My Vodafone app for BlackBerry now available for UK customers

My Vodafone App
By DJ Reyes on 15 Feb 2012 10:19 am EST

When you're not on an unlimited data or calling plan and you like to keep an eye on your usage to make sure you don't go over your allowance, there isn't always a simple way to do. Not with some UK networks anyway. I don't really want to have to call a number to check my balance or data allowance or have to login on the website from my phone. I would prefer be able to check it from my BlackBerry via an app. Today Vodafone released their My Vodafone app which is available for UK customers. The app allows you to:

  • See how much inclusive allowance you've used if you're a pay monthly customer
  • See how much credit you have remaining if you're a pay as you go customer
  • See your price plan information
  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Locate BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots 
  • See how many megabytes or messages you've used in the current period

A few things to note though. It is not available to business customers as of yet and new customers will need to wait until after their first bill to see account information. Also, the allowance shown is not given in real time. As with most networks it is normally the allowance from the last 48 hours -- make sure you keep this in mind. 

The My Vodafone app is available for BlackBerry devices with OS 4.0 and above. 

More information / Download My Vodafone app from App World 



now that Vodafone have decided to go paperless for all bills this will be a great app to have!


This is very similar to the Your Orange application for Orange UK apart from the Vodafone app works on OS4+ which the Orange app does not.


You Orange apps has been around for ages. What took Vodafone so long?

Menna Galal

Because we are looking to be the best not the 1st :)

Ibn la Ahad

Vodafone Netherlands please.


In Italy we have My 190 (Vodafone App) since October last year :)


Where is the o2 one man ive been waiting for that


You're on the same tarriff as me - BlackBerry 9900, 300 mins, unlimited texts and 500mb web -so why do you pay £15 and I pay £36 a month?! Who are you sleeping with?! haha


1. It's a screenshot from app world, not his actual Tariff. ;)
2. For my mum on my old 9000 I got her that plan, it's a sim only plan. Plus I put it on my bill then it's only £10 pre month! :D


When are o2 going to get this it'll save me keep calling them up to find out how much data I have left.


Try opening the browser and enter
There are other links to MyO2 on the O2 mobile site. I can't get it at present but it had been working for about 2 years previously until I had to reinstall the OS on my BB. The data usage is updated in real time on MyO2.


Worthless with a 72 hour delay.
RIM actually recommends Telicost which counts the bytes and minutes on your phone in real time.



Telicost is a great App.

And it's free!


It doesn't work on Business tariffs!


looking forward to the day when this stuff is updated in real-time (or close to)


Vodafone Portugal pleaseeee.

Looking for the day when we have this in Portugal :-)



PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.