Naked iPhone 5 Unboxing Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Sep 2012 12:28 pm EDT

Hot! I bet Rene Ritchie my iPhone 5 unboxing video would get more youtube views than iMore's... let's see who wins :)

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Naked iPhone 5 Unboxing Video!


I don't see all the hype over a stupid iphone. It's new who cares who got it first, at the end of the day, it's another TOY!

Enjoy the Maps = FAIL

Bring on BB10

You say this as the Maps in Blackberry phone provide much better functionality.

At least iOS has tons of excellent GPS navigation apps unlike BBOS7.

Just curious so the iPhone uses Tom Tom for its data but did BlackBerry also agreed to use Tom Tom for its map data. or its the custom UI that is different.

Don't know

LMAO !! Oh sweet Jesus !!!!! Cover yourself Kevin !!! lol !!!

The tone and the: "I'm showing... a lot of skin right now,.... but you know.... I'm all excited..." just had me in stiches !!! =)


"Oh..Ohhh I am naked.... gotta be careful there" hahahahahahahahahahahaha HILARIOUS!! You sure know how to live life on the edge.

ActuallY its more of a 70's porn themed soundtrack. Porn was very scarce and all most non exsistent in the 60's

Kevin I know your probably NDA in regards to BB10 hardware, but maybe you can comment on the materials used on the device?

Having just molested an iphone 5(haha) can you say(or at liberty to say)if the materials used on the touchscreen BB10 hardware is comparable? better?

Maybe you should try watching the video before you comment. I think if you do that, you wouldn't have left that comment! Watch it. Watch it now!!

This is absolutely an iPhone 5 unboxing for a BlackBerry site. 

The iphone is the last phone I would ever buy. The whole hype machine around the thing makes me puke.

Of course I am at work and my boss walks in just as I am looking at the first picture and says
' What the hell are you watching!" So he makes me play the video and walks away shaking his head. I think he was disapointed cause there was no skin. lol

Looks like a iPhone 4SS. Much prefer the BB Alpha unit..

What i want to know is, where did you get that cover for your SIII?

At first I was asking myself... why is kevin putting an iphone 5 unboxing video on crackberry. I get it. He collects smart phones. I am the same. I've used iPhones,androids but i'm still #TeamBlackBerry . Thanks for showing other phones in comparison with iPhone 5. I love that it seems like the BlackBerry 10 device will be bigger than the iPhone 5. Also the iPhone 5 doesn't look much bigger than the iPhone 4. Apple just didn't sell me on the iPhone 5.

Kevin still drinking too much of that RIM coolaid. The BB10 phone is still vaporware. The iPhone 5 is real.

*applause* on the video! hahaha! And I must say when comparing the phones side by side, and this is strictly just a cosmetic view, I like the BB10 best! I feel like the iPhone 5 dimensions of length to width ratio is just weird. Go BB10 ;p

He had to shower after because he felt like the dirty iphone wore off on him. Gross :p. I don't think the sales will be as good on the 5 if the 4S is still on the market.

thats what i mean

it can be upgraded to iOS6 and have the same features the 5 has minus the screen, the connector, LTE and A6 chip at a lower cost, and its not like the 4S is a slow device so sales of the 4S might actually be better then the 5 who knows

sexy indeed its a girls phone... sorry I like to feel some weight and buttons on my main communication device

Now after watching you "massaging" the iPhone5 with awesome music. I start to like it. You're right it looks kind of elegant. Thanks Kevin.

Hopefully the final BB10 phone won't be as "clunky" looking as the Alpha unit...when compared side-by-side that Alpha doesn't look so good.

love the wobbly podium the phones are sitting on... a little squeaking would be icing for this video. Good job.

The dev alpha looks awesome and seeing it next to the iphone, shows that it doesn't look like the iphone. Looks heaps better than the samsung too. I wish RIM wouldn't change the look of the bb10 for something different to the dev alpha. I'd be happy with the dev alpha as the bb10 device. The dev looks better than the recently released bb10 leaked device.

That was hilarious!
BB10 will have larger screen than iphone 5, its really large tho
Waiting for the review, you do the best review out there

Come on guys were all bb10 fans here but really, you actually think the dev alpha looks better. As much as i hate the iphone 5 it looks pretty darn good...


While you're off playing with your new iP5 be sure to shoot some video. You know.... incase you break it.

Just sayin' :)

Hey Kevin,

You say BB10 kicks the butt off the iPhone 5, agreed. How is it compared to Windows 8 OS ??

That`s huge!!! By the traffic alone CrackBerry is way more important/influential in tech blog land vs. iBGR (yes, I did take off the i when I searched it) Geller has ZERO credibility left. Why does anybody still go there?

The BB10 Dev Alpha phone is sooooooo much better looking than both phones. The iphone doesn't look as polished as the BB10 , while the Samsung just looks cheap. Hurry RIM, I can't wait.

That Iphone 5 looks amazing ....I see why it sells millions upon millions. Wait until 2013..Jan..maybe Feb or June...nahhhh rather not.