My Verizon Mobile updated with new look and better features

By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2010 11:41 am EDT
My Verizon Mobile for BlackBerry

The My Verizon Mobile app has been updated with some newness that includes a better look and some new features. The app, which is available on most Verizon devices, allows you to easily check out your account information and more on the go right from your device. Features include:

  • View minute, message and data usage
  • Adjust allowance minutes on current plans
  • Make one-time payments and set up and maintain auto-pay
  • View upgrade eligibility and contract end date
  • Manage Friends & Family numbers

Users can also manage their account information, check balances, change address and use Family Locator. The updated version of My Verizon Moible is currently available for the Storm and Storm2 with rollouts to other devices coming in the next few months.

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My Verizon Mobile updated with new look and better features


"The updated version of My Verizon Moible is currently available for the Storm and Storm2 with rollouts to other devices coming in the next few months."

Going forward this is the type of approached I'd like to see from apps released for BlackBerrys. Focus on touchscreen devices first, then roll out to the outdated trackpad devices later.

Can someone confirm if it allows you to view usage for all lines on your account and not just the primary?

Based on the 5.0 version I have read about for Android devices, it should.

I hope it comes out for other devices soon!

To me it looks like you can only view usage from your phone adn total usage. I have four phones on my family plan. I can see the total usage but I cannot break it down to each individual phone. I can see how much of the total usage my phone used but not the other phones.

I should have clarified.....usage details, aka minutes, is not a big concern for me. But being able to easily see SMS and Data usage for the other lines is.

I don't think this just was released, was it? I have been using this new interface for about a month or so. It's definitely a nice update to what My Verizon Mobile used to be.

Looks the same as the Android version that I've been using for over a month. I will have to upgrade the app on my Bold.

Yeah you can..I got a family plan both numbers show up you just have to click the arrows on top of the screen to go thru the numbers

Actually if u click on more actions then minute details it does show the individual minutes used in a family plan. Good news!

Perfect. Thanks!!!

Now it will be easier for me to help my daughter monitor her SMS usage. She knows how using #DATA and the like, and takes responsibility, but you know pre-teens....sometimes they forget things like that.

Now, VZW, let's get those other versions out there ASAP.

How much? The 4.0.8 version on my Bold is just under 1MB. That's not too bad for what it is. I can't imagine the new one would be too much more than that.......

I do not know how big the 4.0.8 version was on my 9550, but 5.0.0 takes up roughly 1.76MB. It does have a better designed UI, more control of your account, and quicker transitions from one area to the next.

I just installed this on my Bold 9650 and version 4.0.8 rolled down. Is this the updated version? I don't think so- doesn't look like the screen shots...


You don't yet. As the blog states, version 5.0 is just out for the Storm devices and then others "in the coming months".

But you can check yourself periodically....

From your BB go to

Click on the My Verizon app, click on download, and then view the version number. If still listed as 4.0.8, just cancel. Otherwise, once it says 5.0, DL away......

This update is not so new, I've been using on my S2 for the last three or so weeks. I'm a little surprised to see it as a topic here, but a good surprise.

As I found out this morning when I somehow managed to totally blank out on my voice mail password (pin code). Great little extra feature and it certainly saved me a call to VzW customer service.

...for pointing out that the blog states this update is for Storm devices with updates for others rolling out soon. I missed that 'small' detail.

as stated not available for devices other than the Storm at this time. Mine is the older version, the 5.0 is not available

Yes, it has been out for a while (at least a month), but it does work well. The interface is way better than the previous versions 2 versions this replaces.

You must be registered in My Verizon online as the account owner to view all lines on the account. If not registered or registered as an account member then user will only be able to view/manage the line being used to access My Verizon Mobile.

The application was updated for Tour and Bold devices on 9/9. The update released on 8/13 was only for Storm I and Storm II.

Just spoke to Verizon and on My Verizon Mobile the Family Locator wouldn't work because Blackberry Curve doesn't support flash.... any feedback??