MySpace BlackBerry App Version 1.5 Now Available

myspace v1.5 now available
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2009 04:35 am EST

Listen up MySpace users... we received word that version 1.5 is now available!

We wanted to let you know that a new version of the MySpace for BlackBerry application (V.1.5) is available as of today. New features and enhancements include:

  • Friend Updates: Users can now view their MySpace Friend Updates from within the application, and click on a thumbnail of a photo in the Friend Updates to be taken to a full screen version
  • Enhanced updates and messaging: Instantaneous mobile notifications and messaging (no lag time between receiving a message online and on mobile). Users can also save a composed message/bulletin as a draft, delete and open a saved draft message to edit/send the message, and view or hide sent items
  • Enhanced band profiles: Bands can add tour dates and more profile bits to their profiles, like Upcoming Shows (displays more details on the show such as venue, date, address and cost)
  • Support for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages

Subscribers can install the updated application by visiting or via the mobile browser, or via a desktop browser. The application can also be installed through the MySpace icon that is preloaded on some BlackBerry devices.

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MySpace BlackBerry App Version 1.5 Now Available


Downloading now. I just realized I have very few myspace friends! Tell me you're from Crackberry and Add Me

THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! im actually looking forward to the myspace app rather than facebook since i use myspace more. both are indeed welcome updates none-the-less.

I just updated to 1.5 but when loading information I've gotten the "cannot connect to MySpace" message a couple times... ??

I was hoping this new version would allow me to receive the notification icon when new messages arrived, but it still isn't working properly on my BOLD. I get the little star on the MySpace icon indicating that there is a new message, but I don't get the notification icon on the home screen. When I had a curve, it worked fine though so it's definitely a Bold/MySpace not working together well issue.

Seriously, why can't they add these features to Facebook 1.5? I am so sick of having to go to the mobile site for pretty much everything. Myspace is so much better on the blackberry... and I HATE Myspace.

yea this really do suck. i cannot get notifications anymore with the myspace app. i couldnt get it before either and thought it would be fixed with the new version.

emailing customer service got me no where so i posted a topic in the help forum. amazingly, the staffer responded almost immediate with a solution to my no notification problem. here is the message, I replaced my email address with the asterisks ****



The reason that you are not receiving notifications from MySpace is because your e-mail address, ****, is on our Do Not Mail List.

In order for us to remove your e-mail address from the list, we need you to contact MySpace Customer Care at from your e-mail address ****.

Title the Subject "Remove from Do Not Mail List"
and copy this into the body:

Remove my e-mail address **** from the Do Not Mail List.

-MySpace Help

Do people actually juggle myspace and facebook profiles? I lefy my myspace profile about two months ago when facebook really kicked off. it's soo much better.

hey JFig, i did email them and they removed my email from the list. i am now receiving normal email notifications. BUT like most users here I am not getting the notifications through the APP. i think it's a bug. the app isnt catching the email notifications at all and i just get regular emails in my inbox.

before when it "was" working, i only received notifications for messages, not for comments.

this is exciting!!

i hope there is less lag time in refreshing the message list (this takes up to 2 minutes with the current version)

I got all happy then it read myspace... seriously who even uses myspace anymore? We need a facebook update with support for chat.

idk if anyone else has this problem but when im signed into the myspace app it constantly shows a little icon on the top of my screen with a number 1 next to it so i assumed it meant i have some sort of notification but i have NOTHING. it always says it no matter what and it drives me crazy!

anyone else have this going on? or at least kno what it is and how to get rid of it?

I'm not 100% sure if it was the new myspace app, but my battery has been draining very fast since around the time I downloaded this. I uninstalled it today and it seems better so far. Like most people who have posted, I barely look at myspace anymore anyway.

My Battery has been going super fast since I downloaded the 1.5 version. I also get and error "unable to communicate with myspace" when i try to go to my comments. I cant even see my comments.

i just downloaded the new myspace app on my blackberry curve and i cant find it anywhere :( idk wat to do guys :(