Two old school classic games from Namco Bandai hit BlackBerry 10

Namco Bandai
By James Richardson on 16 Nov 2013 08:01 am EST

Two old classics have hit the games section in BlackBerry World. Namco Bandai have released Pac-Man and Galaga Special Edition for BlackBerry 10 and I'm sure they are set for success. 

The only downside I can see (without playing either game) is the price. Pac-Man will cost you £2.50/$3.99 and Galaga Special Edition is priced at £2.00/$2.99. Normally I'm a great believer that you get what you pay for, however, I jumped into the Google Play store to see how much our Android buddies would be paying for the games and both are listed for free. Maybe a free edition would be nice for us on Team BlackBerry so we can try before we buy. 

Both games are available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets, which is good to see. If you aren't put off by the price feel free to let us know your thoughts on the games in the comments. 

More information/Download Pac-Man for BlackBerry 10

More information/Download Galaga Special Edition for BlackBerry 10


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Two old school classic games from Namco Bandai hit BlackBerry 10


Would love both but the price is steep. Are they both native? The Galaga SE looks good though.

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You can't even tell the difference if a game is native or not. They never use the cascades menu system

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Having a cascade UI only means having a native UI. Native means written in c++, webworks and other native language that BlackBerry 10 supports (that I forgot) .

Just so you know, iOS uses objective c as its native language and Android uses Java.

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And ads all over the F'ing place every level every time you stop every change I'll pay for the peace and quiet of not being marketed to by half the world

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And this is why devs won't make us apps. If we keep sideloading they'll find they have no reason to go native.

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if they have it on blackberry world, there wont be any reason to side load it. Some of us would like an app that doesn't have annoying ads etc.

Going native allows us to have a better integrated experience - I think we'd prefer that but if were not given an option by the dev then BlackBerry will give it to us instead.

Just tried Galaga free for Android. It doesn't work well and it has quite a few ads that pop up. It isn't annoying. But after playing the free version I would rather have the native.

Cam confirm that glitchy controls bought pac-man and smooth controls there.

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3.99 too pricey? How many quarters did you drop in those Namco boxes as a kid to get to the next high score?

Bet ya you dropped a few hundred of your mom and dad's coin in there while unemployed now we drop 4 bucks on a coffee and you whine about 3.99 for a classic arcade game with no ads??

Scratch my head

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If your paying 4 dollars for coffee you need serious psychiatric help. That's just insane. I refuse to pay more than 1.40 for an extra large coffee. 4 dollars is for those people that think they know coffee and walk I to a Starbucks.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I'm pretty sure 4 bucks is for the espresso-based drinks, not regular drip coffee.

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My sandwich costs $6.00 and only lasted 15 minutes. This PAC-MAN game is only $3.99 and will last hours.

Too pricey? Sounds like a value to me.

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We had an arcade war in the 80s in my hometown as a as high as 20 tokens for a $1.00...and Pacman got more than $4.00 out of me then & Galaga more than $3.00.

I'd like to see Jeff Minter's Atari Jaguar classics Tempest 2000 & Defender 2000 get ported to BB10 along with their EXCELLENT techno soundtracks.

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if you're interested, you can play Tempest 3000 (which is almost exactly like Tempest 2000, even the soundtrack is the same) in the Playstation emulator available for BB10 :)


FYI---there's a glitch in the Pac-Man game..if you gobble up all 4 ghosts the game crashes.

It would be nice if they fixed this but after the first few rounds it is pretty difficult to get all the ghosts anyway.

I'm happy that they incorporated the Q10 keyboard for controls...perfect.

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Is that Playstation emulator available through BlackBerry World?

Also, I see an emulator for Sega Dreamcast...that was an excellent any chance do you know what's included with that download?(Does it include games, if so how many?)

I would love to be able to go Sega Bass Fishing and play Crazy Taxi on the go. Also, being mobile I might possibly have the time to go back outside of the arcade in Shenmue and finish the actual game.

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Tempest 3000? Are you sure? I thought it was Tempest X2 and Tempest X, but 3000 I thought was only for the Nuon.

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When I fell into the PIT known as Android, I noticed that "free" typically meant that it would be full of annoying ads that interrupted game play. Once regained my wits and climbed onto solid ground, known as BB10, what was once free now comes at a price. However, it means no annoying ads.

I prefer to pay for an ap if it means no ads. In fact, on my Android device I use to put it into airplane mode when playing a game. Why? Cause the in ap ads were eating up my data. Plus it prevented the ads from appearing as they had no net connection :).

Now, is the cost for these two apps too high? Probably, but whoever did the work on the port has to have a paycheck otherwise we would never see the games. In most cases, the dev drops the price once the initial rush is over and sales drop.

Me, I loved both games growing up. Playing them on a handheld device is not the same as being in the arcade on the large console with a joystick and buttons :). Regardless, I will likely buy them to support the dev and reminisce of the good old days.

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I agree. The people who do the work for these games and apps aren't doing it because they are a charity and don't need to put food on the table. They need to be paid for the work they do.

It sure sounds like "free" with Android isn't really free. If I had a choice between paying a couple dollars for an app and not having the annoying ads, or getting it for "free" and paying for it by allowing myself to be sold to the advertisers, I would rather part with a couple dollars.

Hmmmm, I wonder who is supplying the ads for these "free" games... perhaps Google is? Maybe they have a vested interest in promoting those free-yet-ad-filled apps.

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Yup. I really don't mind paying for an app if it is ad free. I'm going to try the Android version of Galaga free first for now though. I like having that choice now.

Ditto. I'd rather pay a bit and not be annoyed by pop up ads.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

BTW has anybody EVER ONCE Clicked on one of those pop-up ads with intent to purchase? Ever? How effective can they be? They just annoy people. Ergo the product or service they are attempting to advertise becomes associated with that annoyance.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Oh yeah I accidentally selected one and began my two week email hell to get them to reverse the charges that would have happened monthly to my Telco bill, no thanks like the other poster said it eats my data the Telco makes money the game dev get a cut and you gotta bet big G gets a good slice too, with markets of the hundreds of millions it is the ultimate mass marketing tool and revenue stream

Have a buddy whose kids are on him the flies to crap, dad can I buy coins, dad can I by invincibility, dad can I buy power ups!!! These kids get pregnant filled credit cards for a hundred bucks from their grandparents and blow it on this sh1t

Free? My a$$

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Exactly brother!!

Best post in months on crackberry

Slow clap from the Wiser hood and the league of uncompromising men very well said

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You do realize that Team BlackBerry gets charged for stuff because we actually have money while Android users are typically brokeass cheapskates, right? That's why they get freebies. We support them when we purchase so they don't have to.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I disagree with this statement. I consider myself a brokeass cheapskate. However I also consider myself to be an intelligent person who chose BB over Android and has never regretted it.

That said, I'd pay for these because they are good games that I remember fondly.

Is this an Android port? That would be my only set back on buying them. Why pay someone if they aren't making a native app? I have spent a lot on apps since getting BB10 to support developers who have committed time into making native apps.

Games don't matter if they are Android ports. Apps may look and feel different from the native versions but games rarely look or feel any different. We should be happy they have such a thing as Android support. We would have very few apps coming our way otherwise. I just played Galaga free for Android and it does not work all that great. The payed ad free version on BlackBerry World is still the ideal choice.

Don't kid yourself. It matters.

If we wanted an Android device, there are plenty of options available.

Why lower standards, just to have craps?

BB until it is not CDN

I think paying more for apps is a price to pay for using BB10. They won't sell as many copies so it will cost more. That said, as the platform grows the prices and selection should come down

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ORRRR... developers will say "oh, look at those sucker blackberry owners we can charge over 400% of what we charge IOS or Android owners.... it's like gas, once you get used to paying for shit, it just dont go down in price...which is why I rather not participate.

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ORRRR... They make Android versions free so it reaches a larger audience and then put ads in it so that it generates more money per app download then it would at $2. On BB10 there are so few of us and less going to get this game they won't make as much $ making it ad supported.

You can believe and opine however you want but this is just corporate training blackberry owners that they should get used to paying a premium for the same products available elsewhere. I'm not playing that game. You want to download a $4 app to entertain yourself, go right ahead. I value my money differently and that was merely my opinion.

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But you'll buy a 4 buck coffee or over priced bottle of wine at a restaurant? Shake shake rattle ;)

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I love this two games but I'm concerned about the controls.... because with the touchscreen controls we usually are covering all the screen with our fingers and not seeing half screen.... Can anyone tell me how is the game play experience in the Galaga? thank you :)

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Not sure about galaga, but Pac Man on z10 is a swipe control below the screen of play. Works perfectly.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

Pac man plays very well on the z10. Well worth the money. Now if I could only get over the anxieties of being chased. ;)

Via my Commodore Vic 20

And that damn music dut dee dut duty da da daaa....waa waaa waaa waaa

Haha haha classic live it and paid the fill fair so my son can play the exact same game I did growing up absolutely Classic

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Crazy!! Way too expensive for my blood! I'll take the sandwich any day....specially if it's a BROODWICH!!

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Tried Pac Man and it works great. I was worried what the controls might be like but they are super slick

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Support Big Names and Big names will be breaking down BlackBerrys door!!!

5 bucks is 5 bucks is 5 bucks.

If that's too much to get two great apps that will give you hours of pleasure and get some big Names excited, then you dont need to worry about free apps, or a lack of apps, you need to worry about an additional source of income.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

i've spent more than just 5 bucks in BB App World/BB World throughout my timeline as a BB user (which only dates back to the 9800) and I've probably spent well over $200 and granted a lot of purchases weren't really great or even necessary at all (ex. bought $15 full Docs-To-Go app while using BBOS 7.0 on the 9800 and when i got the 9810 shortly thereafter, it was using 7.1 and already had the full Docs-To-Go baked in. $15 i could have spent on other apps...). having said all that, I do agree with allowing to try to free would be a good idea for these kind of apps that are found on other markets very easily. If they are ports, i don't trust ports. The Android runtime on BB is still a bit touchy, not as fluid as BB10 nor will it ever be.

There's an official, free, Namco
Classic Pac-Man, in Google Play (side load, or direct from 1Mobile)that works excellent in my Z10. Just like the arcade game. Did I's free.

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As usual blackberry users are charged. Charge all platforms or not at all. Sick and tired of these cons. I will be sideloading it for free thanks.

free to try wouldn't hurt. i know it's pacman but just becuase a game has a franchise name, doesn't mean it's actually enjoyable or even playable. apparently devs feel BB users are just cash cows just willing to spend first then complain later.

Games are native and they play great. Can't get off PAC-MAN, the controls are so great, so intuitive for touchscreen. Get it if you loved it :)

Ahhhh, takes me back to the days of raking leaves for the neighbors on the block just get enough coin to spend the entire day at the corner store playing Galaga.

Net it was more than 3 bucks hahaha that these employed people are b1tching about hahahaha

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Wow. Never thought I would see these names on BlackBerry.

$4 is a little steep but... will buy galaga for sure.

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Doesn't seem to work on my Z30 with 10.2.1055. Starts then closes after like 2 seconds at the splash screen. Anyone else get this too?

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Nope try a volume button reset, and try that no issues on my Z30 STA 5, running not a single glitch

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Ah, the memories of wasting time on these two games. However, i'll have to wait for the Z30 before getting them. Gaming on the Z10 just isn't for me.

I had the galaga sideloaded for free and no problem running it

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Nice games to see... but the price of 0.99$ would have been great

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How awesome!!! I've been playing them using retro arch but I'm happy these games have finally come to bb10 and I just bought them and love them, pacman must be even better on the z30's oled screen!

Love BB10!

The pacman I found on Android is awesome and like the original coin game but requires that you pay. 10 cents per game with credits after a few plays.

I could not find a good Galaga.

Close the app when your close to getting your highest score yet? No problem. Pac man well worth the $4 for this level of detail.

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