My Vodafone app now available for UK BlackBerry 10 customers

By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2013 04:43 am EST

Vodafone UK have been pretty quick of the mark with this one. My Vodafone is now available to download from BlackBerry World and if they are your network of choice it's one app you should really have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Whether you are a Pay-As-You-Go customer or Pay Monthly you will be able to see the credit or allowance you have along with specific information about your price plan. If you are worried about exceeding your monthly allowance then just hit up the app and check how many text messages or megabytes of data you have used so far - perfect.

My Vodafone is free to download for UK customers - I would urge you go grab it now.

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My Vodafone app now available for UK BlackBerry 10 customers


If you find you have no option to go back from an accessed screen, swipe down from the top and the back button appears. You also have the option to pin the bar so it does not hide again also. A very useful application especially to track you data plan.

You haven't even downloaded it at all. Why tell lies? It's people like you that ruin the ratings of great apps. IT'S A DAMN NATIVE APP for vodaphone users ONLY.

I don't find it sluggish, however I'm pretty sure it's an android port. Swiping from the bottom right to go back is only on Android apps

I was really disappointed when i installed it cos its an Android port. I was expecting more from a company as big as Vodafone, they had been testing the phone for a long time so why couldn't they create a native BB10 app? Anyway, as far as it works, we just have to make do with it!

The name is so close to its corporate cousin Verizon's app ("My Verizon") and given what appears to be broadly similiar functions, I wonder if there was some collaboration on this app between the two of them..

My problem with the app is that it doesn't work it says I don't have a signal for some reason and yes I have turned wifi off

Works well for me both z10's on the one net express account. Missing wifi finder that is on the android version but I can say that's a big deal and I cant remember ever using it on an android device....

This app doesn't work for business users, so I cannot test it.

Did someone mentioned a wifi hot spot finder?

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