My10 BlackBerry Social Plan from Rogers - minutes, messaging, social networking and more for $42.75/month

By Michelle Haag on 29 Aug 2011 05:23 pm EDT
My10 BlackBerry Social plan
Hey Canada, Rogers has a new offer for those of you looking to pick up an older BlackBerry on a budget. For a limited time, new and existing customers can pick up a BlackBerry Bold 9780, Curve 9300 or the Curve 8520 on a 3-year contract and sign up for the My10 BlackBerry Social plan. For $42.75/month you get 150 weekday minutes, unlimited nights/weekends starting at 6pm, unlimited Canada-wide calls to your favorite 10 contacts, unlimited instant messaging (including Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger  - RIM developed apps only) and BBM, and unlimited social networking (including FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace).

If you have a craving for the new BlackBerry 7 devices, like the Bold 9900, you won't be able to take advantage of this plan, but if you have social butterfly teens and tweens begging for a new phone for back to school, you'll definitely want to look into this one.

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My10 BlackBerry Social Plan from Rogers - minutes, messaging, social networking and more for $42.75/month


Especially considering that the 85xx is from 2009...

I guess the other two aren't so bad. But seriously, 3 years?!

Is that normal in canada?

I can NOT imagine someone having the curve 85xx until 2014!

Wind Mobile currently is offering a plan for $29/month which includes unlimited local calling AND unlimited data. Plus they'll give you a 'free' Curve or deeply discounted 9870 if you qualify for their tab.

This is a bad deal...

Bell has the exact same plan for $40 (no BS $2.75 fee) and you can get any of the new Blackberrys with full price reduction

This sounds like an awful deal. Not even worth mentioning on this website, I think. My Telus plan is a ton better without locking me to an old device for three years. But then again, it's Rogers.

Really Rogers? Is this the best you can bring new customers to your fanbase? Honestly WTF should I pay good money for such old phones? I mean at least hit the market you should be aiming for (10yr olds to 12yr olds) 1 year contracts only and $25 per month all inclusive then you might get people interested. ARE YOU REALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE YOUTH TODAY?

Yes a 3 year contract in normal in Canada.

Telus has the exact same plan for 40. The only thing is that you can only get the new curve (or older device) with it and its a student plan (but I think that's the main target here anyway although I think anyone can get a student plan at Telus student or not). Plus you get 1 month of unlimited minutes once you sing up.

Yeah, I think having to wait 2 years for a new phone is torture; I couldn't imagine 3! If switch carrier, it would be to Sprint, where I'd pay extra JUST to have GOLD status so I could an annual upgrade.

This is pretty standard for the Canadian wireless monopoly/oligopoly:

- High monthly price and you don't even get any data (not counting the restricted social crap)
- Brutally long 3 year contract (NO ONE wants the same phone for 3 years, but in Canada this is the only contract length that gives you a decent subsidy on the phone)
- Don't forget the ridiculous roaming and overage charges that come standard with Bell/Rogers/Telus

To top it off this deal is especially bad because it is restricted to outdated phones.

150 minutes, that's it? No matter how much texting we do and use data, we still gotta actually use the phone for its purpose of being a phone, and that's calling. With 150 minutes you couldn't use the phone for more than 5 minutes a day.

Did I miss the part where it says "ALL CUSTOMERS WILL BE FORCED TO TAKE THIS PLAN AND LIKE IT"? lol

Sheesh.. if you don't like the plan, don't take it.

Probably the worst "deal" I've ever heard of. Why the hell was it even written about here on CB? What a waste of pixels!

as mentioned above, yes you can walkaway from this offer but seriously, a major player like Rogers are not offsetting much outlay to justify a 3 yr contract. this would be attractive if they pushed it out for far less. Just saying.

Or you can get the cheaper Bell 40 dollar plan that includes all of the above, plus unlimited texting and ups the minutes to 200.... And grab a 9900 or any new BlackBerry model at term discount, and not some archaic 8500 series Curve.

Average deal to get rid of some old phones. Not really news. What I can't understand is why CrackBerry deems this is news worthy. If they are getting paid for this, highlight it as an ad, if not, today must be a slow day. Seriously guys.

BAD DEAL!!!!! Plus they won't allow you to add minutes to that 150min.....I tried, even talked to retention, they would not budge.....& that's why I'm moving my parents OFF of Rogers

I don't miss Canada for cell phones! Canada is the only country I have heard of with 3 year contracts to get the same subsidy everyone else gets for 2 years. USA there is no long distance. In Canada phoning the next city half the time is long distance. In Europe life is even better 2 year contract you can actually get out of if you move to a new country, and any INCOMMING call is always free even for pay as you go. oh and you can always take your phone to another carrier as all of europe is on the same technology!

Pricing is way different and depends on carriers but in France last year I got the 9300 for 1 euro on 1 yr contract but this year ther doesnt seem to be an y deals to be had with BB - my GF just got an HTC sensation top of the line android phone for 50 euro (with 100 euro mail in rebate) and then 50 euro off her account for changing carriers and 50 euro for her friend who "recommended" her. France is even supposed to be expensive in europe. Im going to be sad moving back to Canada next year but ill be sure to come back with a shiny new phone and defintly wont be back to telus for all the grief they have caused me (still better than rodgers) - Wind it will be at least as of right now.

What Canada needs is no restrictions of Canadian ownership of telecoms and pro consumer laws. Who cares who makes the profits if i want in on them I will buy stock. I would be happy with Vodafone or other huge telecoms to be allowed in if they can cut prices which I really think they could.

Sorry but I don't do the contract thing anymore. I buy my phone .... I like the freedom of choice. If a new device comes out in a year, I can still re-coup most of my costs by wiping the phone and selling it on kijiji. There is always a market for off contract devices.


Bell's plan is better
$40.00/mo (None of this GRRF - Government Regulatory Recovery Fee)
200 Local Daytime Minutes
Unlimited Evenings and Weekends starting at 7PM - 7AM
Unlimited Canada-wide talk to 10 numbers of your choice
Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messaging
*Unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
*Unlimited access to BBM and other IM (Like Windows Live Messenger, G-Talk, etc)
*-only works with Blackberry Installed Apps

You get the full discount off any Blackberry Device! And they're cheaper then Rogers too
9900 - Rogers $174.99, Bell $169.99
9810 - Rogers $174.99, Bell $149.99
(Note these are WIRELESS etc... Prices)

Oh yea, all on a 3 Year Term. But I am unsure if you have your own device, I think you can still sign up on this plan on a Month-to-Month Term. Also I know that if you are on say the $40 Social BB plan that made you choose Unlimited text OR Fab 5, you can switch to this plan WITHOUT having to renew your contract (At least I have been able to change it for clients without renewal)