MyBlackBerry Registration Now Open For Everyone?!?

My BlackBerry Now Open For All!
By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2009 06:41 am EDT

MyBlackBerry was launched quite some time ago now and seemingly, off to a rough start. I really don't quite understand why RIM chose to make it an invite only system for so long, especially considering the fact they made the announcements and everything for it, though if I had to venture a guess I'd blame it on RIM's legal team for slowing down the process. In any event, it seems as though registration is indeed open for all at this time so if you have not signed up already, now is the time to check it out -- make it quick, just in case RIM decides to change their mind again.

PS: Feel free to laugh at Kevin for being considered a newbie ;)

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MyBlackBerry Registration Now Open For Everyone?!?


Just choose Canada or US, I'm in Spain on Vodafone and it doesn't give me that option so I'm now in the US on AT&T ;-)

I've tried to register twice. Both times it takes me back to the home screen after I click submit and when I enter my email/password I get denied as no such user.

sometimes just selecting from a pulldown menu kicks you out to the login page - seems like a seriously broken process

Well I'm in the UK, but I picked USA T-Mobile and so far, I've not got my registration confirmation email - perhaps it's smart to my email address. Arf.

Errr, what is this? Seems like a simple social networking site for Blackberry users..just like, er, the site I'm on right now :)

I give up. I keep getting an endless loop of going back to the login screen when I click submit. Part of the problem could be that we're still on IE6 at work. I'll try it at home tonight with Firefox, if I remember. Otherwise, I'll just stick with Facebook.

Yeah, guys, there seems to be a LOT of issues, with registering, logging in, updating profile info, and just about everything else. I finally got it to work, sort of. I'm sure the issues will be ironed out soon.

but not too impressed, nothing really stands out & says WOW I really needed to join this site. Oh well, maybe it will come in handy down the road.

I feel sad for RIM. They can't even hire a decent web developer. I am unable to register. Keeps complaining of timing out or some such nonsense.

must be overlaoded with a bunch of people trying to register. I can't stand it being reset 5 times in 3 minutes.


so I worked through the questionaire from the bottom up. I'm in...ok, show me the magic...

Won't be replacing Crackberry or HoFo anytime soon. But it's got lots of potential.Had no problem signing up but the Forum is boring and the Threads are difficult to scroll thru.Still a work in progress.

I'm in Spain on Vodafone and registered that I'm in the US on AT&T, just choose either US or Canada and a carrier and you're in...for what it's worth ;-)
I just don't get it why RIM would pull this crap for a forum, and like the Blackberry Blog it's lousy on the BB Browser, like I'm NOT going to view it on my Berry?

Does RIM not notice that people in other countries use Blackberries as well? I'm in Australia and when I went to register it gave me the option of either US or Canada...

I guess it's going to be a wait for this as well as waiting for Appworld!

Dont live in the US nor Canada and as a result it seems no one else outside of there exists. Cant register...

Ok, I signed up, checked it out a few times today. The discussion boards are a wreck. Hard to find anything without scrolling through multiple pages. The app section is very lack-luster. The profile section leaves a lot to be desired. And you'd figure since it's a Blackberry social site that it would have some central hub for exchanging and meeting other users, but at last, it does not.

It gets an F for FAIL for me.

when signing on u can choose username. when activated only ur real name shows. but there are folks that only show the username. probably from teh early, the closed testing days. no help section whatsover. no way to cancel membership again.
all in all, not a very userfriendly site. u need answers? stay here on and check the forums.