MyBlackBerry Social Network Launching at Midnight Tonight!

My BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2009 03:07 pm EDT

Update: July 14th, 11am CST - Just got word that MyBlackBerry will launch at midnight tonight. *

MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Twitter - we have more social networks than we can handle.  Anyone can join these networks (and most of us have) and each has their own flavor. It's not as often that we see product manufacturers enter the social network game and actually be as successful as pure social networks or independent product-driven community websites, but Research in Motion is going to give it a try, apparently tomorrow according to TechCrunch.

RIM is dubbing My BlackBerry the "official community for all things BlackBerry" and it features a number of social network type features: you receive a profile which you can customize to your liking; you can add friends and send private messages; you can learn about top apps and browse accessory reviews. The root of it all is multiple discussion forums for applications, accessories, devices and tips and tricks.

Over the past year we've really seen RIM try and grow their web presence - they launched their own support forums, blogs, their own social network and they already had the Owner's lounge (it's a little confusing having so many disconnected properties). Some would argue RIM should be investing their time and resources into building a new OS to ensure BlackBerry stays king of the smartphone mountain instead of persuing endeavors like this, but we always like to see RIM embracing the web. It seems the more BlackBerry users RIM can attract to their online web offerings, the more likely those same people are to stumble onto, which official or unofficial I think most of you reading will agree is the #1 website for BlackBerry users. As you can see from the screen captures, CrackBerry Kevin has been a member for a few weeks now. Any bets as to whether or not RIM will leave up photos of upcoming BlackBerry device members post to their own site?

My BlackBerry

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MyBlackBerry Social Network Launching at Midnight Tonight!


really koool !! but it is with invitation only :(

Can anyone send me an invitation to register for this pleeeez....

Did anyone notice the phone to the left of the storm. It looks a lot like the leaked photos of the storm 2. Does Kevin already have his hands on the Storm 2? Just a thought!

I feel so outlawed! FIRST I can't download socialscope until special slots are opened, and now MyBlackBerry is by invite only. I'm like two seconds from throwing a tantrum!

where are all you people getting that its by invite only? that doesnt make any sense.. "it gives device owners a social profile where they can share opinions on their favorite apps, accessories as well as tips and tricks they use on their devices. More importantly, they can also vent about all of these things with fellow users, and RIM will be there to listen." thats right off the link, did you not read the article at all?

makes me wonder if the myblackberry is directly linked to the desktop version of BBM...... ohh the possibilities

I agree BooGz. This is definitely based on the upcoming re-vamp of BB Messenger. I think it's a great idea like a blending of Facebook/MySpace with Windows/AOL/Google messenger. RIM is recognizing how important of a role their devices play in both messenger and social networking. (P.S. RIM please keep working on that OS.)

I still dont get the invite thing you're all talking about. When I go to the site i see:

Existing Users
To log in, please provide your user name and password below.

But, clearly, we cant provide that cause we havent registered... and we cant register cause it's not open til Tuesday. So let's all chill til tomorrow :)

This is the dumbest idea yet. no need. they should be revamping the OS to stay on top instead of making these dumb social networking sites.

Had a quick look at the register page and not only do you need an invitation code but the drop down menu for country only has US and Canada in it! Maybe they will open it up to the rest of us sometime soon but it does bug me that Europe is not featured in so many RIM initiatives. They are happy to let us buy the devices why don't we get the same support as everyone else?

After thinking about the invatation to join part of the registration. I think what has happend is Rim has not removed that from when they were sending invites for people to test out the site. I am guessing that they will take that part out today to open registration. That is my thought anyway.

But just in case, I'm throwing my hat in the ring as well -- I'm seeking an invitation code, I'd like to register ASAP and explore. Thank you.

Since it is not officially released yet, I can understand the invitation process for beta testing.

If it is truly going to open up to all Blackberry owners, either there will be a new screen for us to register, or they will push an icon to our BBs.

I'm a social networking junkie, so I can't wait for this to open up! :)

If this includes a way to scan through app world from a computer (which it appears to do), then it is worth it for that feature alone...

Social Network?? What?? it's a stupid network! invite??? what is invite?? Facebook has an invite?? device list...where is Storm 9500??? and Europe???
I hope that tomorrow will be better....
Europe buy RIM phones but we always come later ....but our moneys arrives immediately not after many months!!!

Just tried to register but it still wants an invitation code. Any updates on when this will be removed????

Went to the site and it still won't let you register without the special invitation code. Wow what a drag. I wonder how long its going to be until they open this puppy up. Stop with the long drawn out delays. Let us register.

what site is it that u are looking at? i went to blackberrys and rims and i see nothing...what am i doing wrong, lol

I wouldn't mind testing this out.. anyone else got an invite that they could extend this way?

Nooo.... I'll be watching Harry Potter at midnight. err.. I mean my girlfriend is dragging me to Harry Potter at midnight; yeah, that's what I meant to say <_< >_>

Anyone care to share where to get the invite code or why it requires a stupid code that no one can find!!! If its only for blackberry users then why need a code... If it not ready for so many people then dont launch it yet...

it hasn't been launched yet... it launches at midnight tonight! i'm sure once it launches u won't need an invitation code

hey guys im rick My nickname is sk8trix
i was looking through and saw this is invitation only can someone invite me?I really wanna join this group on RIMS page but i dont really know anyone around here who is on crackberry so i dont have any way to become a member? can someone help out?
thanks laters guys

I'm interested to see how many are going to wait up to see if they can get in at midnight? AND which midnight, EST/CST/MST/PST?? LOL!

I cannot find it anywhere on, so chances are the signup won't happen until after midnight anyway =(


It doesnt go up until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Tuesday morning). It'll be available to all of us, settle down. damnnn.

Hmmmmmm. 0004 and still asking for the invitation code. SNAFU. Tried skipping past it, and got a "javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NullPointerException" error message when I got halfway through the drop down menus. Tried a third and fourth time and it requires the invitation code. Real shocker.

u basically have to wait until 2400 their time nyc time for us it is 1am but the invite idk bout that one we will have to see in a couple min right?

yeah i see thats crazy to announce a new site and product to only limit it with an invite only kinda like demonoid lol

yeah, will someone let me know if this goes live. I'm going to bed so please hit me up please please please 249F72E1...THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!!!

yeah, will someone let me know if this goes live. I'm going to bed so please hit me up please please please 249F72E1...THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!!!

It is just me who sees this as a glorified forums front end? It seems like a nice implementation for blackberry users, but what is it giving the customer that is not in existence already? I think this is more of a single front end where all BB services/info can be found, more than a social network per se. there is nothing 'new' really, as u can do most of these things in current forums, albeit not as attractively :) Applications, tips/tricks, etc: these are merely forum rooms

Still I will join and have fun with it :).

the only difference between this implementation and a traditional forum is it is limited to blackberry users only, while anyone can join a traditional forum. that is nice i think :)

Pre-mature ejaculation on this one. The more time I fester waiting to be able to register the more I'm reading and thinking and realizing that this is probably not going to be so great a feature anyway.....especially of RIM doesn't yet have BlackBerry support for their myblackberry "social" networking site!?

this is going to be the failure of RIM

apple will laugh at this in hysterics

RIM will have to open the community if they want people to care.
honestly I don't see them doing that ... but hey you never know

community does not work with rules.

But it sure smacks of bad public relations to say you are opening up a site, only to shut people down in the Sign up area with this stupid invite code. Someone sure screwed up on this.

The idea of having to be invited to use a social network is stupid, if Facebook did that when they started, nobody would join.

Us natives are getting restless. I will probably go the site only a couple more times to try this before I say "Forget it!"

so its wed morning... still require an invite code... what gives.. has this thing launched or what? common kevin! update update!!

we all know that no matter how much RIM effs up, all you guys will STILL sign up for MY BB when it becomes available to all, STILL buy the Storm 2 while knowing the first Storm was/is crappy, last but not least, STILL use some form of a Blackberry, because it IS CRACK

I just spoke to RIM and they infromed me that MyBB is in Beta test and the release date is not set for public use. They informed me as a member of the owners lounge I will be notified when it is open for public use. Crappy news.

Well that would be good information to place on the MyBlackBerry web site. Or hey better idea, they shouldn't have told people it would be up and running yesterday and that it is still in beta. I have seen at least 10 news articles on different sites talking about this and they have all said the same thing, that it was suppose to be up by 7/14/09! If it is still in beta then someone dropped the ball big time on this one!

Moving on with MyLife........ at least until I hear it's up then I will be interested again!

INVITE---- wazzup with that? One would think that RIM would allow a simple SSO (single sign on) maybe the email address that's linked to your BB? Wake Up RIM!!!

that no matter how much bitching we do, as soon as its online we are all gonna jump on it...we need to boycott it...

Where can an addict get an invite? This is a teaser, it's been released, but you can only get in by invite. AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!

yesss.. quite a teaser! urgh... Once it goes live without invite code or whatever, please PIN me 24A59F05! Tks.

I even tried using my PIN as an invite code but that didn't work. Oh well, just wait until they decide it's worthy of mass sign-ups. Until then, maybe I'll just imagine Sprint running the sign-ups for LOL

Okay this really s*cks.
Still an invitation code needed on July 16.
Then no news if it is also accessible for EU.

Like an another CB member said:
Hey RIM wake up, is our EU currency not good enough for you?
We always have to wait!

Hate to say it but iphone do their launches much better.

Do we know that BB announced that this would open at midnight on the 13th or 14th? It seems that Kevin just got his info wrong, and you all took it as a promise from BB. Then, when BB didn't act as Kevin said they would - you get mad at BB.

Seems to me, Kevin's the one who owes an explanation.

i think Kevin needs to change this Blog since it didnt launch when he stated it would. Maybe its due to weather, like with the Space Shuttle.