myBoxTone Insight - Monitor Your Berry's Health 24/7!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2008 04:02 pm EDT
myBoxTone Insight

myBoxTone Insight I just received an email from Joel over at BoxTone letting us "officially" know about their new free BlackBerry application, myBoxTone Insight.

myBoxTone Insight is a device-side app  for hard-core users pushing their BlackBerry to the limits of memory and performance. MyBoxTone Insight Acts like a cardiac monitor, tracking and graphing in one view all major device vital signs 7 x 24, including:

  • Signal strength
  • Battery remaining
  • Memory free
  • Data sent/received
  • Calls made/duration

For more information and to download myBoxTone Insight beta, visit 

Caution - Like any app in beta, there can be some bugs. In looking at the comments to this post, I'm going to throw out a "do no install unless you are comfortable with your berry & reloading the OS incase you run into any issues". 

Tip - In order to activate, register with the same email address that you have on your device located within Options > Advanced Options > Default Services. So how's your Berry's health? Post it in the comments!

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myBoxTone Insight - Monitor Your Berry's Health 24/7!


My BlackBerry is near death. I will be getting a new one soon! But the questions is...get a Curve and wait for my upgrade next summer to get a Bold, or wait for a Bold now? Hmm.

I just downloaded the application and when i run it, it tells me "myBoxTone Insight could not contact the servers. Please ensure that an active data connection is available and try again." I have a 6gig data plan with Rogers and right now i have full EDGE signal. Anyone else have the same issue/ know what the issue may be?

Please contact me at myboxtone at boxtone dot com and we can help you resolve this issue.



just downloaded it to my pearl 8130 now its shutting off-and-on..any ideas it wont stay on long enough to do anything just a hour glass then shuts off.


Please contact me at myboxtone at boxtone dot com to investigate your issue. We have not seen this in our testing and should be able to help you resolve the issue.



How did you get it to install on your Pearl 8130? When I follow the link it tells me that it is not for the Pearl 8130. It won't even let me download it. readers - thanks for downloading the device-side app myBoxTone Insight. We want your feedback, comments, issues and suggestions to help make this free tool even better for the BlackBerry community. Share them with us now at

well I JUST downloaded this and now my blackberry is dead same as the above post shut off and on cant do nothing...

just got and e mail from them to remove it from my 8130 but it was working just fien on mine but removed any way dont want a baked bery iv had 2 of those already

During the course of our beta testing, we have found an incompatibility with BlackBerry 8130 that causes issues with some OS versions. As a precaution, we have suspended downloads for all 8130s and as noted by Danielle above, emailed all other 8130 users to ask that they temporarily remove the application.

Please note that this issue is limited to the BlackBerry 8130 and all other models are unaffected.

We are hard at work to resolve the issue and expect to resume support for all 8xxx and 9xxx BlackBerry smartphones in the near future. We will email all registered 8130 users when the update is available.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused for 8130 users.

Please enjoy myBoxTone Insight and keep the feedback coming.


The BoxTone Team

"I just downloaded the application and when i run it, it tells me "myBoxTone Insight could not contact the servers. Please ensure that an active data connection is available and try again." I have a 6gig data plan with Rogers and right now i have full EDGE signal. Anyone else have the same issue/ know what the issue may be?"

I have the same issue, but I'm on the 300mb rogers plan. Just emailed the boxtone guys.

We have made progress in identifying the root of the issue; however, we are evaluating solutions. I will keep you updated on our progress.

Is it possible to have the application count the number of outgoing SMS messages? I know a lot of users would love this feature, and even install the application for that one feature!

I apologize for any delays in approving you for the beta program. In the last 12 hours, we have received over 1,100 requests to join the program. We have approved the majority of these requests; however, we have not yet had time to respond to all requests.

To manage registrations, the application verifies the primary email address of your BlackBerry against our registration database. We therefore have taken more time to approve those email addresses that are less likely to be the primary email address on a BlackBerry (e.g.,,, etc.). If you registered with an email address that is not the primary email address for your BlackBerry, please re-register with the appropriate email address and we will approve your account as quickly as possible.

Again, I apologize for any delays, we are working through the list as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience,


I tried to register and it said that it wouldn't support my device because i'm not running 4.2 (i don't know how they know what version my device is)...but in all truth..I have 4.5 what is the deal here??


Please email me at myboxtone at boxtone dot com and we can determine the disconnect in your OS version and get myBoxtone Insight running for you.


Hello, I registered via and came across the same issue. I didn't receive any confirmation respond and when I point my BB browser to your download link it says I'm runing an unsupport OS version below 4.2 as a matter of fact my 8310 is runing, is there any guidance I can get from you? Many thanks.

We have resolved an issue with our version checking. Also, Please ensure that your browser emulation mode is set to "BlackBerry" (within the browser, menu->Options->Browser Configuration-> Emulation Mode: BlackBerry.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience,


I have been running for about 8 hours now, everything works except the data sent/rec'd fileds. They show N/A. I have been using data all morning. I am on OS

Unfortunately, Data Sent and Received is currently only available on GSM BlackBerrys (e.g., AT&T, TMO, and worldwide carriers). We are working with RIM to expose this information for CDMA smartphones (e.g., Verizon, Sprint, AllTell) for use in a future version of the myBoxTone Insight.

Tried to install last night on my T-Mobile 8820 ( but got the same message everyone else is getting regarding the inability to connect with their servers when you try to register. I have the unlimited data plan. After installing and uninstalling 4 times I gave up. In the end I uninstalled the App and hope that in the near future they have all the bugs worked out.

I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience. We are looking into problems connecting to our registration servers on a subset of BIS-only BlackBerrys. I expect that we will resolve this issue very soon and I will let you know as soon as we have.

Thanks for your patience,


Same here. 8300 running

"myBoxTone Insight could not contact the BoxTone servers. Please ensure that an active data connection is available and try again"

Clearly not ready for prime time. This is a case of releasing an Application to soon. I wish the guys the best of luck in getting this truly ready for public release. I think the Crackberry staff needs to load these things up prior to putting them out on the site for consumption. I have tried several Apps now that were far from ready for public release. Maybe a lesson for all to learn.

What do the numbers after RAM and Flash mean? They don't seem to correlate to anything that I can tell.

I send this question via e-mail, but never heard back.

Otherwise, it appears to work fine enough on my Sprint 8830.

I presume that this will be a free app, when released. It's nifty, but if this is all it does, it should be free or very cheap (say $5).

Suggestion: Contact CrossRiverSystems and see if they'll let you create a plug-in for their PocketDay software. I would LOVE for this to be on my PD screen.


I believe I responded to your email, but I apologize if it got lost in the deluge.

BoxTone is currently offering this application free to the BlackBerry community as part of an extended beta program.

RAM is the memory your blackberry uses to process the running applications. When you have a large number of applications open, are using memory intensives applications, or an application has a memory leak, you may see a decrease in the available RAM. If this number gets very low (e.g., 1MB or 0MB), the performance and responsiveness of your BlackBerry may be degrade. Generally closing applications will free some memory; however, re-booting your BlackBerry may be required in extreme cases.

Flash memory is the memory on which your BlackBerry stores your messages, appts, applications, media, etc. In some ways it is similar to the hard drive of a traditional computer. When your BlackBerry runs low on Flash memory, there may not be room available to store new data (e.g., messages, photos); therefore, your BlackBerry will automatically attempt to free room by deleting data to make room. In extreme cases, this may result in the deletion of older messages and call logs. To avoid the deletion, free memory by deleting unused applications, unneeded media files (e.g., photos, music, movies), older or unneeded messages, appts, and call logs.


I've gotten the app finally downloaded and installed.

From looking at the menu, stats are available for the last 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hrs.

Now just waiting on the stats to build up... ;-)

I registered using an email I use for this sort of thing. I don't know the privacy policy for your company and to be honest I trust very few companies to protect my email address from being obtained by other parties knowingly or unknowingly by the company I have provided it to. So my primary personal email address don't get used for this sort of thing for that express reason. I want to participate in the beta so if you would contact me privately on the crackberry forums (same user name as the ones used making the comment) i can confirm with you the email address i used to register so you can send me out an email for participating in the beta.

Thank you


Please email me at myboxtone at and we can update your account accordingly. I apologize for the inconvenience.



Hi, I find this a very useful application and had no problem installing it on my BB Bold. The application is great for monitoring the usage but, is there the possibility to extract statistics? Example, I would like to know how many Mbytes I have totalized in the last week/month in download/upload, or total of both.