MyCart! & MyCart! Pro Updated to v2.4

By ObiGeorge on 1 Dec 2009 11:03 am EST

MyCart! has just updated its application to version 2.4 for its free and Pro versions. If you don't know about MyCart!, its a list application that is packed full of features ensuring you never forget what to buy while out shopping. The latest builds include automatic backup as well as some other cool features like add/edit/delete items, multiple lists, email/import lists, quanitity, aisle, and price fields, list status indicator and budget minder. The Pro version adds search, flag items, auto suggest for previously listed items, BlackBerry to BlackBerry sync and fully customizable lists. Make a shopping list this holiday season with MyCart! - the Pro version is on sale through Christmas Day for $1.49 (50% off!) via the CrackBerry App Store.

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MyCart! & MyCart! Pro Updated to v2.4


I've used this product since Gurparit first released the first version and Gurparit is a great guy. But if you've used this product in the past, you'll find nothing from upgrading other than new advertising banners smacked onto your shopping list now.

I'm very disappointed because the new screen shots don't show this and no where is it mentioned that this is now included.

I'm not suggesting that Gurparit shouldn't be able to make money from a free edition but you don't put advertising banners into your product to interfere with the ability to read the bottom of your shopping list.

Unfortunately, can't recommend this version. Might want to think about keeping your existing version if you want to avoid getting advertising in the middle of the new app.

Made the mistake of upgrading now that I see the banner ads, I'm scrambling to find and restore the previous version. Very disappointing.

The developer is indeed a great guy, and updates his app from our feedback on crackberry :)

However, maybe he didn't realize the placement of the ads suck so much - I'll keep my regular free version before this one. :)

As the above comments have stated, there is a banner in the free version of the app, I apologise that it has been seen as obstructive. I don't keep many large lists and didn't find them obstructive when testing so apologise for those that did find them a bit in the way. I'll change it to be more inconspicuous as soon as I can, sorry to everyone that thought it to be too obstructive and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

import via csv: when i copy a csv to the clipboard and import, the entire csv is the 'name' of the new list.

sync. what's this?


I cannot figure out what this is for. I have an option for "Hide Unflagged", but when I choose it, I'm told I have "Nothing to Hide". I have no choice to actually flag something. Also, there seems to be a little glitch with the Add Items, Name pop-up screen. If I enter an item I already have (such as butter), and then try to exit out, I'm told, "Name Required" and cannot exit out without entering something. This didn't happen at all with the last version and is somewhat bothersome. I do like, however, that the Add Items, Name entry field does stay up, though, so that I can enter lots of grocery items without having to constantly hit Menu, Add Items.

I bought the Pro version for 2 Blackberries when I saw the Sync feature. I cannot get the file to sync both ways - only one way. Where do I go to get help with this?

one is a Bold 9700 with OS 5.0; sent updates only but syncs from the other phone dropped into the messages folder but did not effect the files in the program

the other is a Curve 8900 with OS 4.6; sent updates out and syncs from other phone always overwrote this device's files in the program

Other than this issue, the program is great! I highly recommend it.

I like MyCart and paid for the pro version to help support the app. It's the best I've found so far but what it's missing is a way to load and/or manage lists from a PC. It's just a PIA to enter things one at a time. A quickie VB app would be awesome.

I'm confused...when I go to the link or to the app store and try to upgrade, the download keeps showing as the 2.3.4 version...