Mysterious monoliths appear in AT&T stores but what's inside?!?

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2010 06:39 pm EDT
Mysterious monoliths appear in AT&T stores but what's inside?!?

Since the word "monolith" has been making vast amounts of headlines today, we figured we'd toss in our thoughts on the mysterious pillars that have shown up in some AT&T stores recently. AT&T employees have been silent on the matter, some folks are even saying they have been sternly warned to not even joke, nor talk about the possibility of what may be underneath.

Many conclusions have been drawn up as to what it may be. It could be the Android packing Dell Streak, it may also have something to do with the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Some have even gone so far as to say it may be iPhone 4 related but that seems a little off base, since the iPhone 4 has already launched. Of course, this being CrackBerry and all; we'd like to think it's related to BlackBerry 6 and the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 aka Torch release. How frack'n cool would it be too see a huge Torch underneath there! Either way, time will tell what it is. I just hope it's something really cool for all the hype it's received thus far.

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Mysterious monoliths appear in AT&T stores but what's inside?!?


I definitely think its the 9800. Keep seeing google news flooded with rims big announcement next week

Did you actually... I don't know... read the article and look at the picture?... It isn't all that tough to figure out.

It has to be. The Droid series anything is red. iPhone... Well, unless it's a new antenna, no one cares. Windows Phone 7 I'm thinking will be green marketing.

I vote BlackBerry 6 related.

by posting something like that on here is just looking for a fight your stupid I agree Im thinking it is definitely has to do with the New BB6 9800 platform will be really cool to see where they are going with the system now I just hope that they can stay away from the Iphone Clone Syndrome that is hitting the market place damn come up with something new not just a clone of something that we have already seen just in a different packaging know what I mean...

its just that rim imo is more traditional and safe. nothing wrong with that. it just seems highly out of character for rim to pull something like this and it seems like its something else. could be wrong, but i really mean no offense.

Check this out...did you check the font type comparison between the invitation sent by AT&T for the event with RIM and the monolith? I think that maybe is material used to prepare AT&T customers for the launch of the new slider BlackBerry model...

What do you think?

I think that is without a doubt the exact same font. The serifs on it have a very unique shape. The question is, how common is that font?

I can't believe everybody hasn't noticed that is Blackberry font. The arrow at the top seems to match the multi-color BB symbols that have been seen in recent RIM adds as well. Really, no doubt that this is BB6 and the 9800. Hope its a wicked looking blue torch!

The serifs on the lower case a are relatively unique, but match exactly that on the NYC invitation. It's astounding that they even bothered suggesting other possibilities.

Man you android owners really have nothing better to do with your time than troll other forums and bash on operating systems. Probably because the majority of you are kids.

I think it's the dildo that RIM has been using on us for so they are getting bold..(pun intended) LOL

i have a big feeling it will be the 9800. we've been seeing alot of leaks lately and this event works well with RIM and AT&T's announcement. plus the font thing is also a nice clue.

i really love the 9800 and i hope i really is it. but recently i have been growing tired of my blackberry phone. dont get me wrong, i love it and whatever it does it does perfectly which is communication between people. but on the entertainment side it leaves alot to be desired.

as much as it pains me to say this but i had decided that my next phone would be an iphone. the thing about iphones or apple products in general is that they might not be the best out there but they make YOU feel special. you might deny it but its true, the way everything is so convenient and smooth and out of the box its just fun you know? same thing when comparing windows to mac OSX. windows is better but mac OSX just looks so damn nice and smooth and easy. the apple products treat their users right.

but now that the 9800 might be releasing i am not sure whether i should get a 9800 or an iphone. will the OS6 be that much better? i really dont know. because the one thing i hate about the iphone is the touch screen typing. i just dont feel comfortable using it. nothing beats a good ol bb keypad.

Make you feel special? Ya for a few weeks. I had one it did just what you said for a little while, but after that you discover the big secret. Most of the apps are crap and a waste of money. More and more people have iPhones so they are not viewed as anything special, and worst of all they don't work as a phone.

I can't think of many BB users that like iPhones. But hey I'm not going to convince you especially if you think you'll feel special. You'll have to discover it for yourself.

Even my friend who never owned a BB and bought an iPhone is moving on to Android for his next phone. That special feeling just doesn't last.......

You're absolutely right. I know that after a while it gets boring. I guess I'm just a gadget whore and love getting new devices :D

Indicate that it is probably not android with the Blue on Black.

Windows Mobile 7 phones have a color that seems to be black and Green according to the Kin unless they kill the colors with the kin.

If not then it could also be the Blackpad, However I want to think it is the 9800.

Still 2 or more months before anything new comes out of Microsoft...

This is either Android or BlackBerry...

fingers crossed for the 9800! but the Dell or Samsung is another good guess.. a quick scan of Samsung's website and they do like the word innovation, they're using it on two of their title pages right now...

We should know by Tuesday...

I see Bla1ze is a Battlestar Galactica fan. Well whatever is under the monolith is of cylon origin and they are going to take over the The 9800 or the Tablet could be a nice surprise, even a relief that the cylons are not plotting our destruction using AT&T as a cover and Androids as spies.

I wonder if my local store has one. I'll have to check it out! Ha. Atleast ask them when the "monolith" will be opened!

I would pick it up on launch day...haha! Have to sell one of my kids to the black market though...stuck on 2 year contract, so would need what 600 bucks or so? :(

Its nice to be able to visit and keep about with the latest intel on BlackBerry and mobile world, but imagine my surprise when I can also find the latest prices on AirJordans too while reading comments here!?!

i.e. ""


The font used on the writing screams blackberry. For the other phone wannabe's they are just dreaming.

It is just too bad that the phone is being launched on AT&T.

I'm pretty sure it's a BlackBerry reveal.

Take a look at these two images:

The 'monolith' and the RIM announcement invite use the same font.

The text "Innovation comes to.." uses the same font script as the details on the bottom of the invite.

Yes, it could be coincidence, but lets think about this one. Same font, same colour scheme (blue on black), and coinciding with an announcement from RIM.

People, I believe we have lift off.

i've seen that font all over RIM stuff over the past few years. plus they are advertising more and more for BBM.

anyone know what that object in the top corner is?

What are the dots partially visible at the top of the thing? Could that be the RIM symbol or part of it?

Also,is it me or does the thing look as though it was pasted into the picture vs being real?

No doubt it's for the 9800 and OS 6. The announcement is this Tuesday Aug. 3, it'll go on preorder the following Monday Aug. 9, and will be released in store Sunday Aug. 15. It all makes sense. RIM is stepping up the marketing -- it has to -- with a little hepp from its longtime friend AT&T. (BTW, I'm not a fan boy of either, AT&T sucks at high speed Internet service and the Storm is a monstrosity. But I am looking forward to the Torch 9800).

i thought the same exact thing...we need a sacrificial lamb to go and lift that damn thang up...

def not android...

talked to a friend who works at a store, after offering him a percocet (LOL) he admitted it IS a blackberry device.

thats all he could say, said he could get fired for saying.

Dude your friend might just get fired for failing a drug test rather than telling you what's inside the "monolith".

Who The Fuck does AT&T think they are? Apple? Employees face termination for joking around with each other about what is inside a damn display. That's just plain stupid.

puhleeese let it be the 9800 i need a new BB my blackberry flip is starting to piss me off.i keep getting javascript errors when i try to call someone.

Nearest AT&T store here I come! Time for the old Camera Shot up the dress, so to speak. Just because they cannot look, doesn't mean I can't! Hope I find little blue aliens inside!

Otherwise it could just be a bunch of Nukes dressed up as a display. The easiest way to fix AT&Ts crappy network, is to get rid of all their stores, forcing them to open new ones, and giving them lots of time to fix all the problems with the customers already locked in!

look at the lowercase t on both the invitation and the 'monolith'. not a usual font but they're the exact same. so this combined with the giant 6 in the background of the invite graphic means i'd almost guarantee we're seeing a slider/os6 release

you're not wrong with the font,

looks like AT&T produced the invites, possibly with a cooperative program from RIM funding it.

but the colour scheme is very RIM like, most certainly not an Apple advertising scheme.

and I can't see why these pillars would show up to be in stores during a RIM product announcement on the 3rd unless the Stores will to an unveil after the Press release on the 3rd.

good point with the at&t font/innovation stuff. i don't know much about at&t. im guessing 'innovation' is just their new marketing phrase for now so "innovation comes to life" sounds like a release no doubt.
even so all the signs clearly point to this being Blackberry related, therefore it's most likely gonna be what we're all thinking it is. too many things falling in place at the same time for it not to be. works with me

The color of the monolith shades from dark blue to light blue.

Now look three threads down to the "BlackBerry App World 2.0 launched in BlackBerry Beta Zone!"

The top Blackberry banner shades from dark blue to light blue.

I find that pretty unusual. No?

i think this is also blackberry related. no one really knows what dell's marketing is like when it comes to phones cause well, the streak & aero are their first phones. so it could still be the streak & aero. but the way the box looks(if there is something inside it at all) my money would be on RIM. the streak & aero are supposed to be available by the 8th or 9th of august with a sooner release on DELL.COM as unlocked phones. i really don't see it being winmo 7, although the winmo 7 isn't JUST windows. they got together with symbian to make the new winmo so god only knows what their marketing team drew up. but if you look at all the new pictures OF the new winmo 7 phone the colors are black & blue.

so i decided to take things in my own hands & ask some Q&A with At&t & dell. (i tried RIM but got no where) this IS what i found out from at&t reps at several stores....

at&t on cicero ave in chicago,
Q:"are you getting the dell streak?"
A:"no we're not"
Q:"what about the blackberry 9800?"
A:"i haven't heard of it."

at&t in aurora illinois,
Q:"are you getting the dell streak?"
A:"yes we are, it should be out within a couple weeks."
Q:"what about the blackberry 9800?"
A:"there will be a party soon to announce it but at least a month or so till it's released"

at&t on ogden ave. berwyn illinois,
Q:"are you getting the dell streak?"
A:(looks around) "yeah we are it'll be out soon"
Q:"what about the blackberry 9800?"
A:"that will also be released soon"

i then went to dell...

Q:"what's the hold up on the dell streak?"
A:"you can go to & sign up for the pre order"
Q:"ok, i did that on the 20th. why hasn't it been available for pre order yet?"
A:"we don't have any information on the release date of the Dell Streak"
Q:"ok, again, why is it being held up?"
A:"please go to for more details"

i then tried agian...
Q:"hi, when is the dell streak going on sale?"
A:"i'm sorry but we don't have any information on that product at this time. please go to & sign up for the pre order."
(i logged off)

then here's a real answer....

Q:"hi, when will the dell streak be available?"
A:" hi, we are working out contract issues with at&t as we speak. the Streak should be available soon. we hope to launch by late july"
Q:"is there a chance it could be delayed?"
A:"yes, the contract with at&t isn't close to being closed so it could take longer than we thought."

then i called dell...

Q:"when will the streak be available?"
A:"the 27th"
Q:"is that for sure?"
A"yes, that is the final release date for the unlocked model in the US"

as we all can see, it's not out yet on so take it for what it is when it comes to the streak, at&t & the BB9800.

Is there anything particularly innovative about the streak? I haven't checked as I'm not interested. The same can be said about the 9800, but since it is ATT's first touchscreen BlackBerry they could have an angle there.
Hope it is the 9800. It would be nice to see some fanfare, as I think VZW is done pushing BlackBerry forevermore.

Springfield, PA Store has this display.

Who takes these pictures anyway. Too much floor not enough ceiling. Those dots are clearly an arrow and that is it. But I still think it is a Blackberry.

I say it has something to do with AT&T's Version of 4G being launched soon. and their Ad campagn for it.

I had also considered this. I went and looked at and I just got the feeling they aren't very device specific there. So I was hoping it would be the LTE announcement, especially with Verizon about to start implementing LTE.

the pillar is sitting right in front in the middle of the store..I was so tempted to pry it open to look inside and see...I ask a csa what was it and he said it was top secret and they didn't even know....he came in one day and it was there....

its a 200gb I phone running android 2.2 an a blackberry keybord its called the mutant it gots 2.5 snapdragon with 4gb of flash an gots a 3d screen capabilities 2 hdmis an glows blue when in hyper speed mode

But I'm saying its a blackberry I mean the piller alone is blackberry desine alone so manny hints lol its nice to see rim is getting readdy thoe finley 6.0 alone will offer a lot offer a lot more for the user I cantcompane I'm loven it fater web more power its a soild device well we won't know tell its comes out but crackberry keep up the good work much love to all

I can totally tell you that this is the real deal, I am from Waterloo and I was just using the 9800 Last night on Rogers and the RIM team is heading on down to NYC today to the AT&T party. AT&T has an exclusive on the device for two months as well. Its an amazing phone, be excited! I found the device heavy too, and I loved the new BB6 OS.