Never miss a train again in the UK with myTrains for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Feb 2013 03:13 am EST

Are you in the the UK? Want to get rid of the hassle and worry of missing or finding your train? That's where myTrains for BlackBerry 10 comes in. The app from mxData (who brought us TubeMap) is rather clever and boasts a great selection of features to make train commuting in the UK just a little easier.

Searching for trains is dead easy with the app. One great feature is that once you have done a search you can select the train you want to view and as well as it showing you the route and times you can actually see where on the route the train currently is in real time. How cool is that?

Journey planning in advance is also just as simple. The app offers options for both one way and return journeys and once all the boxes are checked you can view all the train options from and to your starting point and destination.

If you are away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings myTrains will guide you home with ease. Because you can enter your home station into the app all you need do is press the 'train home' tab and using GPS the app will see where you are and offer up the nearest station and train times - sweet!

I had a chat with mxData at the recent BlackBerry 10 launch in London and they have a few more BB10 apps up their sleeves but you will have to wait for those. myTrains is available to download for £2.50. If you use the trains on a regular basis this one is a must have app.

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Never miss a train again in the UK with myTrains for BlackBerry 10


Folks with iPhones have boasted to me about an App that does what this does - such that they are informed of which platform a train will be leaving from before it is displayed on the screen at the station.

If this can do that, then wonderful !! I'm buying it, that is for sure. I don't use trains a whole lot, but when I do this is always a problem. £2.50? what's that? The cost of a cup of coffee in the station...

It says its not supported for the z10!??? is that the same for anyone else? ive check both phone and browser too!

I've had this for a week and it was absolutely worth the purchase. While the site works fine on the browser, its so much better to have an app to do it so I can save my frequent journies and such. I believe it can tell you what platforms to get to too, not that I have used that, but I think it is there.

Sucks for you guys who can't get it to download, but I promise it's there on BBW and works on the Z10.

I think it's the link because I got the same message but when I searched in app world for my trains it worked. Brilliant app.