My AT&T Curve Doesn't Have GPS! What The?!

AT&T Curve with GPS
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2007 01:43 pm EDT

This is a strange story that popped up in the in CrackBerry Forums. It seems AT&T has a picture of a BlackBerry Curve on their website that features an icon for integrated GPS.

Want to see it for yourself? Click this link, open the 360 degree demo, then click on Features and highlight the GPS icon. Can we launch a class-action lawsuit? Just kidding. I have an AT&T Curve and want it to have GPS! WinkTongue outSmile Oh well, in case they get the error fixed up, here's a full screen shot.

Is this a strange mistake that slipped past their QA controls, or is there something going on here we don't know about?!

Thanks hyedipin! 

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My AT&T Curve Doesn't Have GPS! What The?!


the AT&T Curve has been out for a while...I wonder how long that error has been around for.

I can't believe anyone from AT&T or RIM or anybody else ever caught that.

Free GPS curves for all!

I'm an accounting major getting ready to graduate. I am horrible with directions, but I need to know where I'm going when I have to see clients. That's why when I saw the GPS feature on the curve, I jumped on it.

I want my Maps & GPS!!!

Ok, I love my curve just as much as the next guy but c'mon ppl I'm soooo sick of seeing stupid crap like this from people ''Verizon lied in their ad's abt GPS, Lets sue''...''AT&T shows GPS on their BB curve on the site, lets sue'' you guys really think AT&T or any other carrier does not secure themselves against any of the ''misinfo'' that may come up on their
and just for the lazy people out there, have a peek at the specific item i'm referring to

Product and Service Descriptions and Pricing
AT&T and third parties offering information, products, or services on the Sites attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, AT&T does not warrant that information, product, and service descriptions or other content of the Sites is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Despite our efforts, it is possible due to computer or other error or cause that a product or service offered on the Sites may be mispriced or contain an inaccuracy in its description. In the event AT&T determines that a product or service is mispriced or contains an inaccurate description, AT&T reserves the right to take any action it deems reasonable and necessary, in its sole discretion, to rectify the error, including without limitation canceling your order. (This limitation does not apply to residents of Puerto Rico.) You agree to notify AT&T immediately if you become aware of any pricing or descriptive errors or inconsistencies with any products or services you order through the Sites and comply with any corrective action taken by AT&T.

take note of the last line of that paragraph as well...

Blaize...where is our sense of humor? It's been shown time and time and time again that the carriers call the shots and make the coin in this business. a little screw up like this is just that, so what's wrong with a little poke at them and some wishful thinking?

i just wish it was true - i want gps on my curve! :)

but not a week goes by that I dont see SOMEONE, claiming some BS for a class action lawsuit..wether it be for a carrier or anything else...I think it's the public that needs to lighten up

:) No problem. I was surprised to see this posted as news.
With all these crazy lawsuits, like that judge with his million dollar pants lost at cleaners, why not!

Oh, looks like you misspelled my name.

Sorry about that hyedipin - spelling fixed!

I switched up the Post category to Editorial from News....

When I saw it in the forums I thought it would make a good Friday afternoon Post - purely a joke on the class action thing...i'll throw in some more smiley faces to make it more clear. It's definitely a funny mistake as far as website error's go - especially considering it's a Highlighted Feature in the 360 degree tour. It's an emphasized mistake!

I double checked back to my AT&T theme that came on my Curve - definitely no icon for GPS.

Under options I do not have a GPS text option at all... so not sure what's up there per the other comment of having that selection avaiable??

I'll attempt to take a digital photo of what's on my curve and post it on the site RE: GPS. Can you upload photos?

The unit has GPS. It will work with a map app, like Google Maps. You can also go into settings>advanced>GPS then menu>refresh to get your current location stats. Very cool.