My Verizon Account Information Application

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2009 08:42 am EDT

My Verizon  My Verizon 

This one kind of slipped in under the radar, Verizon released their own account information utility for BlackBerry devices this week. The application lets you check account balance, pay your bill, check usage, plan, features, locate stores and change your voicemail password. This is a big help if you are always on the go. It beats Big Red's mobile site and it much easier to navigate then their full-featured web page.  It's available free for the Pearl 8130, Curve 8330 and 8830 WE from Storm users don't fret, we haven't forgotten about you (how could we?). Jump to this link from your device browser to download (Link is case sensitive! Be sure to enable Compatibility Mode and set permissions to Allow All). 

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My Verizon Account Information Application


Wow, I didn't know links could be case sensitive. Thanks for the heads-up though, the Spanish site had me confused as well.

I thought we Storm users were being messed with. I have never seen a website that was case sensitive. I've been waiting for a MyVerizon app forever. Thanks for the heads up.

I'm on a Storm. I always have to Disable Compatability Mode in order to have it fit properly. Though, he specifically tells you to Enable it. Any thoughts?

I'm on a Storm. I always have to Disable Compatability Mode in order to have it fit properly. Though, he specifically tells you to Enable it. Any thoughts? works better with Compatibility Mode disabled. Otherwise you have to drag you finger around the screen to select icons with it enabled. The only issue with Compatibility mode disabled is you have to keep bringing up the keyboard screen if you want to type...not a big deal.

Yeah, you definitely need to DISABLE compatibility mode. After install it defaults to compatibility mode being enabled, and you feel like you have a Curve inside your Storm.

Pretty sure I read somehwere that this app (maybe an earlier version, not sure if there was one)was causing lag and freezing.

Anyone else read that or remember where it was posted?
Thinking it may have been in General Discussion, 83xx Forum or the Verizon Forum.

Would privide a link but searched and couldn't find it again.
Anyone having the lag or freezing issue with this?

Am running the Storm and OS .75. I have tried numerous times and never seem to be able to connect to the servers.

I have a storm and it is working fine so far for me. The only thing I would like to see is a landscape mode for it.

Did you just install it or have you had it for a while? I keep getting a lock up with the keyboard on top. I enabled compat mode and it still doesn't change it.

Please let it be known. Storm users must DISABLE Capatibility Mode. It wont work right if you Enable it. :)

For Storm it seems to display in portrait mode only with the keyboard always up. Also it does not seem to work as I get an error message that the servers are busy??? Only displays the startup screen.

Got the keyboard to go away but I still get servers are busy. Maybe they are getting ready to roll out the new OTA update HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

It will only display in portrait mode if you DONT DISABLE Capatibility Mode...... Options--> Advanced Options--> Applications List--> Scroll Until You Find "My Verizon"--> BB Button scroll down two or three lines and click on DISABLE Capatibility Mode....... This will let you use it like it should be used on the storm :S

I've rebooted and still nothing. Very disappointed. Is there anyone out there is going through the same or have a solution?

Okay so I had to delete this Verizon App, it wouldn't work and I tried both compatibility mode enabled and disabled, it just locked up the app each time I tried to use it. I did a battery pull, etc. Kind of sad when a My Verizon app doesn't work on a Verizon enabled Storm!

They never said it would work on a Storm. I'm all for bashing Verizon but not when it's obviously not there fault.

I like the info it provides. While the Storm app works...I am hoping that Verizon puts out a special version for just Storm owners. This looks to be the standard app fit onto the Storm. You have to get used to how you highlight the various icons to make sure you click on the right one you want. Nice app though.

disabled compatibility mode. Allowed all permissions but app still will not connect to network......Would have been a cool app.

Getting an error when I try to get the mobile site with my Curve. Anyone else getting this error? It's not a case sensitive issue.

Quickpull resolved the "Connection Failed Error" message on my storm. This is actually a pretty cool app.

I downloaded the Storm version and I've been trying for several hours, but keep getting the notice "Unable to connect to Verizon Servers at this time. Please try again later." Arrrrggghhh

Well, more excellence from Verizon. Have tried several times but I can't connect to the server. Hope they fix this flaw soon. It would be nice to have account access from my Storm. Come on Verizon!!

Installed it and after 2 minutes uninstalled on my Storm. Nice idea but kind of poor in execution to me. Maybe I'll try disabling compat mode... nothing to get exited about IMO.

Can anyone tell me how to set the Compatibility Mode because for some reason i cannot find it to set it, lol...thanks for ur help

Options--> Advanced Options--> Applications List--> Scroll Until You Find "My Verizon"--> BB Button scroll down two or three lines and click on DISABLE Compatibility Mode

9530 Storm unstalled and works fine even without doing a battery pull. No connection problems and diasabled compatability mode.

I tried the link for the Storm site as I have a storm...and it didn't give me the verizon website. I then tried the other link and it was so busy you couldn't get on it. could you put it so you could email the link to the phone.

I retried typing the link and evidently typed the link incorrectly. Never was aware a link could be case sensitive. It's a great app and It's a keeper

Not working for my storm. Displays a message that it can't connect to verizon servers. And yes I made sure to click on the one for the storm and I re-installed the app just in case. No dice

It is about time they simplified the account information. It is easy, simple, and keeps you update with you account.

While the app is good for us Verizon customers. The problem I am having is this.. I downloaded the app and tried to open it. It always tells me canot connect to Verizon server try again later. This happened on several occasions on one day. and continued on the next. Is there a trick or fix to this....


I don't know about a Storm version, it still acts like you need a roller ball to work it properly. I used the link and set Compatibility Mode and permissions as suggested.

I have tried this application several times and I continue to get the message that it was unable to connect to Verizon. I have set all of the permission levels accordingly. Any suggestions?