MySpace Finally Hits BlackBerry!

MySpace On BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2008 12:39 am EST

Well it's been a long wait for MySpace fans, but the time has come. Announced back in September officially, the new MySpace application is now available from the MySpace dedicated BlackBerry page as well as being placed on the BlackBerry homepage. I'm personally not a MySpace user but I know a lot of the CrackBerry nation is, so with that being said be sure to let everyone know what you think about the new application in the comments.

What to expect from the new application:

  • A full messaging interface, including comments, bulletins and messaging Real time status and mood updates.
  • Find, add, and respond to friend requests.
  • Camera integration and optimized photo management allowing users to snap, sort and upload pictures anytime and anywhere.
  • View and comment on friends’ albums and photos.
  • Notification of new MySpace events (message and friend requests).

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Reader comments

MySpace Finally Hits BlackBerry!


Just got it. Like it better then the facebook one I had (Don't want any fanboys of either network bothering me though). I like the transitions, the picture viewer.. I think It'll be usefull.

I must say, just as I am impressed with the user friendliness of the FACEBOOK App on my Curve... this new My Space app is just as flawless! I love the scrolling windows effect! NICE TOUCH!


I just downloaded MySpace even though i haven't logged in this app for a very long time but it looks like i will now. Beautiful interface! I really like it

I was dying for this app to come out. It's so much easier to go on myspace from my phone now... Very impress with it

You have to love the typo on the download button... "Send to a my Blackberry"...

You would think as much time as it took them to release it, they would at least have a typo-free page on MySpace.

that is funny but since they did take so long this interface is faster to search through myspace than a computer! and cool page changes comin in from the side makes the whole thing feel so much better

I'm a promoter in the Los Angeles area and myspace is an essential tool for me. This app. will help me be more efficient in getting the word out to my "friends".

I love this app, its very nice. But why oh why doesnt it show pictures in comments that are left. My girl leaves me photobucket comments and picture comments all the time. But they just wont show up using this app. Is there some type of setting i can change to see this?

I love this new app especially viewing pics. To see comments though, you have to actually select the individual pic and then you will be able to see comments. It would be perfect if you could view comments right under the pic while scrolling through them. Other than that it's very easy to use. I'll be on myspace alot more because of it.

I agree with everyone else, the app is awesome. Facebook should take notes.. A solid app for BOTH sites can only help RIM attract people to Blackberry especially the younger people. Not to say the Facebook app is bad, its just plain.

Links report software was removed. Is this a sign of problems? Tried downloading on and having link sent to phone, both gave same message, software not found

they did a great job on this app. and its about time they released it too!!! I'm glad you crackburries are on the ball because i never received an email from myspace about it.

Odd, I would never have guessed that there was that much overlap between blackberry users and 14 year olds.

Finally. The Facebook app is kinda weak, so I hope this one is better.

Thursday is looking to be pretty awesome.

Today is the day!! Myspace is blocked at work and I use myspace to stay in touch with all my real life friends all over the globe! Signing in now....

just a quick note, it was impossible to get the link on my 8310 from the myspace site, but i used and the page loaded much faster with links that were actually clickable. seems like a cool app so far.

Really like the new app, Myspace team did a great job with it. 100x more useful then the Facebook app. Cant wait to get a BB that has a camera so I can upload pictures in real time.

will i be able to upload this onto my storm when it comes out? not really big on myspace but have a few mommies i like to keep in touch with.

just downloaded it, its simple and easy to use and runs very smooth on my 8330, im digging it. good job guys and gals that put this together :)

Does anyone know if there is any way to post myspace blogs from your blackberry? I haven't seen it on the Myspace App.

Other than that it's so far flawless. Tho I will have to see how fast this loads on my T-Mo 8320 when I am away from my WiFi connection.

I had to try a few times to actually get it. I went to the site on FireFox and had it send a link to my email and that finally worked.

It is a very nice app! It really is slicker and better than the Facebook app (even though I like Facebook more). I'm glad RIM took their time with this one. It really shows!!

I went to, selected download and keep getting this error message 'Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor. The "MIDlet-Name" attribute is missing.' Did this happen to anyone else???

wait people still use myspace? Unless your trying to be a music artist, or still trying to add Tila Tequila as a friend , or enjoy Tom being your required friend, facebook is the way to go.

Can someine help me out? I downloaded the app and first off it wouldn't open. All I got was a white screen. After I deleted and restarted my 8330, my briowser was deleted. It's saying that I have to resend service books. How do I do that? Someone help!!

Go to Options, Advance Options, Host Routing Tabls, then press the Menu button and Register Now

Hope this helps!

Anyone else that installed this on the Bold/9000 get a whole bunch of Java errors and uncaught exceptions popping up after doing a reboot of the device? It caused a large amount of my icons to disappear or be rearranged and it also reverted my background. After removing the app and rebooting everything was back to normal.

First, it was busy, then I'd get a partial download, which would fail just before completing. Then more 503's and 502's. Now, the OTA is 404, and so is the User Agreement page.

Can someone who already downloaded this just throw it up somewhere like

i think this is awesome!!!! the facebook app is tired and way old. this is really fresh and easy to navigate. def selling tool when looking @ blackberries for people who aren't hardcore business users. thanks CB!!!

i had it this morning couldn't get any notifications from it uninstalled it so i could reinstall it and now it's gone. not that i'm a huge myspace freak, but the U.I. is much nicer than the facebook. i think i have the phone set up to get the notifications now, but i can't get the app. so annoying.

Someone probably posted the link on Slashdot. Ironically, /.'rs typically vomit a bit in their mouths whenever MySpace is mentioned, but hey, they're a heavy BB crowd and telling them "New BB App" is like blood in shark infested waters. ;)

(And no, I haven't seen a Slashdot story, though this would be a nice one to submit about another RIM outage... if you want the link down even longer, that is, hehe.)

Does anyone know if mySpace will have "Home screen notifications" — so you know right away when you have a new mySpace event like a wall post, message or poke?

FaceBook offers it.
You receive a star on the icon itself and a little star icon on the home screen just like when you get a new BB email message or sms text.

yea it does when someone added me as a friend i got a homescreen notification but one thing i haven't figured out how do u accept a request for someone trying to leave a comment on my page

so i go to get the new app and i get error 404 not found the page could not be found try loading a different page.
can anyone help?

I'm cross-posting this from my comment left at Blackberry Cool, but after reading some of the postings about the inability for peeps to access the Myspace app (I'm getting a 404 now) I have an experience I've ran into with the Facebook for Blackberry app on my Curve.

If you have the Facebook app, be careful. Not sure if it's just me, but the Facebook app stopped updating with statuses, requests, etc. after I installed the Myspace app last night.

There were at least 10 requests that I had today on the Facebook page, but none of them were sent to my Blackberry. It was then that I've noticed that I haven't had any status updates on the FB app since the Myspace app install.

I uninstalled the Facebook app, then attempted to download a new copy. So far, I'm unable to download the app either OTA or through RIM's Facebook app page (either getting a 404 error on the BB or an "Under Maintenance" error on the web page.

Good job, RIM. :-)

yea im having the same issue here after downloading the myspace app im not even getting messages or pokes or any type of notifications since downloading myspace

too bad the dang site isn't working! been under maintenance all day! ugh! I want my myspace app darnit! (it is sooo hard not to cuss up a storm right now!)

I finally got it working...and its awesome! It is very easy to use and you are able to browse faster then on a computer.

I am having issues with downloading the MySpace application from the BlackBerry browser. Is anyone else having this problem, or has anyone resolved the problem?

I, too, was having a problem downloading the app to my 8330 via sprint. I was able to get it without a problem by going about it in a different way.

I went to via my pc. I saw the link for "send to my blackberry" i put in my info and they sent me a link. The new link was for the direct download of the app, not to the myspace page. Which as you know is rich with images and probably taking all of your available cache. Really, I'm not sure if that was what it is, but it made sense in my tiny lttle mind.

Anyhow, here is the actual link they sent me...hope it helps someone.

I've downloaded it and deleted it like 10 times. still can't get it to work! When I download it, It shows up in my application list, but theres no icons, no way to get there!
anyone else have this problem?

i am having the same problem on my 8130. have tried re-installing numerous time but still can't find it. but it is in the appl. list! wth?

I have a BlackBerry 8130 Pearl through Alltel and had no problem installing and launching the Myspace application. However, it immediately began freezing up my phone. Everything ran slower, and even just trying to hang up on a call would take 5-10 seconds or more. I finally deleted it and my phone has run smoothly ever since. I have very few applications on my phone, so I don't believe it to be a memory problem. Anyone else having this issue?

i am an avid myspace user and got the blackberry storm just so I could have the myspace app. I have never owned a blackberry before but I am so looking forward to getting mine in the mail before december 15th according to verizonwireless. I'm a student as well as a soccer mom and the blackberry storm is the perfect choice for me to keep me in the mix with my scheduling and still available to keep in touch with myspace friends. I'm an avid blogger as well. I can barely sleep!!

I can't figure out how to make my updates work. IT never tells me when something is going on. I can open it and look, but it doesn't notify me. I'm confused...