i used to yank the battery.

Hi guys,

I've been using my curve for 4 months and yesterday the trackball started to malfunction. I can still roll it and select items, but when I press it nothing happens anymore.

I did the recommended battery pull to speed up my curve, but that didn't help.

Do you think that this is the end of my phone's healthy life? Should I contact Tmobile saying that I have a hardware issue?

I appreciate any feedback.


Hi! I did the battery pull today!! Was perfect timing for me, as I was having a problem since last night opening emilas...they showed up, and I hit the trackball the envelope would open to appear as if it was read, but the actual message did not open. The battery pull fixed it!!!:o) Yeah.

Anyway Happy Battery Pull Day to all!

Don't get me wrong, I love my BB, and am forced to pull my battery often if I want it to function correctly.

However, wouldn't it be nice if BB could make a device where this wasn't necessary? What if you had to continually pull the battery on your tv remote control, your kids toys, the wii remote, hearing aids (not that i wear them) but you get the idea....such a pain in the a$$

I don't pull my battery every day but I will today in honor of the holiday. I try to pull my battery once a week just to give it a reboot. I think of the beast like a computer if you don't occasionally restart your computer you will run into problems.

I opted for the soft reboot, only because I've never done that, didn't even know about it. Had my BB Curve about 2 months and I love it! Total addict.

happy national battery pull day to all blackberry users and especially its like battery pull day every other day for me. i pulled my battery out yesterday but since its a special day for battery pulling....i guess i will do it right now.


As I have a version of OS 4.5 installed, my berry is frequently on the fritz and I am very accustomed to pulling the battery.

That's hilarious that there's a "Day" devoted to this although I don't see it written in officially in my calendar. What's next, "Take the day off and try to update your OS without bricking your BlackBerry Day"?

Happy resetting!

Funny, on nation battery pull day I actually "had" to pull the battery for the first time ever. I wake up this morning and I thought it was strange that I hadn't had any emails,calls or texts. As the day progressed I thought wow what a quiet day, this is great. Well by 2pm I decided to check my email via my computer and I was shocked, I had over 15 emails and none of them had showed up on my BB, then I checked my voicemail and I had quite a few of them as well. So I started troubleshooting
and noticed that I was stuck in roam for some reason. So before I freaked out I did a batt pull, and like magic the flood gates opened. Everything worked, but man I was busy after that. Thanks Crackberry.


I didnt want to miss out on the action so I cleared the log and yanked the battery. Ballin for the next 5 days.
Yes Sir!

Well pop my cherry!!! 4 years with a BB and this was my first battery pull. But why is the screen upside down?!? Oh wait! I had the keyboard on the top. Never mind. That was great! thanks