My personal BlackBerry journey - From case to bare, and back to the case

OtterBox Commuter for Torch 9800
By Michelle Haag on 26 Mar 2011 08:50 am EDT

Want to win an Otterbox Commuter case from Keep reading for contest details.

I wanted to share with you guys my personal journey. No, it's not mind blowing or earth shattering but rather a little insight into my love/hate relationship with BlackBerry cases. Maybe you or someone you know can relate to my story. And to help you with your case issues, we're going to give one lucky reader their choice of OtterBox case for BlackBerry! Check out the contest details at the end of the post.

In the beginning...

I got my first BlackBerry about three years ago. I use T-Mobile, and chose a Curve 8320, my GoldBerry, and I was hooked from day one. I had no clue how to use it, and still remember the first time I tried sending a picture via BBM, and how confusing it was. After having my BlackBerry for a few weeks, I began to see little scratches on the battery cover, and decided I should try to do something to protect my new little friend from further damage. I headed to the mall and hit up the T-Mobile store (at the time still quite naive to accessories and how to find them cost effectively) and ended up with a black skin case that hugged my Curve and gave me a little peace of mind.

Anyone familiar with the first Curve series knows that battery pulls were a way of life, and crucial to keeping the dreaded hourglass off my screen. (Again, this was before I knew what I know now, aka alt + shift + delete to reset.) I wasn't fond of having to remove the case what seemed like constantly to pull my battery, but I knew it was the prudent thing to do if I wanted to keep my device from having any more blemishes. Time went on, and for the most part I kept to the plan and Goldie kept her skin on.

BlackBerry Bold 9000
By this time the BlackBerry Bold 9000 had been out for a little while, and my want for one prevailed. When I finally got one (thanks Bla1ze!), I didn't have a case for it. The leather battery cover seemed to hold up to daily wear and tear better than the plastic cover of the Curve, so I wasn't too worried about it. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that my initial resolve to keep my devices wrapped safely in rubber had been tossed to the wayside. Our good friend Jared had even sent me three skins to use on the Bold 9000, but it just didn't feel right anymore and I fell out of the habit of using them altogether.

I had come to realize that I prefer my devices as naked as the day RIM had made them. The feel of the chrome and leather of the 9000 felt good in my hand, there was no denying it. Skins, pouches, holsters, hard cases and soft, I tried them all briefly on various BlackBerry smartphones that followed the Bold, but just couldn't stick with any. I decided my devices were destined to be bare, and I was happy with that choice.

Present day

Fast forward to present day, and my BlackBerry Torch. Having never used a Storm,  this is my first touch screen BlackBerry. While getting accustomed to the weight and feel of the device, as well as the slider portion and inset keyboard, I never once thought about covering it with a case. It was a thing of beauty, and I wanted those that saw it to be able to appreciate its magnificent form. Plus the battery cover is textured, which made my grip more secure.  I'm fairly klutzy, and though it doesn't happen often, I admit I have dropped my BlackBerry on more than one occasion. The Torch was no different, and soon, my bezel was chipped, and a corner had a tiny dent (though I'm sure I am the only one that would notice).

OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry

Guess what happened next? I was given an OtterBox Commuter Series Strength case. So many mixed feelings came packed in that glossy pink box. I was actually almost dreading having to use the case. I told myself I would just use it for a day or two, long enough to give it a fair evaluation, and then tuck it away and put it behind me. I snapped it on - first the inner rubber piece, followed by the hard back shell. This was kind of hard as the shell fits tightly on the phone and getting the rubber piece to cooperate and stay where it belongs was a challenge. After it was on though, I saw the value of making it on the difficult side: it won't easily come off when you need it to stay put the most. The front piece snaps on much easier, but granted there isn't a lot to cover on the slider part of the Torch so that makes sense. I turned my Torch over a few times, examining the new look and feel, and honestly thinking it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought it would be.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry

A week later, I realized I still had the OtterBox on my BlackBerry. Realistically, that makes sense to me. The case doesn't make the phone, it's there to seamlessly integrate with your device. If I had noticed it, the case wouldn't have lasted so long on my Torch. I found the real value soon enough, while walking through the park with the kids. Carrying too many things in my hands, and distracted by our daughter almost running me down with her bike, I felt my BlackBerry slip from my hands. I felt that familiar feeling in my stomach and cringed hearing it smack the concrete sidewalk, face down. It bounced back up, phone going one direction and front piece of the the case flying off the other way. Expecting the worst I surveyed the damage and was amazed to find none. Not a smashed screen, not a ding, not a scratch. Even though the front piece had been knocked off, it had done its job. As I snapped it back in place, I shook my head and smiled, understanding finally why people have a love for cases the way they do.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry

In closing, let me just say that though I understand why I should always have a case on my BlackBerry and I'm thankful for the scuffs that are on my bright pink case and not on my device, I'm not making any promises. The OtterBox is great, and I have definitely learned to appreciate its qualities, but some days I get wistful for the feel of that shiny chrome and textured battery cover in my palm and revert back to my old ways. What can I say? I live dangerously.


Contest: We want to hear your story. Do you love cases, and have a stack of them you rotate through? Do you have one tried and true case that you return to time and time again? Maybe you've never used one, but always wanted to. Leave a comment below, telling us your story (just don't ramble on as long as I did) and you will be entered to win an OtterBox Commuter case, like the one I have in the pictures above (your choice of color). One entry per person please. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck! 

For more information on OtterBox and their line of BlackBerry cases

Additional photos of the OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry Torch

OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry
OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry
OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry
OtterBox Commuter Series for Blackberry
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My personal BlackBerry journey - From case to bare, and back to the case



I have an OtterBox Commuter case on my BlackBerry Curve and LOVE it! It has saved my phone numerous times, countless even. I am a huge OtterBox fan, I tell everyone how great these cases are!

My husband just bought a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and I keep telling him how much he'd love an Otterbox case...maybe I'll win this one n he'll give it a try!


Warning: the otter case does not work for the torch. i wasted $40 on an otter case for my torch. it causes the phone not to work.

Hey, I had the same issue with my Torch and I just let it go, but I tried a new Otterbox on it recently and it worked *flawlessly*, therefore, my boyfriend & I contacted Otterbox to see what was up with that, and they offered to replace our Otterboxes because a lot of the first cases had the same problem. Give that a try? Because my replacement Otterbox is amazing.. It's the only case I use now :)

dude i had the same problem but dont worry it just takes some time, if you align the case and the lock button perfectly ( im assuming yu had the same issue as i did. i.e. he phone would constantly lock and unlock making it unusable) if it is lined up properly this is no longer a problem, try putting the silicon and the hard case on t the same time

I dont like cases for Torch original holyster is good for me. But thanks for review if I had chance to win can try one of them ((=

holyster is a case for torch? i need a case for my torch and the otter does not work for the torch. you know of a case that works well with the torch?

i think he/she meant "holster" not "holyster"...

btw, i love my bb in a holster too...seems much more convenient than any case i've ever tried...

I also started with a rubber case for my Curve (8330). Used it for two years and thanks to the case and a Zag screen protector it was in amazing condition, which helped in resale.

That's one of the benefits of cases and protecting your BlackBerry... able to say it's in mint condition when you're ready to sell and upgrade.

I now have a Bold 9700 white. The great thing about the white 9700 is the sleeve it comes with compared with the clunky holster that comes with the black version. The sleeve is great but it doesn't protect the top corners of the phone. Unfortunately, in the multiple drops I have had with the device; one in my driveway did some damage. I have toyed with the idea of getting a full coverage case but... the device looks so good "naked as the day RIM had made (it)."

All and all still liking just the sleeve seeing that it helps with battery life.

With my curve and 9000, I was addicted to silicone cases, had them in EVERY color :) if I could do the same for my torch I would. However, I've yet to find a case for it I like, so I've gone the route of using a BSE skin. Sadly, it has still gotten scuffed in places not covered by skin, but it is what it is. I kinda love having it naked for everybody to see, ha!

My Storm1 is still sporting the same white Blackberry gel skin it left the store with on the day I bought it two years ago. I like the sticky grip and it has saved my BB a couple of times when I dropped it on the sidewalk. I like that I can just pull it off and give it a quick wash to keep it from getting all germy. Much of the time the phone is also snapped into a Seidio holster to further protect the screen. I find this very convenient because lots of times I just clip it onto my jeans pocket.

Love the cute look of your OtterBox case. Would love to try one... hopefully on a new Storm 3 soon (ha)!

I never used a case on my 8330 and boy did it pay the price! In one year i changed or cleaned the trackball more times than i could count, cracked the screen and DESTROYED the battery door. My 8330 only lasted a year and when i got my curve 3g (at full retail) i decided to protect my investment with an otterbox commuter that i bought on crackberry. The only time my phone comes out of the case now is for a quick dusting and then it goes right back in! I'm a case user from now on I dont want to kill another berry before its time!

Normally, I love cases for my blackberry's. But since getting my white Torch, I haven't found one that I like enough to replace what I like about it without a case. After reading this article, however, I like the look of this new Ottercase. I almost feel like it would compliment my phone even more. And like you, I can always remove it, when I want to enjoy it in its natural state. :)

I am a firm believer in a case. If for nothing else it gives just a bit of protection to the screen when you lay your phone face down. My first BB was a Pearl. Got a neopene skin for it. Eventually I had 4 different color skins. Different color different day was kinda my thinking. Got a Curve next, tried the same neoprene skin, even got 4 different colors again, eventurally went to a hard cover with Seidio. Liked the active case that provide hard case protection and clip on accessory that protects the face when attached to belt, pocket, etc. This case was tremendous. Kept my Curve in pristene condition. The wife now uses both. Now I sport a Torch. First case was a freebee from the guy who sold it to me AT&T. Next was the first Otter Box, and now I have the Innocase Active Combo back on my 9800. I firmly believe that the case is an essential part of the phone. I love the texture of the Innocase, it has a "grippy" feel and as such I feel less likely to have my prescious phone slip out of my hand. The face in clip case is great for my active livestyle.

The Torch is my first BB and I've never really used any cases. I'd always be real careful not to get them scratched though and well, that never worked out. :)
I would love to try out a case as I am worried that it will get scratches where I least expect it!

I have never been big on cases for my BBs...I shouldve had one on my old Curve 8300 and 8310 as to avoid all those scratches they got...however if I had an otterbox on my torch the chrome finish wouldn't be all dingged up...

After I dropped my storm the first week I had it (those suckers are slick) I bought the otter box case and love it. People ask a lot about the type of phone because it looks so huge compared to many other cases. I personally love the larger size because it's easier to handle and locate.

That otter box has saved my phone many times, usually from falls out of the car to the concrete patio or an infrequent "toss" when my teenager gets mad at me and decides to chuck it across the room. It's got a lot of wear on it and I could sure use a replacement.

I'm never a fan of OtterBox or any case in general but if I win this, I am going to seriously consider putting in one for good spin (use).

Saved my torch more then once my problem with the cases was that its constantly pressing the lock bottom on top so I decided to go with a GRT but I still have my OB and maybe some day I will go back.

There's no doubt its a great cases just that lock bottom issue!!!!

I used an awesome black gel skin case for my storm1 for almost 2 years, it looked like tire tread on the back (I've never seen one like it again) and it saved my storm many times from my dropping it.
When I upgraded to a bold 9650 I passed that case on to my roommate for her first BB (storm2)
I currently use a plain black gel skin case but would love an otterbox for my bold, or for my wife's first BB (just got her a curve 3g) :)

Never could get used to a case. Although I used to let it fly commando in my pocket, I began keeping my 9650 in the leather holster when not in use to at least provide a modicum of protection. However, it's not when it's in the holster that matters, it's when you take it out. Like the other day when I removed my Bold from the holster, and it slipped out of my fingers. Down it crashed onto the pavement! It is not scratched along the trim, and has a big smash mark on one corner. But at least I don't worry about it anymore. Scratch & Dent is the only way to fly!

one for my 8520 please! my Baby (BB) has never experienced an otterbox before! I have tried all for jelly cases to silcone cases, might as well try the best protective case out there, thanks otterbox and CB!

Here's my case story:

I love, love love love love Blackberries. I was sold on it when I tried out my brother's very old model, and then in the store I played with the Pearl and fell in love. BB's do EXACTLY what I want a phone to do. So, I've been through two Pearls and I had lovely silicone cases for them complete with static cling screen protectors. I can't tell you how many times I dropped my Pearls, but those phones are hardy to begin with, and the cases just acted as shock absorbers.
So now I've upgraded to the Torch (which btw is maybe my most favorite phone EVER......)...
I agree with this post, the natural case of my Whiteberry (haha) is so sleek I don't want to cover it up. However, I quickly noticed a teensy little ding on the front. My Whiteberry had become chipped!! I was sad.
So, I went on to eBay to see what kind of deals I could find for cases. I found a very nice-looking one that had a nice color selection including lime green (yay!). It worked fairly well (especially well as a shock absorber, I'm sure) but the thing, being made in Hong Kong or whatever, was not particular 'made to order' for the Torch. The hole for the charger was too small, and plastic covered the light censor which is there to determine if your face is against the phone or not (hence blacking out the screen upon making a call). Then, weeks later, the top part, which was on plastic slider tracks, became unglued, and now the top part flops around a bit. Cheap price for cheap product....
So now I'm caseless (yet thankfully still have the screen protector clinging on).

I'm curious about the 'official' Torch case as well as about this Otter case... The top part looks much better. (No slider tracks, I presume?)
Mostly I'm a fan of silicone cases, but I'd be willing to give something that doesn't fall apart a try....

Have dropped my BB way to many times to not use something. I concluded this after dropping it on a concrete parking lot and had to crawl under my truck to retrieve my BB. I Currently use a skin. Slips in my jacket pocket great.....and really hugs the dash or console when I throw it in the truck. I use a case occationally as well if needed.

I always have my Blackberry protected. I use the original case that came with my BB 9650 and tried an aftermarket holster (which I stopped using because it was very difficult to remove), but I would like to test the OtterBox case for BlackBerry for my BB 9650.

My first BlackBerry, I carried around naked. My (not so little) BlackBerry 8700 felt good without something on it. Good weight, good size. Inevitably, I dropped it. Granted, it wasn't far. Maybe 20cms down from my pocket. I didn't even notice it fall out. I went to pick it up, expecting nothing wrong. I mean, it only fell a ruler's length down. I noticed a small crack in the screen, bottom right hand side. This grew daily, to span the entire screen, cutting it diagonally from corner to corner.

As soon as I got my new Bold 9780 from TELUS, I decided it would be protected from day one. I bought a Commuter Series case day one, and have never taken it off. Result: many falls, no damage.

I love the OtterBox cases. I had one for my storm2 and just bought the Torch and have yet to get one. I always put a bestskinsever skin on my blackberries. Had one for every berry i have owned to date. Until I dropped my storm2 and chipped it....then I found the OtterBox. I would recommend them to anyone as they have saved my Storm2 from lots of dammage. Even flew out my window one day doing 20MPH :( Case was scratched but storm was ok thankfully. The BB bounced once on the pavement and then landed on grass so I was lucky but without the case...No more blackberry i am sure. That being said I WOULD LOVE ONE for my Torch :)

I'm yet to try out the Otterbox Commuter case. My fisrt blackberry was a 8900 and I started with the belt holster becuase I wanted to show off the phone as much as I can but then I got tired of it. I then went with the rubber skin, I loved it. It protected my phone and it wasn't bulky but I still wanted to show off my phone so I went with Invisible Shiel. Now I have the 9800 and I'm currently using the pouch, it has its protection when in my pocket but free when using it. Taking in and out the pouch does get annoying so I would like to try the Otterbox Commuter case and see why its so popular.

Don't really care much for cases as the holster cuts it for me. Still rock the holster that came with my Bold 9780 and i'm quite satisfied with it.
Wouldn't mind sampling the Otterbox case though as i hear they are pretty decent

I really need a case. I drop my Bold every time I have to run across traffic for the bus (twice now) and it's terrifying every time.

The first blackberry I had was...well...a torch and I switch to him from an iphone so strait away I got a case mate. I was so desapointed all the time becaouse it fell of 3-5 times a day. In the and I gave up and got a zagg invisibel sheald and I'm so happy for my choice, it is just perfect for the torch, sheald and keeps the shape of the torch.
But I will love to have a otter, maybe it will change my mind...

Wow! Your story is eerily similar to mine. I started with the Pearl with no case. When I went to the Curve I got a case from Seidio and so it began with ALWAYS having a case. I would typically have the case in my possession before I bought the phone.

From the Curve to the 9000 I loved that even if it fell, was dragged, kicked or stepped on (or all of the's rough out there!), my phone came out looking pristine. For my Bold 9000 I went with the Seidio 360 which covers your keypad too. I went through about 3 of them and had to go back to a standard Seidio case. The keyboard bubbles after a while and it's quite unsightly and annoying.

From the 9000 I went to the 9700. That's when I went with a Zagg skin plus invisi-shield full body. I loved that I didn't have the bulkiness but my phone was totally protected from scratches. In the end parts of the shield started sliding around or coming off. Zagg was great and sent a replacement. Now I have a Torch and I got a sweet leather skin from Zagg for the back of my torch, yet I find myself looking at the bezel and knowing.....I'm going back to a case. If it gets dinged, or scratched....ouch!'s still rough out there!

I ordered a pouch from Etsy, but it was for an Android device. I returned the Vibrant within a week to get my first BB. I've been using the pouch to protect the phone just because I have it. However, it is quite impractical in my day to day use; takes forever to quickly access my phone, and it is hard to hear the phone when in my pocket. I need some protection as I commute by bike and I've got all sorts of things floating around my messenger bag (lock, keys, pens, etc.) that could damage my 9700.

getting a new Torch on monday, but I'm tight on money with school right now, so a free black Otterbox would be awesome!

My case story is definitely a strange one. First of all, I don't tend to drop phones often (I only dropped my torch twice before I got the case and they were both on a carpet). Initially I thought it would be a good idea to get a hard case but I soon realized that this made the phone even bulkier and it often wouldn't fit into my pocket. One day at the park I was talking to someone and walking at the same time. A biker rode by me and i quickly jumped out of the way only to lose my footing on the edge of the path. I watched as my phone flew across the path and hit a tree. At first i was worried but then remembered that case. I went to go pick it up and i saw the front part was missing and there was a piece of plastic missing from the outer part of the phone. There on the path was the front of the case, snapped at the side and bent. Disheartened I went back home to examine the damage. After that I have never used a case again. BUT yesterday I dropped my torch again and this time the back button stopped working (after pressing it 100 times it went back to normal). Now I'm terrified of dropping my phone and am extremely paranoid when I'm calling someone or in an awkward position.

I have cases for just about every pair of sneakers (tennis shoes if u live on the west coast) I have, I think i'm up to 28 cases, from the soft gels to the hard cases. Variety is always important and having the ability to switch it from day to day makes it better. I started my current collection in Nov 2009 when the 9700 came out, and since the 9780 is the exact same phone, I don't feel like an ass for having my extended cases and gel collection

I have a Defender Case that started out on my Curve 8530 and has migrated to my newer Curve 9330, since they are the same form factor. I have to say that it has saved both of these phones many times over and the belt clip is indestructable.

On another note I noticed the other day that the silicone outside of my case was cracked so I called Otter to inquire about what I could do. The lady on the phone promptly asked me the model number and my contact information then sent me a new silicone for my case which arrived last Friday. I was willing to pay for the replacement but she would have none of that. Their customer service is excellent.

I would love to win a new case, in blue, for my phone.

I have an Otterbox Commuter case for my 9650 that I use along with a Seidio 2600 battery. I left the battery cover off and cut a hole in the silicon for the battery to fit into. You can't tell there is an extended battery in there unless you pick it up.

I've tried cases on my bold 9650 but just never found one that I liked and I got tired of spending the money on them... Haven't tried an otterbox though, I sure would like to for free! (Hint, hint)

well i would have to say i have never used a case before but i've seen my share of drops and all ive only used the leather pouch that came with my bold 9650...

When I had my curve (and the 8800 and 7somethings before) I didn't really feel the need to have a case. I couldn't really use one with my pearl flip, but I did have a back case to protect the back.

But then I got an 8520 and it felt more vulnerable than the others. I tried out a bunch, but the iskin type cases were the best.
I eventually left bb and went to the iphone, I bought about 10 cases for that, finally settling on one from javoedge, that basically started falling apart after a couple months use.

Now, I'm back with blackberry bold 2. I've had it for about a week. I bought 4 of the same cases on ebay and have been having fun interchanging the backs and the fronts. I've also just purchased a case from speck, which I have to wait for its arrival.

The otterbox commuter cases do look great, unfortunately a bit too much $ to justify.

From my red 8310 to my 8900 to my 9700 to my Torch, I've always had cases that I loved for my babies. The red 8310, not all the time, mainly because it was so pretty and I wasn't doing anything too ridiculously dangerous to my phone, but after I scratched the top of the phone at work, I got myself a casemate skin for it. Then, with my 8900, I discovered the CaseMate SmartSkin case, and boy, was it my favourite! The SmartSkin case I searched for even after I got my 9700. Took me 5 weeks but I found it & the only time my 9700 ever left it was when it was in it's cradle. And now, here we are with the was really hit & miss with the Torch just because it's my first slider. First Otterbox didn't work so well, so I opted for the Seido innocase, then, I tried the Otterbox again, and now I'm a believer in OB again <3 but that pink one is drawing my eye quite a bit. I hope I can win it, add a bit of feminity to my Torch.. :D

My wife's 9300 lives in an Otterbox. I most often use a leather pocket pouch but a nice new Otterbox is worth a try. I am not the most clumsy so my phones remain in pretty good condition most years.

Same story with my BB experience. After mt 9700 was unsellable by the time I wanted a 9780 I decided o keep the 9780 in perfect condition. The worst part about the whole case issue is there's about 6 I like the look of I the crackberry store, but I can't buy them all so what do I do to find the one I like the feel off? I'm useing just a rubber slim fit one now with screen protector, would love a otterbox though

Any and every good sales rep, at any carrier or retail store, will put a case on yr phone & let you get the feel of them before you buy. But finding those few good sales reps can be hard. If you find one and you get to feel the case until you find the one you want, it would be courteous to buy from them, unless they're charging alot more than crackberry or other sites.

...I dropped my first bold 9800 and had to pay $300 for a new one. After doing some research on cases I found otterbox to be the best by most online reviews! So I bought one! Figured a $40 case was better than $300 for another phone! However when I went to the torch I heard nothing but complaints about cases for this phone and otterbox was one of the worst ones! I've heard since that they have fixed the issues but still too nervous and too tight to spend 30-40 on a case that may not even work so please pick me and allow me the opportunity to try the case for free! I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Case fanatic here. Used to have only one phone so only one device available to casify. However after getting a blackberry 9780 in addition to my htc hd7, now I have 2 cases to get. Just received my speck case from the US as it is unavailable in my country. However, the night i received it, i went downstairs and to my surprise, found a seidio innocase. Thinking that it was a fake,i went to google for its pictures. After verifying that it was the real deal, i grabbed it immediately. This was the story of how i got 2 new cases in a day. Currently i have 4 cases for my blackberry. A seidio innocase (love the blue!), a speck plaid fabric case, and a incipio case. Love to rotate them for different occasions that I would be going or for my activity of the day. Another commuter case to add to my collection would be a great gift.

I like my case on the 9700 because it gives me something to hold on to. I feel its too small and fragile without it on

I have one for my Tour that's been on there for about a year and a half. After many drops, the piece next to my screen finally broke off but the case still holds together. If I didn't have it on there my phone I'm guessing would be garbage. However, from the beginning, the case actually caused cosmetic damage to my BB. Right above the blackberry name it's all scratched up. This happened prior to any drops. I'm guessing it was slightly loose and as my BB moved in the case, it was rubbing in that area. Oh well, it did more good than bad, so I'm ok with it.

I've gone back and forth with cases on my 9700 and now on my Torch. I would like a case that I can still use my charging pod with but I would like o give the otterbox case a try. I hear they make great ones..

I HATE cases. I've tried many different ones from the flimsy silicon (felt nice, easy to put on, even easier to come off when I pulled my Berry out of my pocket) to the bulkier hard plastic with the clear piece over the screen (within a week, this part looks like I've taken coarse grit sandpaper to it, where the screen itself seems to take minor scratches a lot more gracefully).

That said, I hate the feeling of hearing my precious naked Berry hit the concrete when I step out of the car, forgetting it was sitting unsecured on my lap even more. The setup I've settled on longest is a $4 epik resin case, and BodyGuardz full body film (which I just put on whatever parts are left exposed by the resin case), and I haven't (yet) found anything to compare. I barely notice it's there, and for the most part it doesn't detract from the beauty of my Bold 9700. Although the chrome and faux leather are covered, I hide them out of love.

Otterbox has always been on my mind. The size has been keeping me away but if I am to try another case, I don't think there's one out there with a better reputation than OtterBox. I'd be lying if I said the commuter hasn't piqued my interest in the past.

Thank goodness there is a choice of colors (besides pink).

I have also had the OEM BB leather pouch, but that defeats the purpose for the Torch.

I always used the hard snap cases from big red on my 9530 and a drop on cement for me was a twice weekly occurance, every time the case would explode off the phone evenually braking one of the cases, but the phone itself remained immaculate. Using a silicone gloss case from verizon on my 9650 now, but would prefer a little more protection to help make this one last until I can afford the Monaco, PLEASE PICK ME

My story is similar... I have a love hate relationship with my blackberry cases. I first loved the feel of just the bare berry and after dropping my 9700 on a few occasions I decided to get the iSkins Vibes case for it. It was great form fitting and sturdy. Then when I got my 9780 i didn't seem to like the bulk of the vibes case and gave it to my brother who had the same phone. Back to the bare berry and loving the feel of it. I wanted a case but didn't want the bulk of it. So I decided to try out the feather case with incipio and I like it its thin and sturdy but only covers the back and doesn't protect the front - I'm picky with cases but have been eyeing up the OtterBox cases for a while ;)

I currently have about 5 cases, but usually just use the regular black silicon one for my Storm 2. It isn't the best protection it could have, but the front has a screen protector so it gets most of it. I actually didn't know about the Otterbox cases until I got my Blackberry. When I was looking up and searching stuff, there were a lot of people talking about the Otter box cases, and I watched some videos of it. Then, recently, I saw my friend with an iPhone 4, and he also had an Otterbox case. He showed me how it worked, and I was just in awe. It covered every inch of the iphone, and I could easily say that it was the best case ever. I would like one of my own of the case. My Blackberry is the Storm 2 9550, and I would like a black one.

I have a similar story. I got my first Blackberry about 3 years ago. My first Blackberry was the pearl 8100. I was exactly the same I enjoyed having it nude and the feel of the phone was great. I kept my pearl naked and yes I dropped it many times and it just was a normal thing. My pearl lasted and I handed it down to my girlfriend. She bought a case because of the use and scratches I had on it. She did kill the pearl RIP. She was walking across our river on a summer day water up to her hips and found a deep part and put her hands down to help her and the pearl was the victim it died immediately. My next Blackberry was the Storm . I didn't buy a case for it I was a nudest I enjoyed using my phones free of cases. The storm with its problems went back to my carrier, within 2 weeks. I waited for a month and used my pearl again before she killed it. My next phone was the Tour. I still didn't use a case for it I used my Tour for everything music and GPS and well everything. I kept my Tour naked and it lasted. The biggest drop I had with it was a drop while moving our couch to our new place and it fell out of my pocket and bounced off the cement. It had a big ding in the corner but didn't die. My tour lasted until November 2010 nude the whole time. Before it died my friend showed me his OtterBox for his Curve 8900 I was impressed with the warranty program he had told me that when the rubber ripped they sent him a new one !. So the death of my Tour prob could have been prevented. I went to a wedding with my girlfriend and we had to take her drunk friend home. The wedding had bottles of wine to take home. Her friend was drinking out of the bottle and some of the wine had spilled into the center console of our car and I was in the back seat and didn't notice and asked her to plug my phone in because it was dying so she did. We got out of the car and I went to get my phone and it was in a nice 2 inch puddle of wine in the center console. I learned how to take my phone apart and but it didn't help the a w e s z x c d buttons were wrecked. My next phone was the Torch. I loved the feel and clean look it had and kept it nude until Otterbox had a case. I bought it and put it on and I had the same issues made my phone freeze and stall. I took it off and thought oh well. My girlfriend went and bought the Torch just a month ago and grabbed my Otter box case and used it. It worked one time while working the phone hit the hard work floors and the top piece fell off and kept the phone safe but the top piece broke. So I contacted Otter Box and took a pic or two of the piece and they sent me 2 !! shipping mistake but either way we got 2. I but my Otterbox on when it came and am using it ! Last night it saved my Torch ! I went over to our friends to see her and had 3 beers on my 3rd one I had my phone next to the beer and accidentally knocked over my beer and the liquid flowed all around the table and phones bottom. I picked it up and dried the back bottom of my phone and nothing safe 100%. So that's my story about case or not to case ? I am happy to keep mine case. Better case than sorry.

I always have a gel-skin (bell mobility brand) case on my 9700 at home. When I'm out, It's usually holstered too. It's my almost newest purchase and it's staying I think. I had the flimsy silicone case initially. I hated it because it felt like it would fall off. I've also tried the hard plastic case. It was okay, but didn't love it. I just purchased an i-skin but don't like it because the lense cut out is off and I can see it when taking pics.

An otterbox would be a great addition to my collection!

I purchased a defenfer for my curve and it saved it many times.I can't be without my BB. I have gotten many mixed reviews on this case for the torch and most stores don't stock this case to get a up close view. I need something to protect my torch as they don't bounce very well.

I've been an avid blackberry user for 6 years now (remember the side scroll wheel!) And I have ALWAYS known the advantages to a case. I can't stand to see scratches on my phone so I never leave the house without one. I started with a leather case, then with a clear plastic case for my gold curve. However, my case collection evolved when I got my white 9700. I had 12 rubber cases in an array of colors! I turned my necessity into an accessory. I loved changing colors and matching with my clothes. It made me feel like I had a new phone! Now I have a white torch and I'm rebuilding my collection. I have 3 colorful tpu cases and 3 plastic ones! It would be great to win this so I could replace the white case my dog ate!

I don't have a case for my Torch, but sure would love one. I always had one on my Bold 9000. For now, I keep my Torch in a pouch. Please pick me!

I used a simple pleather case on my flip until it fell apart(the case not the flip) I use a 2nd hand storm that already has so many scratches and dings I never bothered with a case. I will hopefully have a playbook soon, and really want an otterbox case for it, not sure if i'm ready to spend that much money for a case though.

My story; I first bought my first blackberry of course it was a entry level curve 8520...this was my first blackberry device paid for and owned by me so this meant it was my responsibility to keep it in good condition...from day one, the device has been babied! i couldnt decide which case to buy..after searching i thought the holster/leather sleeve was professional looking as a blackberry should.. several days after with the heavy typing on the keyboard and taking it in and out of the sleeve the back rubber began to be scratched by my fingernails since the device fits snug in the then i took it out and stopped using the sleeve and bought a regular black soft skin this was much better the only problem was that i didnt like the feel of the material and after peeling the skin on and off it began to be loosened...that wasnt all...i had dropped it from a very small distance off the ground and my housing on the side opened up and split a bit from the screen thankfully nothing happened to the screen itself but the skin had no effect on saving it from the damage...currently i interchange both accesories when im tired of using the other...ive checked out the otterbox case but here in my country its a bit pricey so are the designer cases that work similar to love to have this case!

I had a case for my torch since day 1. I didn't want to risk the scratches. The first case I got for my torch was a case mate varely there case. This was my second option, because I was mainly looking for a holster, but thank God they were out of stock. If it wasn't for my case-mate case my torch would have serious scratches on it ! Now I use both the case mate and the holster, so that means I have to keep puting on and taking off my case, which is a hassle, but w. E any thing to keep my torch safe. The case mate plays its roll when I'm at home or when I wear my sweats. When I feel more classy I wear my holster. My torch has barely been used naked, either its in the holster or in the case mate but those small sacrafices have kept my torch in mint condition for about 3-4 months now :D

I had a curve and the little slip pouch, thats all I ever wanted, then one day I took it out of my pocket upside down and it slipped out. OUCH. Then I had a bold, with the belt attachment case, and then I sat in my car and it fell out of the holster, bounced on the street and was ran over twice.....OOOOUCH.

Then, I finally got a commuter case, and I can throw it off the wall with relative ease, but I gave that too my mother because she needs one a lot more than I do. And now I am in need of another case, but I still admire its naked body. I think I want a Blue one for the bold 9700, or do they already make one for the new Bold 9900, because thats the next berry I will get!

Oh, my relationship with cases for phones...

Going ALL the way back, I had a Palm Vx (I know, not a phone but it was my lifeblood) that I kept in a very sleek clamshell hardcase made by Palm. The most pocketable device I've ever owned, and the standard by which I measure all case-covered devices.

The Tungsten|C was bulky in its own right, and the cases didn't help it in that department. Same with the Treo 650 and the Tungsten|E.

My 7290 never wore a case - it didn't need one. That line of BlackBerry phones was virtually indestructible, and the battery life was epic. Sure they were 'old school' but for my purposes - a professional who needs to be connected at all times - it fit the bill perfectly.

I tried a slew of cases for my 8800 (and 8820) - including several holsters. While the holster provides some cool functionality, using one runs contrary to every bit of fashion sense I have (and trust me, that's not much). The only case that lasted longer than a couple of days on those phones was the little rubber slipcover from RIM. Leather slipcovers are too bulky, and even the neoprene from RIM "caught" too much in my pocket for my liking. I like the idea of the Invisible Shield type of protection, but anyone who has ever tried to apply those to their phone can relate to why they are not really a viable solution.

My 9700 has been naked its whole life. My first 9700 met its demise on a concrete parking lot surface...granted it had some help getting there.

For now, I use a screen protector and my own caution to keep my phone safe.

I've always had the standard rubber blackberry cases for my old phones 8900 & 9700, but since I've had my Torch i haven't found a good enough case for, so it has a few dings and scratches.

So id hope an otterbox is next.

I swap around a little, going from the original leather sleeve, to a black silicon case from Winners, to a hip holster and now an iSkin Vibes for my 8900. I rotate from the iSkin to the holster depending on the mood I'm in, along with what works best for the image I'm trying to give off, colorful for at school, holster for business.

On my first BB, my Curve 8530, I used a black silicone case until the day it was stolen :(

Now on my 9650, I switch between a hard case and going naked. I have a silicone case too, but I dont like how it gets stuck it my jeans pocket and makes the phone feel a little too bulky.

I was thinking of buying the otterbox for my bold, so this would be awesome!

Frankly, i did not really like cases, using my phones naked. Taking my 8900, i had a silicon casing which was rather useless as it tore soon after. I used skins until i has a otterbox for my birthday which actually made me rethink about cases. My 8900 still resides in its trusty otterbox till date.

On the other hand, when Torch was launched, i considered getting an otterbox. But as i was (and still is) saving up for my Playbook, i never had the spare cash to spend on a casing, using it naked. However, that was where the problem came in. in a freak accident, the cab where i was in jammed break and my device flew out (and smashing) the windscreen and skidded across the road. Yes, it was scratched and heavily damaged. Well, the pedestrian bought for me a Case Mate casing as an apology as he had caused the whole incident. Now, the case-mate is broken (by itself..) and in dire need of a casing (to cover the scratches) and prevent further, i'm practically using it in a zip-lock bag with stylus until i have saved sufficiently for my playbook and the otterboxes. That said, my playbook will definitely need one. :(

Desperately seeking the perfect case, I've yet to try the Otterbox (actually it was my next move where cases are concerned) Have the BB Torch and each and every time I make my way to a retail store that sells cases I gravitate to the section ponder some time eventually buy a case and so far Nothing has really hit the mark. I end up putting my Torch back into its leather sleeve. >>Picky guy looking for a solid case to take care of my precious! ;) The day will come sadly when I accidentally drop my phone it would be amazing if the Otterbox case saved its life while looking so stylish!
Thats my entry .. adding Pick me Pick me =D

I've always had a case on a phone. Call me collectionist or what have you, but I've always considered the mint-ness or pristine-ness of my devices. I've gone so far as to rationalize the cases as an investment in keeping a device in tip-top reselling condition knowing full well I'd probably never sell it, or be able to sell it as old tech anyway.

My first smartphone was an HTC S620. I have an Incipio silicone case on it. My second smartphone was an HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1). I had a Seidio innocase on that. I now have a Blackberry 8900, given to me by my fiance. I bought her a Blackberry 9780 instead (she wanted the optical trackpad). I also gave her a tank of a case in the Otterbox Commuter. On my current 8900, I only have a silicone case (which she started with). It'd be great if I can Otterbox this phone up!

For some reason, I do a lot more with this older 8900 than I ever did with my G1. I'm holding out for an upcoming Blackberry device. Hopefully, I can get a case to keep this 8900 going as long as it needs to.


I love the commuter case...I have one on my storm 2 and it has SAVED my phone dozens of times. I'm pretty active during the day and always have my hands it finds the ground alot. My phone is good as new and works like a charm. I'm trying to convince my gf to get one...but she likes the 'au natural' feel...and is cheap! Maybe if I win one and I can give it to her and prove how RIGHT I am. Thanks for the opportunity!

I have tried many different cases for my Storm 2 but all have failed me. Skins just stretch out and snap on cases break after a short time for me and don't offer enough protection. I have used an Otterbox case on other phones and have loved them. Just haven't gotten one for the Storm 2 yet. Hard to find these days.

I would love one to cradle my Storm 2 in great protection and style.

I currently have a black silicone case and a rubber case that I switch between. I prefer the rubber case to the silicone cos the silicone is a dust magnet like crazy and it doesn't protect as much from minor drops and falls. One thing that bugs me though with cases, even going back to my first device the 8320, then 8900, then 8530 is the fact that they become dust traps. I would like to
give the otterbox a chance and see the difference it makes in protecting my phone and keeping dust out in the long run.

I have used cases religiously since my poor 8900 ended up looking beyond abused. I bought new housing & about 10 cases to keep it safe & unblemished.
Finding a decent case for the Torch, however, has been an absolute horror. Every case I ordered broke within a day or two...drop the phone- case broke. My fiancé managed to break one while removing it. The GRT slide shell is great, but is incredibly bulky & makes it hard to slide my phone open. I finally found an Otterbox commuter case on Amazon for $20 (as opposed to $40 in the AT&T store), & I love it! After several 'mishaps', my Torch is unscratched & the case unbroken....the only problem I have is that I REALLY need a pink one!

I've always used a case of some kind on my Blackberries. It's scary when they're naked! Right now I have a 9780 and I use an iSkin and love it. Count me in for an Otterbox!

Did not think i will have to use a case as people do not get to see the quality Blackberry am carrying on my person. got to my office one morning, heard something fall while walking to my desk, did not make anything of it; untill i sat down and my co-worker brought my blackberry to me all in piceces. i cried all morning as , it took me almost all of my pay for the week to get this blackberry. i have just being able to afford another one now after 3 months. am still scared to leave my house with my blackberry. i just started reading on the otterbox series, when this contest came up. pick me pl.

My story is simple. I have a Storm 2 and originally had the original Storm. Both times I bought a third party hard shell holster. They were cheap, $15 and pretty sturdy. I cannot remember who makes them, but I know they were someone I never heard of before. Regardless, the case works great and I have never had any kind of issue with it. The best part is that they worked for both my Storm and Storm 2. I know the phones themselves were not all that different but I would have hated to have to buy another holster/case for it.

An OtterBox case would be sweet! I have never tried one simply because I never had the need to, but I would be happy to try it out should I win. And who knows, maybe I would switch and be a fan for life if it is as great as everyone says they are!

I used to always get pouches for my phones but when I got my first bb I always had an urge to change its look. Pouch cases, gel ones and then I got the otter commuter for my bold 9000 after changing it to an all black look. Then I got my torch and did the same. Got the pocket, holster, the case mate barely there and the otterbox. Since I could never find an all black housing I wanted an all black case. I would alternate but ultimately stuck with the otterbox because of the look and feel. It felt almost like a new housing for my phone and when I wanted to go back to the original look of my torch I'd take the case off and it would feel n look just as great. If I could win a pink case I would use it and have it on for special occasions like breast cancer month and my cousin's birthday because she passed from that particular ailment. If I don't, I'll probably buy it but winning is always great. Ask Charlie Sheen lol

Soooo many cases lol. Started with the 8130 and had a silicone skin on it. That was okay but my next Berry was the 8330. It was built like a tank but noticed it began to show some wear & tear, then a few drops later, a few dings. Got the Seidio 360 and I was pretty happy. Then came the 9630. Loved that little workhorse in the Seidio cases I had till I noticed scratches on the phone. Found out it was dust rubbing on it. Got an upgrade to the 9650 and decided after looking at the forums, no more scratches. But it looked so good, so I tried the Snap Case to let the good looks shine.

Great case but after my Berry took a facedown header, with dings in the bezel as a result, I decided enough was enough. So, I'm sporting an Otterbox Defender right now but would love a Commuter case for the 9650. My friend is rockin' one and it feels good in the hand. Nice bulk and from what she says, great protection.

I'm still new to the Blackberry World. I got my Curve 8530 last Summer and glad I did! Haven't yet put a case on it, but have been meaning too. Just haven't found come I liked. Maybe this contest will give me a case I can fall in love with!


I am an OtterBox fanatic. Ever since my 8830, I have always protected my devices with OtterBox cases simply because the level of protection the provide is unparalleled. When I purchased my Torch, naturally I purchased an OtterBox along with it. It did not take me long to realize there is a design flaw. The plastic frame around the slider easily and frequently breaks. I have an 18 month old daughter who likes to play with Dad's phone at any opportunity. My phone is prone to drops (coupled with my own clumsiness). In 2 months I have been through 4 cases because it keeps breaking in the exact same spot. OtterBox has excellent customer service and will mail out replacements upon request, however after the 4th case, both sides agreed there was a design flaw and I have been issued a refund. I am a HUGE OtterBox fan, but until they redesign their Torch case, I will be using a different brand, until my next BlackBerry.

Just my 2 cents. Buyer beware!

The Torch looks to good to put a case on it. Guess if I had to put one on, it would be one of these Otterbox cases in black.

The BB Torch is my first BB, I was worried at first because I thought they were to complicated for me to use. Come to find out I feel in love. With all my other phones I have always had cases I like, but for my torch I can't find one that does what I need. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE AN OTTER BOX. :)

My journey began with the pearl 8100, and progressed through the Curve 8310, Bold 9000, and to where I am presently today with the Torch 9800.

With all of my devices, I have never used a case as I share the same feelings in being able to admire all the beauty of my berries' nakedness. This is mind, I was more determined to go the clear skin route and had my go rounds with holsters, leather pouches (that usually came with my berries), and products like the Invisible Shield.

I am usually good with my phones, but recently experienced my first serious drop with my Torch. That got me thinking and eventually pressed me to try on an Otterbox case at my local AT&T store. I must admit that though I really liked it (especially the inner rubber lining that I didn't know came with it) I was a bit afraid of the sticker price, so I held off. I come closer and and closer everyday however to making that leap and picking one up.

I have a 9700 I planned to buy a Zagg for the screen and a silicone skin for the body, just like my 8310 had. Well before the 1st week I had it, my 9700 was going commando, in my pocket. When I noticed the 2 hairline scratches that seemed, only I could see. Oops! I had put my keys in the same pocket as my phone, I was in agony. I thought it was too late for a Zagg now, and just wanted protection now. That is when I pulled out the OEM holster and been using it ever since. I have pulled my phone out a few times, bumped it and dropped it. I now have a few dents in the chrome bezel and back. I have been looking into an Otter Box, just not sure which one I wanted. The commuter series does offer good protection and color selection which would give my phone a new look. Now, I really am digging the thought of getting one of these cases, protection and style. Yeah I'll take one. Thank You!

When I first got my bold 7 months ago I didn't like cases because I loved the look of my phones sleek appearence. But shortly after getting it and being in the construction industry it was getting minor scuffs and scratchs so I got the rubber skins and hated them because they don't fit well, you can't slide them in your pocket or use the holster. So I got a commuter case for christmas and I've loved it since the day I put it on especially after a few trips to a concrete floor and my phone survived without a blemish. But I'm also looking to get a defender case because I want that extra step of protection to protect my little assisstant from my job.

Long story short...Canuck here...can't find an OtterBox for my brand new Torch 9800 anywhere in the godforsaken City/Country. I won't even use the phone out of the house, until I find one, b/c I'm not taking any chances. I've always had an OtterBox and will continue to use them, no matter what the naysayers on here spout. Once you've dropped your phone, you know that this case is the only way to go. Those jelly ones sure fit good and damn, do they bounce when your precious phone hits the pavement. Sad story, but true.

Please hit me up with an Otterbox for my Torch 9800 and G-d Bless the OtterBox designers and their ingenuity.

Just a short story- have already dropped my Bold few time, and the visible sign is a scratch just on the corner :( The case would help me to keep it free of the next scratches.

I thought about getting the otterbox but opted for the case mate barely there ... oh how I wish I I didn't change my mind. sigh ... =P

I don't have a case and my BB Bold 9650 has the scars to prove it. I need a case though to keep it from getting torn up more or worse, getting broken. If you guys give me the case, I'll get the silver bezel replaced to make it look almost new for those times when it might go naked. That bezel has taken 90-95% of the damage. Thanks.

I agree so much with that statement. When I went digging for the picture I used in the post (it's Kevin's by the way, not mine) I took a walk down memory lane and re-read some of his initial reviews and watched the videos. Kinda made me want to dust off the old Bold and put her to use again.

I'll wait for my Dakota/Monacco though, I think. ;)

I've never liked cases as I think they make phones bulky. However, the first day I got my torch, I ended up dropping it on a tile floor and chipping the upper right corner.

That's when I knew I had to get a case to protect my new obsession.

I've gone through hard cases, silicone cases, TPU gel cases.... a lot of them I broke (from dropping my phone a lot), others just wouldn't stay on my phone.

So now, my Torch is naked, until I find the perfect case.

I will never use a phone without a case/skin. I have several colors of the Epic gel case that I rotate thru. Like to give this Otterbox a try.

when i first got my blackberry curve i used it without a case but within a few weeks came my first drop, which caused the corner to chip off, so i decided to buy a cheap rubber case of ebay for £5 after receiving this case and using it for a week or so, i realized it was a flimsy and when my phone hit the floor the case would just slide out and avoid impact leaving my phone to eat the dust, eventually i decided to buy a new case of my friend one of those barely there ones and as the name of case says that its "barely there" this title lived up to its reputation and not only was barley there when my device fell out of my pocket whilst i was on a bikeride but also let my blackberrys screen cover look like a rabies infested cat had attacked it, so i decided to get rid in desperate need for the ultimate case i ran back to ebay and typed in "HARD BLACKBERRY CASE" and brought the first case that popped up, when i received this case i was shocked to how well it actually fitted my phone and how secure the material felt, i used this case for weeks and then months and now its been a year! and this case still works perfectly taking every fall and beating like chuck norris would, the case also started to develop the ability to stick too things (this is not a lie i can put my phone backside up against my laptops screen/fridge/car and it somehow just sticks there but isnt sticky to touch) iv had my curve 8520 for nearly 2 years now and STILL nothing has broken and not a scratch has been found (after i replaced the screen cover from the first attack of course), well thats my story hope you enjoyed :D

the best part to this story is that the case i kept cost me £2.50 XD

I like my leather blackberry holster without a clip. However it gets old sometimes having to hold the holster and blackberry separatley when in use. I've tried to use a rubber case for my bold 9650 but I feel the signal fades when using that case. I've heard nothing but good things about otterbox and would love to try one.

I became a blackberry addict 2 years ago,and since then I have a BB 9000.
If there wasn`t for ma Bahrein girl friend,whom i met over the BBM ....long story(but cute one ;))...I would never know how it is to possess a case ...any kind,and this one was hard one,red ;))
Any ways,BB is still young device in ma country,so the real quality,original and good cases are no way to find!
It would be nice to have one of the best there is.... Of course if this doesn`t refers just to Torch owners.
And if it is,good luck to ya flame boys and girls! ;)

i like the otterbox case but when i put it on my torch it was way to bulky and it was alil too smooth for my taste but when i had it on i was sure that my phone was protected, i almost thought it was bulletproof lol.....good case just not for me

I feel the same way about leaving cases off the phone. Usually, when I'm home, I take my case off, as part of the back broke and its now loose and makes a creaky noise. Anyway, I only put the case on when I leave the house, out of fear of dropping it. So, an otterbox would be nice, I've used friends' iphones with them and they are very functional and comfortable. Hope I win one!

My first BB 8350i, I have dropped that thing more times than dropped calls and I have seen the battery, back cover and phone go in all different directions. I have had a crack in the screen, nothing major just on the side not impeding the view of what needs to be done. My new BB 9650 I have yet to have any major drops "yet" and I hope i don't.
Any case for it other than the pouch it came with would be cool, I am on the go all the time and it would help greatly, but if I win I might just get the case for my wifes BB 9670 and have her "stylin!"

I too have a love hate relationship with the case. Ive had otter box and sedieo and mobi. All served well and all have been cast asunder. I have even made the sacrifice of giving my otter box commuter to my wife from my 9670 so she may use it on hers, she seems a bit more "clumsy" than I. It must be karma returning to me, I actually got on the site to place an order for a new otter box for my 9670 when I saw this comment contest. What are the chances? Count me in.

I've used cases on every BlackBerry I've had. Everything from the gel cases to Innocases to leather Krusell or the Cellet Elite although I've never been a fan of the belt holsters or sleeves. Cases help me hang on to the BB as well. Currently using the Cellet Elite which is decent protection for minor drops and such. Always thought that the Otterbox would be too bulky or too diificult to use. This article has changed my mind!

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!!! Sometimes I have a case, and other times my Torch is subject to outside elements! SMH!!!

My first expierience with cases in general and BlackBerry was around 3 years ago when I got my first BB, an 8220 Pearl Flip. I was all excited that I got myself a BlackBerry that I drove the local Rogers store crazy asking constantly about holsters or cases because I was very prone to dropping my phone. Well finally the day came when they finally got a hard case with a belt clip for the Flip. Even though I wasn't fond of the look of the case I still bought it to protect my phone. Well I ended up going through 2 cases because the belt clip wasn't very sturdy. After a while I ended up removing the case because the phone had developed an issue where it would either lose track of the sim card or shut-off with a full charge. Either way I had to frequently pull the battery as the shutting off also prevented the keys from working. Skip forward to September 2010, finally sick of the problems I managed to trade it in and got the upgrade price for a Bold 9700. Well after the unpleasant experience with the case on the Flip and the great looks of the 9700, as well as the great looks and the holster, I have been reluctant to buy a case. Most cases appear too bulky and prevent using the holster. On the flip side though I want to prevent any possible repeats of the issues I have had with my old Flip. So far I have only dropped my 9700 twice on to carpet and have been very careful to Usen the holster.

i used to use a 9000 and at first started off with a case it was very scary for me to have a naked berry especially since this was my first martphone ever. i bought sveral cases for this phone including the case mate smart case and then the seido smart case both of which i endedup taking off in the end using a naked berry. i got my torch in novemeber and struggled to find a case that was not an arm and a leg. i finally broke down and got the black and pink otterboxi loved how thick it made the phone but didnt like how easy it was able to break especailly the screen peice. leaving me with only the back pieces. i actully have several cases for the torch all of which came off amazon my favorite is the otterbox i like how thick it makes the phone. i would use another otterbox but cant make myself buy another especially knowing how easy the front piece breaks. the other cases i have i dont like to use because the clip peice seems extra large to me and makes me feel like it is pulling the slider mechanism loose.

I use a fully rubbery skin for my curve. Its really a Tour case so it makes typing hell. For my night time use I rock a curve skin case. Works fine for me, but the only thing I really don't like about the Tour case is that it covers up the led light.

stupid ottorbox case ... all the front case that did for me is make the top and bottom piece more seperated... (because of the bottom holder)

so now when i donthave a case on of a kind the screen clacks whenever i type on it...

I've had a number of BBs AND a number of cases. Otterbox had been my fav until I got my Torch and I just never got one because of the difference in the style of phone, slider and all. I would, however, very much love one!

Lol, Read this whole article without realizing it was a contest as well. Wasn't until i went back to the home page and saw it said contest on it lol shows great writing/rambling skills hehe ;)

My story for cases.... I have never found one that I liked and because of that it has cost me a few phones. Even after the loss of phones I tried a case but never stuck with them as I found them always to be either to bulky or didn't seem to offer enough protection and next thing I knew they were thrown off to the side to slowly but surely (don't call me shirley) to get recked yet again with scratches, dints and dings.

Now I just got my FIRST blackberry (bold 9780) 3 months ago. It's holding up decently well without a case but I don't know how long that will last and frankly I think I almost refuse to buy one for myself because of all the luck prior I've had with cases.

However with all that set aside, winning a case or anything in that matter makes me treasure it forever as a trophy of accomplishment. To the point where even if I find it bulky at first I will make myself get used to the look and feel as it was a reward and not a purchase that I wasn't entirely sure about to begin with.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.


I've had cases for other phones in the past but my story is about my torch. When I purchased it I got the same otter case but in black, I always say that my phone is like sex it feels better without protection but its better to be safe than sorry lol. The otter case protected my phone very well but I didn't really like the fact that it stuck out to much and make it a lil uncomfortable to text and press menu key. Case didn't last too long though cuz it did its job of protecting my phone when it fell but the impact also made the slider cover snap holder break off. So now I'm with no case but I've been lucky to not drop it, also like how light my phone is.

I originally had a BB Pearl flip as my first BB, and I bought a cheap plastic case for it (a chinese cheap one, at that) a week later just because of some concern of that plastic front.

A few days later, I actually dropped the flip as I was getting up from a bench, slipping out of the inside mesh of my winter jacket and onto the polished concrete (kinda forgotten the exact material). The back of the case, the battery cover, AND the battery popped out, along with the phone itself flipped open (the front cover of the case was the only thing to stay on with 4 lock on points to grip the screen). Otherwise, no other damage were seen on the phone...

But now ( 2 yrs later) I'm on my BB torch (with a scratch from a drop and a case bought from the canadian crackberry store), and the flip went to another home (with its case still on, I might add).

I have never had an Otterbox case, but have wanted one for a long time. I have a Storm 2 9550 and am on my third one! I have dropped the previous two with standard hard cases and the screens on both of them have shattered. My friend has an Otterbox on her curve and said it has saved her phone many times. This would be perfect for me.

I have never owned a case in my entire life as a BB user. So far no knicks on my bold 9700 but with my 8900 I had quite a bit of battle-scars on it. Dropped it on concrete, threw it against my dresser (on accident xP), had it fall of my table, etc. I've never had the money to buy proper protection for my phone and I hope I can actually win one this time!

no matter what kind of phone i have i always buy a case..i have a curve 8530 and wanted to make sure i kept it protected..i have the drops sometimes...a case has saved my phone a milllion times.i only have a cheap one and in need of a new one.i would really like to try the Otterbox case so Pick Me Please......

I don't necessarily like cases but the battery cover for my storm gets scratch and faded so I have to have one.

Hey Now... I currently use the leather holster that I bought with my Storm, so I would love to win a new Otterbox case. Tks. :)

I started with the curve 8330, I used a regular blackberry rubber silicone case, and same for the 8900 later, because it was simple, rubber, protected enough, easy on and off, and came in a variety of colors! Now its very difficult to find one for the torch because its completely different! I found some inexpensive ones online, but they happened to be inexpensive for a reason. I need a good torch case!

i perfer my phone bare, but at the same time i love having cases on them, i love to mix and match. Since i have a white torch, i like to have something to show off the white. I bought a white case for it for whem im lazy to take my pouch out, but when I know i will be out for a long day, i bring my pouch so that i can keep track of where my blackberry is. Either way i would love to win a case!

Another Protection Fanatic Here...

It all started with my Curve 8330... I had a full body clear plastic case, with a ZAGG invisible SHIELD screen protector. Worked Great !! One day, as I was working about 12 ft in the air, i leaned over, and by curve slipped from my pocket, tumbled, and hit the floor, right on the top corner...

The plastic case broke apart, and flew off the phone... After climbing down to retrieve it, expecting the worst, i was pleasantly surprised. There was not a scratch on my phone. Although the plastic case was chipped, it still snapped right back on, and worked great until i replaced it...

Following the same mentality with my Torch 9800, i now have the AGF GRT case, along with the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protector, as well as a few components of the full body protector ( i only installed the strip that covers the back plastic strip with the camera, and flash.

The best part about the AGF GRT case is that it attaches to itself, and not the phone, so it is quite hard to come apart. I originally bought a cheap clear full body plastic case from ebay, however the front part simply clipped to the screen slider (bezel?), as did the rear. This made sliding the screen a little more difficult, and i did not like how it attached to my precious blackberry. Furthermore, the front plascit frame around the screed would easily pop off at the most random times, even while in my pocket... the AGF case was indeed a great investment

My torchhas taken a couple of mild spills, and not a scratch, nick, or ding, to either the blackberry, or the case...

I still wouldn't mind taking i to the next level with the otterbox. I have used them on a curve 8350i for work, and my friend has one on his curve 8900, and we both loved the experience...

I am seriously considering an otterbox for my torch now, so we'll have to wait and see....

I have an Otterbox commuter case on my Storm 2, and I dig it. Although it did crack when I had to take it off for a battery pull last week, but its been on and off a lot lately.

every time I've brought a new phone, I've always brought a new case for it but sadly most of those cases were too bulky or felt too weird or made getting my phone out of my pocket more harder so those cases lasted between 1 to 2 months.

Everytime I see those otterbox cases being so thin but protective, I've always wanted to buy one but I don't know if its worth getting if it'll come off after a month or two because I didn't like it.

Hopefully, if I win one I'll try to keep it on longer if it works out to be the perfect case for me!

Would love a free OtterBox case. Had one on my Bold and loved it. Safety first. If you wanna protect it, wrap it up!!!

I had both the otterbox defender and commuter for my curve and loved them both. My new 9780 needs a case though.

Just returned to BB world. Had a Pre, good OS bad phone. Just got a Bold 9650. Love it, don't know why I left. Desperatley need a case for it. Was actually just looking at the Otter cases. Beng in the construction business, this would be handy.

Otterbox is an amazing company when it comes to customer service. I have had several friends say the same thing. I own one of their cases for my Curve and its the best money I have spent. Truly great qaulity and A+ customer support. I sound like an employee or one of those info commercials. LoL

Have had a cell phone since the "beginning of time" and never dropped one. I got my first BB almost two years ago and have dropped it several times and have begun the search for a case to protect it. Though I like the feel of the naked phone I don't like the resulting scratches when it meets the pavement. An Otterbox case would be a great way to prevent this.

Never tried a case before, but this case.. This case is so tight!? It seems like 1mm thin, it looks perfect, defenently worth posting to catch this case amigos!

My dawter jas an I Phone, (she is 12 and BBs don't cut it for her), she got for her her BDAY, and the first thing I got was an otterbox, she thinks it's bulky but is has saved the phone more than once.
This case works great because it has kept the phone like new, about 3 months after we had bought it, I took it out to clean the case, my daughter was thrilled to actually hold her phone with out the case.
Hope it works as good on my Torch.

my wife otterbox makes me uuuuummmm. just bought a 9800 white and an otterbox for it will make this baby look fly than ever>

I've been using a holster with my 9550 since day 1, and I've been pretty happy with that. But I'd like to have a real case for when I'm out walking and jogging. Pick me, please!

i vave tried a couple of cases, all are dissapointing, i would love to try this high end case for my torch

For most of the phones I get I never put any case on my phones. But one day I tried putting the zagg's invisible shield on mine. After watching videos of how strong it was I finally put it on. It didn't live up to its standards. I eventually took it off and tried putting on a crystal case on my 9700 but it got dropped A LOT, the case itself eventually broke. So as of right now I don't have any case on my phone. I've never had a case that protects as well as the company says it does. Hopefully winning the otterbox case I can finally get a case that actually does protect my phone.

I'm a lot like you I have a Barely There case for my Tour. I just can't decide if I like it or not. I think my issue with it is that it doesn't cover the whole phone. I had skin type cases for my Storm and preferred them to the Barely There case but hated that they were sort of sticky and my phone didn't just slide into my purse or pocket. I hope I can win the Otterbox because this poor baby is all beat up and I need it to last through the summer.

I've never found a case that's good. I've tried the invisible shield but it never lived up to its standards. I've tried using a crystal case for my 9700 but the case got so scratched up, eventually the case broke. I really need a case that's really good. I've even changed my housing because of how scratched my phone would get.

I have a love/hate relationship with cases as well. I've had some phones where I'd always have a case, some phones where they would always be naked.. Sometimes I appreciate the extra protection and sometimes I find the cases clumsy, bulky and a big hassle. Grrrrr. Anyway, for my bold 9700, I've settled on mostly naked but when I'm traveling, I slip a slim, hard case on it. My thought is that I'm more prone to drop my phone while traveling.....however, most of the times I've dropped my phone, I'm not traveling. {sigh} I think the love/hate thing continues.......

Maybe I like the idea of the case more than the actual case.....

I started with the black rubber on my 9700 and I didn't like the feel to it, I took It off and not even an hour later I drop my phone and take a chunk outta the mute button :( I put the rubber back on LOL. New years comes around and the normal ware and tare destroys my case. I'm now stuck with no case and have dropped my phone to pany times to count, its got some minor scrathes in the chrome but owell. I need to put a case on this thing

I've had an Otterbox Commuter on my 9700 since day one. Makes my phone the perfect size. Just added the white and black Commuter, but would love the white and pink to add to my collection.

I tend to rotate my cases through on my Bold 9700, between my soft rubber case (OEM), hard plastic jel, the original holster, and just bare. My favourite would be the hard jel but im open to new things!

I must say that the reviewer had a very lucky occurrence with this case. But more on that later...

My first BlackBerry was a used Curve 8310. How excited i was! As it was used, it had a couple scratches and such on it, but not a big deal. I never bought a case for it, and just used a generic holster for it.

My second BlackBerry was a Bold 9700. A friend of mine had a otterbox defender for his 8900 and recommended that I get one as well. I ended up buying an otterbox commuter case for my 9700. That case was awesome, nothing ever happened to the phone, except for a small mark on the front from when something got caught in the case.

My most recent BlackBerry is the Torch. As I had such an amazing experience with my otterbox on my 9700 I automatically ordered a commuter case for my Torch as well. That was a huge mistake. The first commuter case fell apart within 2 months. I contacted otterbox and they very promptly sent me a replacement case. Then about a month ago, I dropped my Torch. I wasn't worried about it, based on past otterbox performance. However when i finally saw the phone after it had dropped my heart sunk. The crappy front piece had popped off leaving the front of my phone to grind along the pavement of my driveway and now my Torch has several chips on the front of it. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the front of my Torch is also being DAMAGED BY THE OTTERBOX CASE! There are numerous scratches all over the chrome front of my Torch from this worthless case. As the case was deteriorating again, I contacted otterbox and asked for another case. They wanted pics of everything. I sent them pics of everything by email. Several days later I hadn't heard back and asked about the status of my replacement case. I was told that the replacement had been shipped out. I still haven't received it. After the otterbox damaged my phone i set out reading reviews on crackberry. The Seidio and AGF cases seemed to provide the level of protection that I was looking for. As i had discovered with my failed otterboxes, the Torch doesn't like cases all that much. As I had read much praise for both cases, I bought a Seidio Active case and a AGF GRT case for my Torch. I put the AGF case on the Torch and noticed that the front of the case went on much, much better than the cheap otterbox did. Then i tried to close the slider on the Torch and noticed all the pressure that was on the slider because of the case. At this point I decided to take the Active case off and put on the AGF case. On my first removal of the Active case, one of the 6 clips broke off the front piece. I eventually contacted the seller about this problem, and they want me to pay to have their defective case sent back to them before they will send me a new one. I'm not impressed with that at all. I understand them wanting the old case back, but they should send me a pre-paid envelope to send it back to them. Really terrible warranty service here look out. I put the AGF case on the Torch. Wow. What a case. IT attaches to itself, so there is no stress on the slider of the phone, and it is fairly hard to get off the phone, so hopefully it won't just pop off if I drop it. I have a couple minor issues with it though. Its a hard case, there is no silicone inside to help cushion the device like in the Seidio and ob case. Also, the ports are all open, with no covers like on the ob case (this is both good and bad IMO) and you can't use the power plug when its in the case without modifying the case or the power plug. However, the phone looks really good in it, especially if you use the chrome top piece IMO.
Overall, the AGF GRT case is my favorite case, and highly recommend it to anybody who wants a case that will actually protect their Torch.

My first holster came with my 8830 and th clip broke while I was walking my dog. It landed in a pile of leaves and we didn't hear it fall so when we came home I noticed it missing. We backtracked calling it and eventually heard it ringing. So I tried about 3 or 4 different holsters (one managed to unhook from my belt on the edge of the washing machine while I was loading it and the 88309 went through a wash cycle. Luckily I was able to replace it free but then I went to a horizontal case with belt loops that worked well. So when I got the 9780 I found a similar case and use it or a sleeve when I am in a suit or wearing a shirt with pockets. So a well designed case like the Otterbox is a must for me.

I used to use a case on my previous BlackBerry's, my current Bold9700 doesn't have one, its held up pretty good. I like the sound/look of this case you reviewed though, please enter me in the contest - thanks

I first got my blackberry and went completely bare. I would have never put a case on my phone and hide the great design. One day I was back at futureshop looking for some cables and say the invisible shield on sale. I'm usually very careful with my device but there were still some small scratches on the chrome strip on the Bold. After a quick think I picked up the invisible shield and installed it. It turned out pretty good and it even protected my device completely from a small drop. I then dropped my phone again this time from higher and it made a small dent on the top corner. I decided to go out and get the bb skin case. I have to say I still usually go bare with just the invisible shield but if I'm going to go outdoors I'll throw on the bb skin. :)

My phone is usually always naked. I put a case on it only sometimes when I'm ding something that requires one. I have like 3 and switch off, but just haven't found the right case yet. Maybe the Otterbox is...

I got my style at christmas time - had a tour and a curve before this. Always had the silicone covers to pop on and off because I also use a charging dock at night. I havnt found a cover yet that I like for the style. Didn't want to spend the $ on an otterbox if I wasn't going to like it. Winning one would be nice :)

I have to agree with the author of this blog. I am super undecided sometimes I love them and sometimes I don't even want to look at my case ever again. As far as cases go though, I really like the rubber ones, however, when I got my new bold and the new rubber case it seemed to attract everything, hair; dust; and anything else. As soon as we switch to at&t I get to use my new torch (17 days!) I would love to try the rubber/hard case of an otter box so crackberry, hook me up!

as a new bb person...i first felt so good....why would i need a case...i liked how my bold would so much better and feel better bare...but i didn't want to add wait... SO...I decided as naive as i was back then...feel into the trap and bought a Zagg full body skin..Learned that is sucked...cause it turns yellow after a few months.. and doesn't exactly protect your in when i dropped it on the sidewalk and ding!
thus i decided to eventually bought an otterbox for my bold...and worked wonderfully...
But i've just bought a torch and would love if you could get me a torch pair with my phone

I would really love this pink case for my new blackberry white torch.. I am a case freak.. I used to have a stack for my old phone, now I have to start a new one. Please please give me my first case otterbox case!!! :)

I'm usually one of those people with blingy sparkly cases on their phones. I love them, and I get a lot of comments/compliments, but sometimes I like to take the hard case off and enjoy a bare berry. It doesn't last long, though; I quickly worry about scratches/falls/damage, and go back to the case fairly soon.

I would love the Otterbox, though! :D

Love my Otterbox impact, but it has stretched out over time and the commuter would provide the additional protection this kluts needs. Plus, when I got the Otterbox Impact it was made for the Tour and the charging port does not line up. Please pick me!

I have not owned BB that i did not get a case for, right now i have a 9550, I have a belt clip for it and also a CASE barely there case or it. I've had otterbox cases for other phones; these are awsome protective cases to have for your phones!! An otterbox would be the only case i would need for my storm.

I rocked my first Torch naked and when it dropped on the pavement in week 1, my heart sank. Luckily, I already had a replacement on its way from my carrier due to an out-of-box loose slider issue. Was the fact that a replacement was in transit the reason for my lack of care? Probably. None-the-less, I vowed to purchase a case and never remove it when the new 9800 arrived. We've been together ever since. I also recommend a screen protector.

Simply put I am a road warrior. I drive about 200 to 250 miles per week and am contantly on the go. So for me a case is a necessity. I bought a casemate hardcase for my first BB a tour and promptly proceeded to drop my phone out of briefcase when going up some metal stairs. That was my first case save story. That casemate managed to outlast that tour and the next 6 tours which all fell victim to various tour issues: trackball, side button failure, upgrade bricking, etc. After finally convincing big red that sending me remanufatured tours was not working, I managed to get a new out the box bold. The casemate went back to work but utilmately broke apart in a kid induced fall. I have been without the case for a short time but am looking for a new one.

Ive never been a big fabn of cases, they tend to be ill fitting or come loose all the time.
But, I tend to keep my phone on my lap as I drive, and always foregert that it's there when i get out, of course my torch goes spilling onto the street. Well enough I say! Torches on the street should be for chasing down frankenstein.

i love cases i dont want to damage or scratch my torch at all im still lookin for the perfect caase though i think the otter box will be the answer

my 8900 has a OEM silicone case. It's great. But my 9800 Torch is w/o a case. I haven't been able to find one where to top portion doesn't "pop" off. But hey, If I win this contest I'll get to try out a new case and see if it works for me.

i would need one of these so my bb doesnt turn into trash and have a bunch of scratches and what not!! the rubber case just isnt doing it for me!!!

There's no way I'd own something this expensive and not protect it as best I can. As a Torch-owner, I put an InvisibleShield on the touchscreen about 30 seconds after I purchased it. For a case, I first picked one of Telus's own branded cases because they're actually very nice looking with a metallic paint-type finish. Unfortunately, the case-tab on top is so poorly designed that it was constantly pushing down on the lock button and made the phone not work. So I bought one of the nothing-special-looking Barely There Casemate cases which is the only Torch case to date that I've seen that is properly designed for latching to the top part of the phone (it doesn't go overtop of the buttons). I kept the red Telus case-piece on the touchscreen because it's a lot sharper-looking and is more secure than the Casemate. So the end result is that the back part of the case is black and the top is red... but overall, it doesn't look out of place. And there's an InvisibleShield protecting the phone underneath the case and on the touchscreen. I pretty much think I'm invincible! :)

My 9650 skin case makes it too hard to type, people have a hard time hearing me, and I couldn't get the power plug in. Had to cut larger holes, but it's still too hard to type. However, a skin case is better than that useless holster that comes with the phone. The main problems are its impact on typing and talking, both serious-enough problems to justify going without a case and letting the phone get devalued or needing to be replaced after dropped. At least it's usable normally.

Been there, cased that. Never had a positive or negative experience with a BB case, so I guess I'm SOL for winning a new case..... except..... for that time...... when I was leaving SFO (that's San Francisco International airport to you flying phobics) to celebrate New Years '10 in Vegas. Everything was on time, my car, my hotel, my plane and I knew this because I'd just checked from my BB 9700. When Joe Cool (me) went to casually slide it in my jacket pocket while simultaneously smiling at a couple of flight attendants and slinging a leather carry on over my shoulder, I didn't feel the weight of my BB hit the bottom of my pocket. Instead I head an unforgettable smack-slide-crash then looked down to confirm that Joe Cools BB was now embedded in the SFO parking lot. Considering briefly to just keep walking and blame it on terrorists (easy out if you're in an airport). I swooped down to pick up all 4 or 5 (really wasn't counting) pieces and drop them in my jacket pocket. After my New Years was dampened by no communication to the outside world, I figured I'd need to save a few C-notes before getting a new BB. A few days later, while sitting in the Vegas airport trying to remember names, faces and tattoos, I took a chance and dropped $5.00 in a slot machine (yes, they have slot machines at the Las Vegas airport). Out of nowhere I won $250.00, cashed out and took a cab to the nearest at&t store. Ran in from the cab, told the clerk what I needed and before I got back to the airport, I was texting and calling like I had an unlimited plan. Moral of the story: "Buy a frigg'n case if you plan on flying to Vegas for New Years" :)

I have a Torch and I don't have a case for it, and never have.
That's right, I'm a bad boy, a rebel. I don't conform to society. I'm the kind of Blackberry user your mother warned you to stay away from. Going bareback with my Torch, not caring about the risks involved. You think by putting my Torch in a case you'll have me in a box like the rest of you sheeple, but I'm too much of a rebel, man. You don't want to pick me to win, 'cause I'll just hurt you anyway.

I'm NoArmsJames and I'm outta heeeeeeeeeereee.

My first BB was the pearl. I jut loved how it looked so I just used the leather case that it came with. Now I have the Torch ad I love it! I thought about getting an OB but wasn't sure. I ended up getting a leather pouch. I would love to try a new OB though.

I started with a Seidio Innocase II Surface case with matching holster for my Storm. Unfortunately, the holster got bumped going down the stairs, and released the Storm to bounce like a Slinky down the last ten (tile) stairs. Sadly, the case didn't save the Storm! When I replaced it with a Storm2, I didn't want another Innocase holster that could so easily release the BB it was holding, so I tried a Body Glove case and belt clip, but I didn't like the way it carried the Storm2 with the screen facing out. When I next looked at the Seidio website, I saw that they had added a locking feature to their Innocase holster (apparently I wasn't the only one that had accidentally released the latch). I ordered a new Innocase II Surface case and holster, and haven't had another problem with it!

I have a skin for my 9700 and use a BB leather holster. Only had a few minor drops but any protection is better than nothing.

before when I had my 8520 had a case, but since I have my 9800 in the city where I live I have not got even one I like, the contest is great and I want to win.

I'm total klutz so I always have a case on my phone, no matter what brand of phone I'm currently using. By the time I switched from my 8330 to my 9650, the Seidio hard case I had on there was annihilated but the phone was pristine. Same has been the case (no pun intended!) for my 9650, but I switched from a clear pink case to an opaque purple one.

I wish Otterbox made a Commuter Strength for the 9650. I'd totally rock one.

Aaah cases , I love cases!
My first bb was the pearl flip and i had it for 3 years, by the time i upgraded to my now BB Torch it was dinged, scratched, and peeling.
So i wanted to protect my new baby. I stated with 3 gel noname cases i paid for off ebay, they didnt even last a day , then i got an otter box but found it made my phone to buly and unwieldly, finally i found the perfect case for my baby the incipio feather light in purple, light , it didnt add any bulk to my case and protects it beautifully.That is my case journey,of course i can never have too many cases , and am always searching for a better one,chow!

I used to love my original holster for 9700. Then I start seeing my buddies using those cases from soft to hard types. I was interested then and started to hunt on ebay for the best look. In my country, it is hard to find the right one for me (yes I am picky!). Finally sound a silicon case I really love and got it. My next will be a hard protector case which i am planning to buy in next month! Would be great if I can win my first case here!

I realized having a case for my bold 9650 was necessary when my friend dropped his iphone flat on the concrete... His iphone turned into a idontwantitphone...

I use a leather pouch or a clear hard gel case for my 8530. I just can't seem to walk around with nothing protecting it. I've always thought of purchasing an Otterbox but I tend to always find something else to spend my money on while shopping online. Hopefully, I win this one & my problem will be solved!!!

OtterBox and Blackberry the perfect combination. I had several cases before I tried my OtterBox impact series. I knew I was in love when I dropped my phone and there was no issues. I constantly have my case with me and can't imagine having a Berry without OtterBox

I have a 9700. I started out with a epik case clone but noticed that the dirt/dust from my pocket was scratching the bezel where there was gaps from the case. I also suffered the 9700 slipping from my hands to have the places where the invisible shield don't protect all dinged up and scratched. I then thought of getting a zagg invisible shield to protect it from scratches but I soon found out that with the invisible shield installed on the phone, it DOESN'T fit into the epik case clone. I was sad, and I'm yet to try out the Otterbox Commuter case for the 9700 because I'm so afraid that it wouldn't fit. And no one else uses this combo...

My 9650 is in a Defender. It laughs at my dad's unclothed Torch. He's using the included case that came with my Bold. Please help him see the ways of the Otter. Thanks.

I have a Otterbox Defender for my Storm 2 and with two young kids and my own clumsiness it has saved the day numerous times. Not a fan of the holster for it though as it pops out to easily. Lots of my drops have been from it coming out that way and hitting the pavement.

First BB was a 75xx and it was pretty much indestructible (got dropped on concrete warehouse floor couple of times and not a scratch). After that I had various BB’s and never dropped them (just lucky). Then I started using a 9530 Storm. Slipped from hands twice and it had a lots of scratches along with a nice chip in the corner of the screen. Finally changed over to 9700 Bold and so far I have been lucky (again). But I cringe when I have to hand it to others. So an Otter box would help reduce the stress.

I could use a case for my Torch 9800, but everyone I have tried so far doesn't last too long. The top part of the case won't stay on. Please pick me, I could so use a new case.

I love the silicone skins but I have yet to find one for my torch. All of my other blackberrys have had a pretty pink skin lol I have heard lots of good things about the OtterBox and would love to have a pink one. Right now I just use my red and pink Golla bag :) I would really love to win one!

i am so fickle when it comes to cases. i have prob 4 or 5 sitting at home, all different types. i have tried the zagg style, skins, faceplates, etc. funny thing is at the moment i dont have any case on. i just cant make up my mind. maybe i just havent found the right one for me yet?

normally i like to rock my bb without a case but i tend to be very rough on phones and drop them a lot!! so having a nice case like this one would probably benefit me well. hopefully i would be able to get use to it

I rock my phone naked 99% of the time. Only time I use a case is when I'm working out and I just have the case mate ID case so I can carry my ID and credit card and listen to music haha

I started out with a white silicon case on my tour but it always pulled my pocket inside out when I took my phone out of my jean pockets. I then bought a similar case except it was a harder material and wasn't grippy in my pocket. That case would hit my camera button on it's own so I then switched to a pocket case which I've been with for a long time now!
I recently bought my torch and I bought a pocket case for it but I've been eyeing up the otterbox cases for my torch because of how much protection they provide. I don't want anything to happen to my beautiful new phone!

I've never been a case person, but would love to win one and try it. I've dropped the phone a few times, so a case would be a good addition to the BB kit!

My first BB was the 8520. Immedeatly I was hooked on BB's. I started out with these cheap 3-4 dollar plastic hard cases but they didn't do much. They'd pop off when I dropped my crackberry and everytime I had to do a battery pull they would get really worn out and eventually not snap together anymore. Then I did some research and bought a otterbox defender. Best. Case. Ever. I felt like I bought insurance for my phone! And I'm super clumsy. I loved the otterbox defender- even after my pet rat bit a huge chunk out of the rubber part and left bite marks >< oh well, I guess it added some personality to it!

I have silicone cases (cheapies) and a pretty decent back case from Incipio. Was always afraid to try Otterbox because it looked bulky but I hear it"s the best. So why not give the best a shot lol

My Curve is wearing a black case from the first day I got it. Dropped it many times and luckily my Curve is still damage free. Would love to try a nice looking PINK Otterbox!

First Blackberry was an 8330 Curve, really liked the phone and tended to not put it away if I was moving short distances. One day with laptop, some plugin circuit boards and my BB in hand, something started to shift as I was walking, the least expensive thing to drop was the BB, which landed at my feet, with the battery cover going one way and the battery another.

OK let's make it better able to withstand such foolishness, enter a new HD Otter Box cover. I felt so secure with it, that while working with some Paramedics as each one saw the case they would comment on it. I trusted the case so much that I threw the phone to each to look at, usually just short enough that it hit the floor. Smart? NO, but the phone survirved every demo.

Only case I have for beloved 8520 came from the Dollar store. They had camera cases that hide all of it. At least if I drop it it's protected. Do the contest cases only come in pink?

Here's my story, every phone(s) that I have used has been protected with a rubber/skin cases after they're a week old (yes, each devices I've used has been living in a rubber until I got a new one) right after my first phone was droped from my hand, falls to the ground and smashed into pieces. The first time I've been introduced to blackberry is Curve 8520 (until now). The first time I saw those glossy black body with a Blackberry silver logo at the battery door, I always thought that this baby just needs to be bare as it is when out of the box. Later, I remembered what happen to my first baby (phone - that's what I called them) was dropped and smashed to pieces. Shortly, I go to a nearest electronic centre, and I got my lil' 8520 a rubber case. I loved it so much until I realised that I need something to hold this baby but outside my pocket and am not holding it on my hand, so I switch out the rubber with a leather pouch (flip type) with a belt clip comes with it. So, yeah, cases were needed by me to protect this babies so they won't scratch or anything.

I have an 8530 that I have skin for and that rides in the Blackberry Holster I bought on the same day as the new device. These two layers have kept it safe for a year now. I would love to try the Otterbox as an alternative.

I want to have cases but there are only few stores that sells a quality cases. Actually I don't ahve any stories to tell though, crackberry, will you give me one so I can make my first chapter? =]

I have an otter case the only complaint was the belt clip broke within a month. Otherwise, awesome case.

I've never had one, but lord i need one my 8900 has taken a beating... its a very sad story.... ****sigh**** my sister has told me about the otterbox i'll def b getting one if i dont win...

I actually had an otterbox for my Torch, but then I got my wife a torch as well and she got possession of my beloved case. But after a recent accident I was really happy she had it. She dropped her new torch down a flight of cement stairs (apartment building). The case was wreaked (A large crack from the charge port threw the OtterBox logo and almost down to the bottom) the front clip was broke so that it wouldnt stay on. BUT, the Torch, despite the damage to the case, LIVED the entire fall, no dings, no dents, screen was fine. I took the case in, (WIRELESS etc... will exchange for a full year even with the damage), got her a replacement. But now I am worried about mine! :O It's been naked for a month now and I work over a cement floor. I am waiting for the day I drop it and hear that crunch! Please help me out by hooking me up with a second one for me, or the Pink one for my wife, she would love to have the Pink Otterbox!

I've been in and out of cases myself. Def went right to an invisishield and its worked great so far. I've been through a few cheap cases with my torch. Would love to try out a more durable case.

My Torch fell out of the Holster 2 days after i got it :/
Really need a functional and good looking case like Otterbox!

I've been pretty good to my Tour, so much so that it still looks like it was BNIB even 2 years later. But suddenly my luck has turned for the worst, in a span of 1 week my Tour has been dropped twice already. Now it has scars on it's once gleaming chrome bezel. I was lucky the furst two times but I do not want to strikeout.

A Otterbox case would make me feel much more at ease as I still paranoid that the first two drops already did something.

i cycle through my cases whenever i feel a need for a chance.

Sometimes my Otterbox Defender
sometimes my Otterbox commuter
sometimes my black silicone case
sometimes my blackberry leather case.

Depends how i feel

i cycle through my cases whenever i feel a need for a chance.

Sometimes my Otterbox Defender
sometimes my Otterbox commuter
sometimes my black silicone case
sometimes my blackberry leather case.

Depends how i feel

Never tried the otterbox, but i have had cheap cases in the past. I didn't really like the feel of the cheap ones though. They are a good way to add some extra protection though. Would live to try the OB :)

Since getting my Torch have struggled to find a case I like. I'm just using the BB holster and my phone is still Taking a beating. I need an Otterboxxx :)

Nice perspective/review Michelle. You described a dilemma I believe many Blackberry (and other smartphone brand) users have. Protect their prized possession, or display it and keep the dimensions down to a minimum.

I use an Otterbox Impact skin case on my new Bold 9780. I'm a fan of silicon skin cases because of the protection afforded, the "gription" they have on surfaces and in my hand, and the ease of removal. I use the BB charging pod, so the case is off every night. It's a ritual that I'm used to.

This skin case is the nicest I've ever used, affording generous port access, tight fit, textured surfaces, and a slightly thicker overall feel than other cases.

That being said, I'd love to try out another Otterbox case, so sign me up for the contest!

Thanks again Michelle.

My first BlackBerry was a Curve 8900. I had been using and iPhone 3G before that and while it was a cool phone, I just loved my BB. I took it everywhere, including the cottage where I dropped it on a rock. It still worked but the bezel was cracked. The next day, walking on the beach and sending a bbm I trip on the sand. I hit the ground and my precious Curve flies out of my hand and into the water. It never worked after that. So I went back to using my iPhone, since I had no warranty on the Curve. As soon as the Torch was available on Rogers I called them and begged for an early upgrade, and got it. I had to shell out a couple hundred but to me it was worth it. My friends all have iphones and shook their heads at me, but I didn't care. I loved it, the textured back, the shiny chrome, the fancy trackpad. One month in I was washing dishes at work and the phone popped out of my cardigan pocket, hit the counter and bounced into the sink full of water. I pulled the battery out, put all of it in a bag of rice, waited for a few days, put it back together and turned it back on...nothing. Try to turn it on again and...static screen, and that was it. It was broken. And I had again not purchased the extended warranty because it was a "waste of money" for Christmas my boyfriend bought me an iPhone 4, he and my close friends all had one, they were trying to lure me back in. Don't get me wrong, its a cool phone, and i have an ipad and love it...but its not the same. Its not a bb. Fast forward to earlier this month, I'm sitting with my friend and her husband, she on her white bold 9700 and he on his shiny pretty Torch. I lament about my Torch and then, miracle of miracles he says he can help me. (he works for Rogers) he says he can get me a deal on a new Torch, he himself switches phones all the time, always has the latest one. I don't know if I should believe him, it sounds too good to be true. But 2 days later I go to his office and there it is, the beautiful black box, and inside my brand new shiny gorgeous white Torch. My iPhone friends hate it, my boyfriend is jealous of the love I have for it. I sleep with it. I love when the led starts flashing. I love bbm. I love it. This time, I got an extended warranty with water damage protection, but I've been looking into this case just for extra protection to make sure I don't need a replacement phone. My boyfriend and his cousin both have one for their iPhones and have dropped them on granite and in wet spots numerous times with no damage. I would love a chance to try this case.

I'm on my third blackberry, a Torch, and absolutely love it. I've been really lucky having never used a case, but maybe it's time to be a little more cautious! If I win I'll give it a try!

I have always had military grade phones to use for my work phone, but I recently got a Bold 9650 and am constantly worried about breaking it. I would love to try a case on it. It would put my mind at ease.

I got my 9800 a month ago and immediately bought a case online. I bought a cheap one, and of course the first time I dropped it it broke. It hit a fixture in a store and put a huge dent in the side. I immediately started using my old curve side in case. Since then I have dropped it and only have added 1 more scratch. I have been frustrated at finding a case for it. I have searched the internet and there is only 1 case for it. The Otterbox is the only highly rated case. So now I have to buy one. I am hoping to win it, but if I don't I will still buy it this week. Nothing but an Otterbox for me!

I have a bold 9700 and currently use only the original holster it came with. When I first bought my 9700 I also bought an otter box case for it. Now I'm certainly not arguing that the case didn't work, because it saved my phone a hand full of time, but after using it for awhile I came to realize that the case was the reason for my constant dropping of my phone. Otter box's work great, but their holsters suck, at least the one for my 9700 did. My phone would constantly fall out of the damn. Now I just use a holster and no case, and not only have reduced how often my phone gets dropped, but my phone feels much better in my hand without a bulky case surrounding it.

I have the Torch and I ordered my case from Ebay! It is a soft silicone rubber texture with the superior protection of a hard case. I fell in love with the color of it! It is black and dark blue! I would love to win this one and try it out on my Torch.

I am new to BBerry and love my 9780, but I hate that all the cases don't work with the charging dock. That being said, I love how the black and white Otterbox Commuter looks on a white 9780 Bold!

I'm on my 7th device now, a Torch, and I never used a case before. I tried one on my new torch, but found that made my phone too bulky for my taste. It was the AGF GRT case with the assorted holster.

But I've made a compromise: I use a Zagg screen protector on the front, and put a Leather skin, also from Zagg on the back. It does protect my torch from little dings and scratches, and the football look on the back gives it a killer look... :)

I'd be willing to try the OtterBox to see how it goes. :)

Have a two-piece soft rubber skin on my new 9800. Hate it because it is bulky and the face piece keeps moving and sliding around. Would love to have one of the Otterbox Commuter hard case for my Torch.

I am an accessory manufactures wet dream. I switch back and forth between case and no case,and everytime I decide that I want a case I buy a new one. For my 9700 I have 4 different tpu gel cases, 2 ifrogZ luxe cases, 10 silicone(the gf bought a lot off of ebay), and I commuter case that the day after I bought the aformentioned GF took for herself. For my 8900 I have 2 tpu gel cases, and 2 snake skin pattern snap cases and a slip case made out of cow hide I could keep going but I am tired of looking at my "blackberry drawer" I want to win an otterbox

I started out with a cheap case for my Torch and it broke. So for the past few months I haven't used a case, I loved the phone without it. Over the past week though the screen/keyboard have begun wobbling badly. I'm hoping a case will fix that, can't spend the $$ on an otterbox tho ...

I am not a fan of cases. I am like you; I love the look of the phone as it is, and adding a bulky ugly case makes it heavier, and unattractive. However, I am realizing that I need to put one on my phone. I have the Style, and that is a slippery BB! I call it "soap" as a joke. After two days of having it in my possession, I was putting my stuff away to get out of my car, and it slipped out of my hand as I was trying to put it into my purse, and fell in between my seat and the car door. Somehow it magically got a ginormous scratch. That's when I realized that I had to stop this craziness. :)

I'm partial to the Seidio brand myself, but did give serious thought to the Otterbox for my Torch after seeing my cousin rockin' one on his.

I first started with the Seidio 360 for my 8900. I loved the full body protection it provided. Unfortunately, the finish on the key pad eventually scratched off and it wasn't very presentable. I then switched to the surface model of the 8900.

I decided to move to the 9700 after reading about OS 6 being made available for it. Unfortunately, being only 2 years and a bit into my 3 year contract, Rogers wouldn't let me upgraded. I knew, however, that I would be able to find one on Kijiji. With that knowledge, I placed an order for a Seidio Surface case for my future 9700 even before I had one.

My wife upgraded from her Pearl to the Torch. Right away, I knew I wanted it in a case and a screen protector. I knew that Seidio didn't have screen protectors included so I went and bought the Case Mate model the store had which included a screen protector.

Shortly after, I became very disappointed in the quality of the Case Mate and placed an order from Seidio for my wife's Torch.

When it came to me having a Torch, I was torn. I've always been with Seidio, but the OtterBox looked so sleek on my cousin's Torch. Also, the AGF GRT looked tempting as well. Overall, the Seidio came out on top (although I chose the Surface model, again) because it offered a holster, and I tend to wear my phone on my hip, the OtterBox coming a close second.

Had the OtterBox model come with a holster for my Torch, I would probably be using it right now.

Thanks for this opportunity.