MyWeather Mobile for your BlackBerry Smartphone

By ObiGeorge on 18 Jan 2010 12:00 am EST
MyWeather Mobile

There have been many weather applications going around recently, MyWeather Mobile is another good one. At $3.99, MyWeather Mobile is a bit cheaper than most feature rich weather applications, and also has a free, lite version. The application gives you current sky conditions (including wind chill/speed/direction, dew point, humidity, precipitation, and barometric pressure), personalized city selection, as well as your 7 day forecast. MyWeather Mobile also uses Microsoft Virtual earth, allowing you to pan, scroll and zoom the animated radar to a variety of points of interest, making it the best radar on a BlackBerry that I have seen. Another nice feature is the 36 hour trend graphs, giving you detailed information on recent conditions and precipitation. Overall I think MyWeather Mobile is a good application, is priced very well, and has one of the best animated radars out there. However, it is lacking that wonderful BerryWeather homescreen integration. MyWeather Mobile is only available in the U.S.A. and is compatible with the 9530, 9550, 83xx, 81xx, 9000 and coming soon to the 9630 and 8900. Click the links below to download via BlackBerry App World.



i find that this gives some more details over berryweather but dont looks as good. this is another great app set aside berryweather, but ill keep on using berryweather for now. anyone got this running on there device do give us some insights on it.


it is ok I am using weatherbug elite and like the push alert feature i just wish it was feature rich like berryweather.


I may try the lite..what is the main difference between the 2 beside the price tag? Will both still show up on the homescreen wallpaper?


It is just a weather app and I am cheap, I am sticking by weathereye.


Why is everyone charging for the weather?

Black Edge

I have a Storm handset and MyWeather has international cities. I think that's what was explained in the app description. I like the app, does what I need to stay on top of the weather conditions.

I'm not keen on paying for weather, but as a weather watcher I understand that it costs money to pay the weather man to make the forecasts and weather sticks are not cheap, believe me. My Davis weather station was expensive!