My Wish for BlackBerry Santa: Add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the Setup Wizard.

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2009 01:47 pm EST
New Setup Wizard Option - Personalize Ringtones and Notifications
I'd love to see this option get added!

* Update: Hmmm... so after 5,000 quick votes we can see that even among CrackBerry readers almost 20% of users stick to the ringtone and notification defaults. I would guess among those who are less BlackBerry enthusiasts that % would likely be twice as high (or more). That said... I think the stats show this is a good idea. Wouldn't hurt, that's for sure! *

The last couple of months I have spent more time living out of my suitcase then at home. You'll hear no complaints from me on that as I love to travel, but what is starting to drive me a bit bonkers is the fact that when I end up at events or in destinations where there are a lot of BlackBerry users around (CTIA, New York City, BlackBerry Developer Conference, etc.) I constantly, Constantly, CONSTANTLY hear the same default BlackBerry ringtones and notification sounds coming from people's devices. And as a result, whenever a BB makes a sound, you see everybody checking their own device since they too are running the default ringtone and alert sounds.

I think most consumer BlackBerry users (and CrackBerry readers) both know how to change up their ringtones and notifications and actually do change them up (I'm sure there's some who know how to change them but just like the default sounds too), but when it comes to the business / professional BlackBerry users out there who don't spend much time tweaking up their device (time is money right?) you often don't see them moving away from the default sounds. Not a big deal on a daily basis, but again, when you put a bunch of default BlackBerry users together in a room it gets really annoying when someone gets a call or instant message.

A possible solution? Why not add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the BlackBerry Setup Wizard? When people first get their new device, this could walk users through the process of changing up ringtones and settings right away. I'm sure it would have to at least make some sort of positive impact on this default ringtone phenomena I keep observing.

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My Wish for BlackBerry Santa: Add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the Setup Wizard.


Great idea! I would absolutely use it. Screw the stock tunes, I want some creative fresh stuff. If I hear 'The Entertainer' one more time I might snap! :P

But I guess that means it should be easier to implement. How about a few more options when creating custom profiles? Maybe a way to start with one profile and work from there? Even a couple more icons to choose from would be nice.

My problem is in the cooperate world there are only a few acceptable ringtones that you will use. Its not exactly like you can have a music tone ringing, and as such the default is the easiest to hear.

But when you get a BlackBerry from certain carriers, things can change. I don't know about you, but I find a BlackBerry ringing the T-Mobile jingle less professional than ringing with some song from the week's top 20. In that case, it's still a good idea to have the ringtone personalization options in the Startup Wizard if for anything that allowing users to replace the AT&T Tune or the T-Jingle with one of the built-in carrier-unbranded BlackBerry ringtones.

I wish I could set individual notifications for different senders of SMS messages..period..I have an 8320 on T-mobile, don't have 5.0 OS.

Why not instead allow us to backup the profiles settings instead of having to reset the settings when getting a new handheld?

I love these basic polls! haha

next time please ask: Do you use 3rd Party Apps on your device?

I would like to be able to set the LED to flash different colors for different callers :Red for Mom, Green for girlfriend, Disco for some others,etc.
Just kinda like you can change the ringtones for contacts be able to change the LED color for contacts , of course you would need berrybuzz or some simliar app as well maybe depends on stuff.

I keep my blackberry on vibrate 90% of the time so the only settings I am changing are the length and number of vibrations.

I wish RIM would include a Quick-Quit application kill function to the app switcher screen...

Say, how about when you select an app on App switcher and you HOLD the return arrow key it closes the app without having you going in the application, waiting for it to load up properly (storm 1 here...) hitting the menu button and selecting quit.

This is a feature I would have expected a long time ago from the mind grapes being juiced at RIM.

Simply adding it to the list of stuff that require decisions upon setup would get people to take a moment to think about personalizing the all-important notifications setting.

Does making sure your phone doesn't make any noise count? I hate being the guy whose phone is audibly ringing, and I hate when people inflict their crappy music on me. I am well aware I'm in the minority, but I'm of the opinion that phones should be silent with the exception of alarms. That's why I love BerryBuzz. Between custom vibrate patterns in 5.0, and custom LED colors in BerryBuzz, I have as much customization as I need for alerts and my phone never makes me interrupt anyone else's day.

But in the fashion of a true CrackBerry phone tweaker, I voted yes. I'm always for giving the user more options.

That's the first thing I did after getting my Storm. Downloaded ringtones and set up all sorts of alarms, ring tones for each of my kids, my wife, etc and notifications. Sounds like SOP to me!

Not having really thought about previously, being that I know where the profiles are, that would actually be an awesome idea to putr into the initial setup. Go RIM, you have been given a great idea! Doooo eeet! lol

i would much rather hear someones default ringtone than some bs foul languaged or otherwise inappropriate "custom" ringtone.
How "custom" is it btw when every other hip-hop tweeny bop hoodrat with skinny jeans and a twilight teeshirt (or sagged jeans and a hoody) is "rockin" some variation of the same crap.

Side note the next person that forces me to listen to there horrible taste in music through a ringback tone is getting a wag of my finger AND a dirty look not kidding i'll do've been warned

I'd just like to say, since Day 1 I've had custom sounds on my Bold! seriously, how could you not?
It is the First Cellphone I've ever owned, so I went a little crazy- using mp3's from my favorite Valve games of course!

It's plays the Left 4 Dead Safehouse theme for the ringtone (short but sweet)

The Team Fortress 2 Domination sound for SMS and MMS

The TF2 Bell ringing for E-mail

and finally, that really eerie horde music from Left 4 Dead for Facebook alerts- people always look at me strangely when it goes off...
It was really easy to do, and it reads mp3's with ease, so how could I not? Sadly, everyone else at college has those BB Default sounds, I guess they aren't getting all that educated after all...

I personally would rather them add "Active Profile" under the message options when setting a custom ringtone... Here's why:

I assume I am like most people and only set custom ringtones for certian contacts. Because of the message selection, when I pick a custom tone for a user I am forced to select a message tone for them as well (or live with the default). As a result, I never hear my MMS tone at all (because the only people that MMS me are those that have custom tones set) and I can't even distinguish between a "dumb little forwarded email" that I could read later and an SMS that I need to read right away. That is after all why I bother to set custom sounds at all, so I know if I need to react now or something can wait till later.

Umm Yeah... This is actually starting to piss me off... I keep hoping with each new OS leak that this has been fixed. And I keep getting let down... Why oh why would I want to have the same tone for one person no matter how they get ahold of me. That doesn't make any sense.... A BBM from my wife and a level 1 Pin message have two WAY DIFFERENT priority levels... Hence two different sounds... grrr..

I love my new 9700. but one thing and prob the only thing I miss from my Iphone (other then maybe internet) is the ability to select multiple pictures from my library and mms, email, or delete it. add that feature and BB will be dam near perfect (for me). new 9700 software makes it extremely easy to customize ringtones.

i think that it is a good idea, but it takes a while to customize all the tones for different options, i think that setup should be quick and painless, changes are not as troublesome in 5.0 os but in older ones it took a while, why not offer Theme packages that the user could select at setup. i know that you would run into the problem of people having the same tones, but it would add some variation and less likely that everyone would run the same theme.