MyMusicCloud is now a featured application in BlackBerry App World!

By Ryan Blundell on 14 Dec 2011 02:58 pm EST

The featured app carousel is the most coveted position to be seen from in BlackBerry App World. Even if you are visiting the store with a specific application in mind, the featured apps always seem to catch your eye. A few days ago, TriPlay announced their music streaming application, called MyMusicCloud, joined the ranks that a select few have had the opportunity to enjoy. Not too long ago, I gave an in-depth review of this media syncing product. Through MyMusicCloud you’ll be able to sync multiple media players, such as iTunes, with your BlackBerry smartphones or other devices.

“BlackBerry users should be able to simply enjoy their music collections on their devices of choice without having to be concerned with the technical complexity associated with getting those devices to talk with each other,” said Tamir Koch, CEO for TriPlay.

It’s fairly easy to set up your music library; you can do so by either using their Desktop Sync Agent or upload content to their website. They’re right about the simplicity you’ll experience while enjoying your music collection; create playlists, purchase songs, online/offline support and even create personalized ringtones. For more information about there services, head over to Press release after the jump.

More information/download MyMusicCloud from BlackBerry App World

MyMusicCloud Featured in BlackBerry App World

MyMusicCloud Offers Solution for Disparate Platforms

New York, NY – December 9, 2011 – Great news for BlackBerry fans that want to synchronize and enjoy their music using BlackBerry® smartphones together with other mobile devices, tablets or personal computers! Starting today, MyMusicCloud will be a featured app on BlackBerry® App World™.

“BlackBerry users should be able to simply enjoy their music collections on their devices of choice without having to be concerned with the technical complexity associated with getting those devices to talk with each other,” said Tamir Koch, CEO for TriPlay.

MyMusicCloud uniquely addresses the needs of users who want to access and play music – online or offline - on any mobile device, tablet, Web-enabled television or personal computer from anywhere in the world. MyMusicCloud enables users to synchronize music from their iTunes and other media players across virtually every type of device including BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Apple phones. . For example, users can listen to all of their Apple iTunes collection (and music from other media players) on an Apple iPad together with an Android, BlackBerry or Nokia phone.

Unlike radio and streaming services such as Spotify, Grooveshark or Pandora, MyMusicCloud empowers the user with complete control over his or her music and enables streaming and synchronization for online and offline playback. MyMusicCloud enables Facebook users to share their music tastes with Facebook friends. In addition, MyMusicCloud offers custom cropping of ringtones, song lyrics when available and excellent music playback quality.

Availability and Pricing

MyMusicCloud is free and is now available on BlackBerry App World, install here. MyMusicCloud offers online storage of up to 2 GB of songs for free and the ability to purchase additional storage starting at $10 annually for an additional 5 GB. Users in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can purchase and download music from the MyMusicCloud store. The store offers over 11 million songs for prices starting at $0.19.

About TriPlay

TriPlay is a multi-faceted technology company focused on providing globally-available multimedia services including music, photos, videos and messaging. TriPlay's solutions empower users to access content anywhere in the world from any mobile phone, personal computer, tablet or Web-enabled television. TriPlay is a privately held company with offices in New York and Israel. More information can be found at, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Reader comments

MyMusicCloud is now a featured application in BlackBerry App World!


"Install here" link is missing.
Anyone use this yet? Does it always streams online or it caches locally?
The reviews in App World are not positive :(

I have kept reading the reviews on app world the same, and everyone is like giving it a bad rating. Unless the users who use it don't know how to use this app. I might just try it myself and just get it over with o.o

They probably just didn't know how to use it. When I first heard about this application, I went and tried it out myself, and it works just like it should. The only thing I didn't like was that you had to sync all the songs to the cloud from your computer before listening to them on your phone, and I just don't have that kind of patience...also there is a limit, I forgot how much it was though...

do you like limits? Why should I pay them a 10$ monthly fee for 5gb? 32GB card is cheap. My collection contains almost 100gb of music. To store this on their servers I would pay them how much - 80$ monthly? For 1000$ a year I can buy 2 super Blackberry phones a year.
I am ready to pay - like 5-10$ monthly for an unlimited storage.

- because we do not like managing music files in a TXT file...
- because we do not like to select 3000+ files manually
- because there is no other store with so huge amount of music as on iTunes
- because it is easy to use
- because I do not care whether some app is using 1gb or 3gb of memory
- because the other Blackberry desktop alternative (media player) is much worse than iTunes

The idea to have unlimited amount of disc space is really good. But there is no contact on their site (you do not know to whom you give your data), there is no support (so you just cannot change your password for example), there is as well scary ToS.
You further agree to allow the Cloud Player Uploader to make a digital copy or copies of your audio/video Content, grant access to the copied Content to other Cloud Player users, and store it indefinitely on the Cloud Player server or servers. You agree that the Content will continue to be accessed even upon the termination of your account and that termination of your account will not remove your Content from Cloud Player.
So, no for me again...

2GB is lame. They don't get it do they. The need to offer free space for larger than current SDHC capacity. Why would I sue cloud if I can fit all my media on to local card?

I have 90GB of music. How much do I have to pay?

Yeah I didn't like that everybody is giving bad reviews and I really don't own that much music in the first place. I'm a BBM Music app user and rather keep investing my five dollars there. Not only do I get to pick the limited favorite list of music but have discovered all kind of music I now love. I didn't know Italian music was so smooth