myCopernic - Remote Search and Download of PC Files Directly from BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2009 08:32 am EDT

myCopernic is a cool new PC/BlackBerry application that allows you to access and search files on your PC direct from your BlackBerry smartphone. It does so by having you download a "connector" application which when installed creates a link to your BlackBerry direct from your BlackBerry's web browser.

With the link created, you can then download OTA documents, pictures, movies, music and pretty much what ever else you could possibly need to access. The service itself is a great solution and the cost is relatively small for such features as it sells for $9.95/year. Sadly, no mac support is as of yet available nor is their a free trial to check out.

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myCopernic - Remote Search and Download of PC Files Directly from BlackBerry


I love the new and innovative applications available for the Blackberry, however, security is one of my main concerns. I'm interested in checking this app out a bit more.

In the back of my mind, I'm cellular carrier and RIM have potential to see information accessed and stored on my device. Why allow a 3rd party company to do the same and see information on my home computer?

Copernic has taken the security and privacy issue seriously when developping this application.

The small software require to install myCopernic on the Go! secures the connection with an https and no data is going onto our server. We do not see what files you are accessing.

This looks/sounds like a paid version of Orb. Being on Telus, I cannot use the Orb service on my Blackberry - although it worked on my Motorola Q. This is only $10 for the year sooooo I'm going to give it a shot to see if it'll do what I've been wanting/trying to do for months now... Stream my music to my phone!!

About 3 months ago Crackberry offered a deal on RDM+ for $19.99. Best money I have spent for my Storm. Not only does it allow access to all files on multiple PCs running the RDM+ Desktop Client (which is login ID and password protected) but there is no limit to how many PCs I can add. Plus it allows Remote Desktop Takeover of the remote PC not just access to the files (and it is surprisingly fast and easy to navigate around said desktop too). Plus it has the excellent capability to Shutdown the remote PC (invaluable function when you are away from home and find out a large thunderstorm is headed that way). Plus the cost of the app is one-time only! No annual fee! The regular price is $39.99 for RDM+ I believe and it is worth every penny. If you ever see it on sale and this sounds like something you would use (like if you are an IT support person or you are the computer guru for all your relatives) I highly recommend it.

BTW, I also use ORB to stream live TV to my Storm but RDM+ does so much more than just access files.