My long standing keyboard philosophy turned infographic!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2013 12:59 pm EDT

If you're a long time CrackBerry reader, you'll know I get extremely **passionate** about the subject of phone keyboards. Communicating -- whether emailing, texting, BBM'ing, WhatsApp'ing, etc. -- is one of the things a user does most frequently when picking up their phone, and the keyboard plays an important role in just how efficient and enjoyable that experience is.

When the subject of keyboards came up earlier in Talk Mobile, I went on a Kevin-rant during our Talk Mobile Keyboard hangout, going through my long list of things that matter and should be considered in determining the phone and typing experience that best fits an individual's needs. Inspired by that philosophy and pulling in from our Talk Mobile survey data, we turned it into an awesome infographic.

Click the image or link below to see it in all its glory, and be sure to share it with your slow typing friends that complain they hate their keyboard (likely not BlackBerry users... just say'n!).

Check out the Talk Mobile Keyboard Infographic

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Ooopsss. Big mistakes in the infographic. First "TEXT PREDICTION" is listed as a benefit to the touchscreen. The physcial keyboard on BB10 has the same text prediction. Second, "Word Suggestion" is available on both devices. On the Q10, it appears at the bottom of the screen rather than between the rows of letters on the keyboard.


Great infographic BlackBerry has the best physical and virtual keyboards, hands down.

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That's true!

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Plazmic Flame

Best physical keyboards for sure!


Hands down, eyes up, that's the way we like to type lol

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Haha I laughed too hard at this! Lol

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People use their phones more for web browsing than checking/reading emails? I doubt that.... really?


Definitely. I use my Z10 as a Web browser more than anything. Texting is a close second.

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I think that data was from the recent survey CB had. I took it.


I miss the keyboard on my old 9900. I should have bought a Q10 :(

Tan Okan Z10


I'm 100% with you on this Kevin!
Thank you for putting this together.


Tactile feedback is the way to go. For the most part, I can type without looking at the keyboard (on both a computer and my BlackBerry Q10), but with a touch screen keyboard, the placement of your fingers on keys relies ENTIRELY on sight, and sometimes sounds. Now with that being said, BlackBerry's on-screen keyboard is pretty awesome...!

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


I can type fairly accurately on a touch screen keyboard without looking.

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If that were a poster, I might consider purchasing it. It would be cool to get one signed by the CrackBerry team :)

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Wow, virtual key board is where it's at! Love the keyboard on the Z10 and will never go back to a physical keyboard again.


Typing experience so important. Getting a little disturbed by the number of type-o's out there on social media (said the typing teachers)! The sentence is back !

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Hi Kevin - the pie chart on the graphic looks to me to have the positions of the "External full-size keyboard" and "Handwritten recognition" switched, along with the dotted line leading to the wrong place on the pie chart for what should be the 6% External full-size keyboard (it points to the 53% touch zone, rather than the grey 6% zone at middle-left of the pie chart.)


That graphic does not look good on the cb10 app... any chance you guys are working on a fix for odd shaped pictures and such portrayed in the app?

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Pilot Prop

i love the keyboard on my Q10! Physical Keyboard til the end.


Oh, how I long for MessagEase keyboard on my Z10!

C'mon, BlackBerry, partner up. Great as the Z10 keyboard is, is there really a security risk in allowing 3rd party keyboards? I know iOS doesn't allow it either, mind you, and I'd have to cut and paste from a MessagEase app in that case.


Very, very well done infographic!

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The language switch part is a bit wrong.
1. japanese language isn't supported
2. asian languages won't get the automatic switch


For everything from typing and to watching movies on Crackle. The Z10 was built for my sweet spot. I am quick with one handed typing and sometimes recently, less accurate with two thumbs.....but just as fast. The position of holding the landscape way between my pinky and pointer finger also sends the sound into the cup of my hand and amplifies the sound. Awesome design!


Loving my z10

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BlackBerry should advertise using a shorter, more to the point, version of this info graphic

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People these days care only about apps, they don't care about keyboard anymore. If they would care much about keyboard, BlackBerry would have bought hundreds of millions of Q10 !

For myself I've been always in love with physical keyboards. I was saying to my self that I will get Q10 as soon as BlackBerry announced the BB10 platform but after using Z10 keyboard I totally changed my mind.
I used IOS and Android before but no one makes keyboard as BlackBerry, even the virtual keyboard.

But at the end, consumers need apps :(


Wow, awesome visuals

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Wish there were a KEYBOARD ZOOM on my Q10 to view the infografic easier.

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Funny, this is totally unreadable on a phone with a keyboard ;)

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Wow! This infographic looks awesome! Congrats!

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The number of the letters in the english language is 26 letter . They are big and perfect in the keyboard of the blackberry z10 . To make the arabic keyboard easy and big like the english keyboard , i want some letters to combine in one button . These are the letters : 1_ ( ي ، ى ، ئ ) in one button 2_ (و ، ؤ) in one button 3_( ا ، ء ) in one button 4_(ه ، ة ) in one button Please help the situation unbearable!! Best wishes


I finally gave up my PKB for the Z, I miss the PKB when walking and typing, but I am doing okay with it... I would occasionally fat finger either way, the VKB just makes it more interesting, I like the screen size and app availability, still hoping for a BB10 slider.


You guys have to work on images embedded in articles. The scaling and resolution are pretty bad on my Q10 CB app.

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Will a mechanical keypad be a better experience?

Fidel Mercado

Cool graphic, however.....38% of users prefer a physical keyboard? What sample was used to come up with this data? That's surprising

Shaun Lux

This is something BlackBerry should provide to their customers. Good job!

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BlackBerry has always had the best typing experience of all phones hands down.

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